An outing turns into no not happening

So we have been wanting to go out to Harrison hot springs and take a dip in the pool for the past few weeks. First we thought we would go over Christmas holidays and make a night of it. Well that didn’t happen so next idea was to finally get a day off where both of us where not doing something. Well that took a little bit but it finally happened today. Weather was a bonus as well. A little on the chilly side but at least it was not raining.

So this morning after the pooches had there morning walk we took our drive. Thinking we would spend a bit of time in the pool, have a bite to eat and then maybe tour a little further and enjoy the day.

Packed up our swimsuits and where on our way. Highway seven is a nice scenic drive. Is always so nice to drive. I have driven this road when it it is pouring a blustery and that is the drive from hell to take. So dark and the rain just keeps pouring down. You can’t see much ahead of you on those days.

Today though was a blessing. The snow capped mountains in the distance. The Fraser River off to the right. Wildlife along the way. It looked like swans in the fields. Or could have been large size geese. Not really sure as not close enough to the road to get a good look. Hubby was with me and driving so no stopping to watch for a bit. Oh well! I saw a hawk dipping and floating in a field to catch his prey. He did get his lunch and then swooped off to enjoy it.

As we made our way through the pass traffic was light so could enjoy looking around. I saw a few signs along the way of different places I may venture off to sometime. Always up for an adventure someplace. I will make it a nice sunny warm day though so I can maybe take pictures. That and no snow around. That would be going up Sasquatch way. I think that is where hemlock is. Gonna have to look that up and maybe in the summer sometime take a little drive on the north side of the river. It gives me a day out and checking out some area I have not been in before. More exploring.

Over the pass we went. There you can see the Fraser valley and Chilliwack area. I love seeing from up in the mountains just looking down on everything.. one of the reasons we bought our house up on the hill. I love the view from above.

We make our way into Harrison. Very quiet town this time of year. Hoping the pool is not to full of people. Come up to the street that goes along the beach. There is a gent on the corner making the biggest bubbles I have ever seen. They billow up in the air and burst as they collide with something. One bubble after another after another. Floating along the Main Street to pop as they raise higher and higher.

As we drive along the beachfront the Christmas display are still up. The little whoville trees and candy canes. The lights are still being enjoyed by visitors to the area..

We make our way back one block and pull into the pool parking lot. It is a public pool. Not the one that is at Harrison resort. cost $10 to go enjoy the warmth of the springs. Grab our gear and head for the door.

Aw! What the hey. The pool is closed for maintenance. Aw dang! I guess we will not be going in today. Bummer! So a drive out to Harrison and no pool time. Well that was not well planned. Yes I did check the websites before we left. There was not where on any of the sites that said they were closed. My bod will have to suffer until another time. I know it is only a help for a few hours afterwards, but it is heaven to me.

So we head over to the old settlers pub and have a bite to eat. I do like their philly cheese melt. So that is what we both had.

Well since we didn’t go in the pool we headed back for home. I wonder if the resort would have let us come in to soak. Or would you have had to be a guest there for the night. I have not seen any change rooms around those pools, so I figure you would have to be a guest.

Well the rest of the trip of driving further and heading to Hope and back around did not happen. Hubby headed for home. I would have taken him over to the othello tunnels and we could have walked a bit along them. Been there before for me, but he said why would you want to go see train tunnels.

Back in Mission now and decided to check out the new store in town. Meridian food market. Nice little spot and you can get all your needs there. Meat and veggies and a few other supplies. I will be back there shopping again. Seems so much better then wandering around grocery stores that have so much more junk and not enough in the way of food. Well that is my opinion of these grocery stores these days. You walk up and down aisle and see nothing you want. Just specialty food and junk, junk, junk that you really don’t need to be buying. Plus now they all have wine stores taking up space as well. I will stick to places I can get food.

So now tonight we sit again. The tv is on some of the stupidest show on tv. Live cop shows or he finds movies or tv shows where there are aliens or people that kill each other. No wonder everyone is in such an uproar. Everything they watch is about killing each other. I would rather stick with real life. The thing is the world is getting to the point where killing each other is real life. And I wonder why I like to hibernate when I can.

Well it wasn’t much of an adventure today, but I did get out for a bit that had nothing to do with doc appoints or running errands. This getting older sucks you know. When I was younger I thought life would be so great and could do anything I wanted. Then you get older and you sometimes just feel so out of sorts that getting out to do anything is a chore in itself. I will keep getting out and about as much as I can, but this old bod (yeah I know my bod is not that old yet) just tell me different more and more each day. Being sick was not on my agenda for retirement, but shit happens and you have to take what is given to you in life. Even though my comfy couch is my place of choice it is not my mainstay. I will keep myself going as long as I can. So though today was not a big adventure it was a day out and about. Enjoying some nice weather in B.C.

I see the weather going on in Ontario right now and do not miss that one bit. Everyone stay safe one the eastern part of the country. That weather is nasty.

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