A couple of quiet months my red hatting for the last couple of months.

January. Is quiet. I did get Out and about and enjoying the sun. The temperature going up to a high of 10. That is Celsius for anyone who is thinking that is cold.

January was also a quiet month in red hatting as well. So I spent my days out and about venturing around. Enjoying the sunshine and taking in the beauty of nature. I had to bring my mood back up and this was the plan. During the Christmas season and through winter I get bogged down with rotten moods. So many changes in weather makes for so many changes in how I feel. Sometimes just not knowing which way is up.

Our group gathered together to do our annual planning for the year. Sandy opened her house for us. Had a great pot luck dinner and sat around and hashed out our year coming up. We came up with a few great ideas for the year to keep us busy.

I ventured into Chilliwack and had breakfast with the Crimsom Brims. A beautiful group of ladies I love to hang out with. Oh lookie the Canadian traveling mug is in attendance as well. There are two mugs traveling around the country. It ends up being mailed to a Canadian red hatter and they enjoy it for awhile. Having pictures taken with it as it travels around the country. This one came from Vancouver Island and I believe it was in Ontario before that. I had one a few months ago. It had come form Nova Scotia and I passed it onto another lady in Edmonton.

The queens council has their first meeting of the year. Under the new council with others retiring as head of council. It was a great get together with everyone having heir say on things going on for the year

Oh! After my visit with the crimson brims I decided to take the quiet route home. Instead of the highway. Back roads and byways make for a lovely afternoon enjoying the beautiful BC scenery.

I think the rest of the month was quiet. Other hatters are out and about, but I kinda kept close to home. I did venture out a couple of times to enjoy the day and I had a play I went to on my own, but all was quiet on the red hat front.

February. What the hey. The weather is changing. That’s what I say what the hey. Wind, lots of wind and rain and then snow. Over and over and over again. Melts away and then more snow. It is not a nice time to be out.

It is really a windy day, but I set out for Chilliwack a celebration of Chinese New Year. Don’t some of these ladies look great. Some of the costumes are just so great. Oh my the drive home was torrential though. Not with rain, but 5e wind was so strong. My poor little bug was being blown allot. Trucks where even slowing down on the freeway home.

Well you wander the malls you find ladies out having coffee. These ladies are from the central Fraser valley queens council. A new pet project of one of our queens. Got out and get to know everyone. Not a meeting, but just coffee. Sit and chat and just socialize. You learn more about these ladies when you just sit down and chat with them. This was our first get together. Was a great success and besides that we get noticed as we are out in a public place having some fun. Way ya go Sandy on your idea. Will be doing it again in another month.

This past couple of weeks have been snow. Lots of it. I bragged about how beautiful it was and then February and it snows. Things are cancelled and no one gets out. It the clears, then we get another dump. More of a standstill. So that is the quiet time around here.

between snows I made a visit into Abbotsford to visit with a friend of mine. Elizabeth. She is not feeling the best. The winter months are getting to her as well. We sat down and chatted for a bit. I helped her with a few things. I am hoping she is soon up to her old self again. I love her energy.

Here is our last outing for the month. Well my last outing. At least 70 ladies gathered to enjoy a play in Abbotsford. It was in the era of 1940s. Swing dance and old time music. The theme was all about love. So we wore our red clothing instead of the usual purple. It was great seeing all the red hatters in the theatre.

I have one more outing this month. Going out on Wednesday to celebrate Mardi Grah with the Wild Things With Bling. This group is one of the best to go play with. They always have so much fun when they are out together. I ask some of my own group if they would like to join in as well, but work gets in the way with many of them. Well I am interlocking again and spreading myself around to play a little more.

Well I said Wild Things with Bling is a great group to go out with. Well there are so many that are great to go out with including my own group the Darling Dahlias. I just love getting out and getting to know as many as I can. You figure I love to play.

I know there are other groups out there playing and having a great time. I see your post on Facebook. This is just my little corner of red hatting.

Well that is about it for my last couple of months. Not really as much as I usually do, but I get out when I can. If my body agrees I am on my way. If not then I enjoy my comfy couch at home.

I look forward to the next few months. Warmer weather on the way and more playing in the future. A large get together in Tswassen I am looking forward to. Also future conventions I have signed up for. One being in Australia in a year and a half. Wow in no time it will be that close. Saving all the pennies I can in hopes to make this a reality. I still think about Nashville, but know that isn’t in the cards. I can still dream though. Then now I hear about another convention in Winnipeg. I would so want to go to that as well. The thing is it is the month after Australia. Can I swing it? Right now I don’t know, but I am trying.

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