Gorgeous day, a little chilly so I veg inside

I know, I know. It is a beautiful day and bonus! The snow is not in our forecast again. Yep that is a bonus. We never get much snow. Lots of rain. We call it our liquid sunshine here. It rains all winter long. When the snow comes it is beautiful to see. All white a fluffy.. mounts of cotton and coconut wrapped into one. Boy does it rave havoc around here though when it happens. It snows it just comes down. Over and over all day. It piles up higher and higher. Roads block up and driveways have to be shoveled over and over again. Every thing just closes up. No one gets to work. No one goes to school. Stores close and if you do not have supplies at home. You are just stuck. Whoo! Hooo! Snow day for most.

Then two or three days later the sun comes out. It is beautiful. Sometimes the temperature raises enough to go out and enjoy yourself. Others the temperature will stay around freezing and it is better to be inside. The roads have melted, but with cold weather the roads will freeze again. Making it dang slippery to be out. Well it isn’t slippery, but just the nip in the air is making me hibernate. For me doesn’t matter. It can be a snow day for me everyday. Retirement can make for an interesting time.

Yes I am retired. Have been for three years now. Sometimes it is the greatest thing. Others there are challenges. One is I would really love to be working sometimes again. Being out in the world. Seeing people every day. I was part of a family. Then There was a paycheque that is not there anymore. This does make doing what I want to do tougher. Not as much money I can spare to go do those things. Compromising and doing what I really want and not want to do. It makes you think. Think about the past. Think about the future. What could have been done differently. Why did I not go and push myself to do these things. So now some days when I am sitting here on my comfy couch and thinking back on days gone by. Living on the farm. My many years of moving around since I left my family to live the life I chose for myself.

So today I think back to snowstorms past. There was many a snow day when I lived in Ontario. I have been stranded in town as school closes or I am at work and not able to get home. I was watching facebook and friends in Ontario. Snowstorms are hitting over and over there. They are being slammed by so much snow. Piling up over and over again. They are getting this for weeks on end. On top of that the rain and ice storms that are bogging them down. The cold weather, the blistering winds.. the highways that are piled with cars in accidents or abandoned cars that are not going anywhere.

Our farm has had many a time when someone was not able to get home. My parents have hosted milkman and family who where not able to venture the road to get home. As to the other way. I have been stranded in town. I have been hosted by friends and family for a night or two until I was able to get back to the farm I lived on. The weather can be a nasty thing, but on snow days when you are home and the wind and snow let up. You can have a blast outside playing in the snow.

So what do you think of this. A snow day bit of fun. Well I think it was a few days after a snow day. We had family visiting from northern Ontario. And we all went outside and said let’s build a snowman. Two cousins Gary and Ken my brother Bob, my sister Linda and myself. Me still being a little tyke was rolling a ball of snow. Everyone else was rolling their own balls. Some of them got bigger and bigger to where two or three people had to start pushing and pushing to make it even bigger. The ball was finally in its place at the front corner of our property facing the highway. The next ball was rolled and added to the first. It took two or three of us to get one ball on another.

Okay another ball is rolled. How do we get this ball on top of the other two. It is already taller then everyone. Bob came up with the front loader. Lifted the ball up onto the other two.. it was getting so tall now. I had a ball I had been rolling over a ways away. Hey we have one more ball to put on the top. I made the head for our snowman. So to make a scarf for our snowman Bob got a spare tire from the shed and put it on top. Then he came over with the loader lifted my ball of snow and brought it over to the top of the snowman. The loader was at it farthest reach. We could not make it any taller. There was no machinery that would lift another ball higher.

With a ladder we had we stuffed snow in to keep the balls in place. We added a scrap piece of material in red to add to the scarf. We collected pine cones and made buttons and a face. Another smaller tire on the top to make his hat.

He was a grand scout in the snow. Watching over the highway drivers for many months until he slowly melted away in spring. He was our proud accomplishment for a winter snow day. We even made the the beacon herald newspaper with our creation. Such an honour for this little tyke. Linda on the ladder and myself holding on while she straighten the scarf. My big accomplishment I made the head so high up there.

The next year my sister was off to university and no more fun in the snow with her. We built tunnels together and went sledding on the hills. We all have our memories of the great times in the snow. We complain about the weather and how it will keep us inside, but there are those times when you just have to be out.

Well until the next memory arises. Go make your snowman and have yourself a blast.

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