Well really? Women fight on.

I saw this on Facebook the other day. It was international women’s days and a few things were coming up that day on women who made their mark on the world. Some very huge and great and some very small, but have made a huge impact on how women live today.

This map shows when women where able to vote. It is interesting because sometimes I put my head in a hole and do not think about how good I have it. For what some of these women did over the many years to make it so much easier for me in the world.

The thing is. I would never think of things like this from history. We where never taught anything like this in school. You heard about explorers and sorta about politicians. Most of the history I learned about was getting books on my own and reading. I found out so much more on my own about the history of Canada then I did in all my years of school. I found it so interesting and now I have found more I am interested in reading up on. Now to find places I can get more info on women in history. A new obsession for a bit until it runs its course and I move onto something else.

I remember when I was 18. I went with my brother, dad and mom to Sebringville, in Ontario, and stood in line to vote. It was my first time voting. I never really thought much about it at the time. I just went and voted. Now I know. It was my right to make my opinion noted. It could have been my vote that swayed from being one government to another. After I voted my dad ask me all sorts of questions. How did that feel to vote? Who did you vote for? Did you feel good about who you voted for? I answered his questions, but still never really thought of what the hubbub was about voting. I just knew that he was interested in my opinion on the election and how I knew it would impact the outcome of the government. I vote at all elections from then on. My right to do so. I make my opinion heard. It may be only one little vote in millions, but that one little vote adds to all the others to make an opinion heard.

If it was not for these women and their marches, stand ins and such. I may still be sitting here today as a second class citizen. No rights to do anything. No way to make my voice heard. Just a person or maybe not even classed as a person. Someone in the background who is just there to be a servant to someone else. Not be seen or heard, but to make sure that all is well so others can live comfortably..

Canada had a minimum vote in 1917 for women. That was just over a hundred years ago. That was only for women who where family of military. The next year extended to more women voting no matter what your family rank was in society. Now mind you this was just for women voting. The indigenous did not get the vote until the 1960s. You believe that? I just read that at the top here and native of the land did not get a say in what was happening in their own country until 1960. I just can not seem to fathom why this was so. Every one is a person and has an opinion on what should happen in a place where you live.

My opinion. Make sure you are registered to vote. Make your opinions heard. If not then it is your own dang fault that the other party got in.

I look at other countries and I still see places where women are not treated as a human being. Are not to be seen in public without being covered. They are not able to drive. They are not able to earn a pay cheque or have money of their own or property. They are not able to give their opinion. They are not able to travel without an escort. Being married at an early age to have babies and hope that they are boys instead of girls. Still not able to vote. Not able to be their own person to look after their own bodies. Suppressed by society that thinks they are doing better for them. Beaten if they go against society.

This saddens me, but all I can do is think and wonder about these women long ago who worked to make the world a better place for me. They marched, they were beaten, they were thrown in jail. They pressed on over and over again. When one was beaten down another stepped in to take up the fight. They kept at it until change was made. They stood their ground and did not budge.

So now I sit here a look at these dates. So much time in between to when a women can vote. So much has happened a hundred years ago to make life better for me. So many women over so many years fighting for rights to make our voice heard. I thank these ladies and their tenacity so many years ago when it wasn’t heard of to do. Strong women they where. They may have thought they where not that strong, but they pushed on for us. Pushed to make the world a better place. Pushed for women to live in a better place.

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