Adventuring today

Why is it you get a day to yourself and have to end up doing everyone else’s errands. They will sit at home on their days off and do not much of anything. Then the day they go back to work you get asked. Since you are doing nothing can you do this, this, and this for me. Oh and I need this and that as well.

Thinking I would have my day in order to enjoy a day on my comfy couch. But no way. I had to end up driving into Maple Ridge. Then heading to Coquitlam to go to lee valley. Then back to langley to pay some insurance. Stuff that could have been done any other day but has to be done right now today.

Well up at almost the crack of dawn. More or less I didn’t really sleep last night so was awake anyways. Dang joints giving me trouble when I try to sleep. Up and moving around not too bad, so I relax on the couch for a bit until it is time that I can head to places that are opened.

Highway seven is finally being worked on again. They had stopped for a bit due to some nature thing they had to look into. At least it wasn’t that slow driving through there this morning

Got done what I had to do in maple ridge in no time and then onto Coquitlam to go to lee valley and pick up an outdoor light to replace the one that was not working anymore.

I then had to make my way back to Langley. Highway seven I know, but to get over to the port man bridge I have not been that way before. I stay off that clover leaf of clover leaf and roads zigging back and forth to get to where you are going. I usually take united boulevard as not as busy and staying the north side of the Fraser. The thing is I have to be on the south side this time. So I get myself onto highway seven and watch the signs closely so I don’t miss what I need to do. I hate traffic and don’t go in it too often. Anyways it was easy peasy. Just get in the left lane and highway seven turns off. What a relief

Over the Portman and heading towards 200 street. I know some of you must think I a dang silly trying to stay off busy roads and taking all the backroads I can. I feel more comfortable doing that so more power to me. I see allot more that way instead of looking at traffic ahead of me and traffic behind me. I stay on highway one and make my way to 200th. Over the expressway and suppose to turn somewhere around there. Dang I miss my turn and I am in the wrong lane anyways. So once I go through the light I scoot over to the outside lane and pull into the next entrance. Okay will this drive bring me to the mall I have to be at. Boy I hope so. I follow it for a bit and it winds around a bit and and then comes out to the strip mall I need. Okay the store should be somewhere around here. Look to the left and look to the right. Well it should be up here on the right. So drive that way. As I look to see whether anything is coming there is the store I need to my left. Dang wrong way. Well around the parking lot I go up and down until I find a parking spot. Boy is this place busy.

Well I get the errand I had to do here done and think. I am not getting back on the expressway to go to Abbotsford. So I know that 88th will bring me to Fort Langley. So I head that way. Nice drive through walnut grove. Not too busy so enjoy myself.

Nothing else I have to do. All errands done so I can take my time going back. Adventure time. I have never been on these byways. I am heading into areas I have not driven before. Do have a bit of a sense of direction so either I will come up to the Fraser River or I will hit the expressway sooner or later. Or go the right way and get to the highway to mission

I come into Fort Langley. Nice little town along the Fraser River. I love this little town for wandering around and checking out the boutique stores. Last time I was there though not too many of them where opened. I didn’t stop to wander though. So still on 88th and wondering if it will go through any further. Well I find out nope it does not. I get to the edge of town and it turns left. Valley on the right and homes on the left. I come up to the old fort and turn left. I then turn right and another left.

Not completely lost. I know my way back to the freeway from Fort Langley if I want to get going. But no I find myself driving along beside the railroad tracks beside the Fraser River. Keep heading east. I see farmland, cows and horses. Saw mills to the left. Look across the river and see highway seven. Ooppps! The road ends.

Well I can’t go left as that is a no exit road. So I head right. This road take me away from the river. Lots of farmland and bush areas. I go up and around curves in the road. Back the other way and then more curves. Still heading south. Or so I think it is south. Finally I take a left and start heading east again. This road eventually turns north and then back east. Oooppps no exit ahead. I have to turn again. This road up and down and all around. I see houses, huge houses in behind tall walls and big gates. Come to a stop sign. Hey I know that road. Well at least the name of it. If I go that way I end up here. There is no exit the other way. I make the choice of going straight and seeing where I end up.

Another road ahead. Nope don’t know that one. The next road I come to is Mt Lehman . I know the road but none of it looks familiar. I look to the left and it says no exit. Oh I must be further down then I thought. So I turn right. There are businesses here I never knew where there. A credit union out in nowhere land. A few different stores and old schoolhouses. Interesting.

I come to Harris road. Okay heading for home.

So besides doing the errands that are wanted by others. I had my adventure for the day of exploring some byways. I have no idea where I was but I do know my sense of direction is still intact. I was on roads I had not been on before. I have seen some countryside I have not seen before. I enjoyed my day out and made it home to knit another day.

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