So go from hum to ho hum!

Well I almost got a good night sleep. The pain this time of year is like a yo-yo. One day you will want to sleep all day. Another you will feel such pain that you just do not want to move. Then there are others you are okie dokie. You feel fine but there is a nagging feeling in the background that you just shouldn’t do something, but you do anyways.

I woke up this morning not feeling too bad. I think my nighttime pain relief was still working. My knee and my shoulder where not bothering me too much. As the day progressed though things started to change. At least I did not go back to being a ditzy tired person. I could concentrate, but just a little dizzy at times. My shoulder and knee are being the worst right now. Made for a day of staying closer to home.

It was a beautiful day out and I just had to go out for a bit and enjoy the teen temperatures on this January day. We never get days like this in January. Always the liquid sunshine. That means rain, rain and more rain. To be in the high teens in Celsius is such a bonus for winter months. The sky was clear, but the breeze was a bit nippy at times. So yes I just had to go out. Vitamin d whenever I can get it.

So I took my old tired body out and went walking. I headed down to heritage park in Mission. This is a huge park just down the hill from where I live. It was around 1:00 so was not too busy as yet. A few people walking dogs and kids playing on the equipment. This is a huge green space that you can walk quite a few Klms around. Depending on what path you take.

There wasn’t too many parking spots left, but I did find one. I headed off on the lower path. This took me along the view of the Fraser River and over to the heritage cemetery. Then over to a small stream where there is a foot bridge that crosses it heading over towards east Mission through the bush area to opening at the school over there.

After a bit I turn around and head back over the foot bridge. I next turn right and walk along the stream. As I walk along I meet other people walking and then total silence. Just the breeze through the trees and the stream to my right trickling away. So peaceful. I take my time and come across a bit of swampy area where I startle some ducks that are nestled in the reeds. They flutter to the other side away from the path.

I then turn left and head back into the green space of the park. My path takes me on a steep climb. Ho boy I am not in shape for this kind of walking anymore. I do make it up the incline though and come out of the bushes. I walk a little further up the hill and come to a building that at one time was used for monks meditating. They still open it on Sunday’s. Alas I was there today. May have to check it out again someday. This place is up on the hill and the view is spectacular to just sit on the bench and enjoy the view.

After a bit I head back down the hill taking easy paths and meeting people along the way. I pass foundations of heritage buildings that where once there. The bell from the first missionary that was here. Find another bench to sit at and just take it all in. You can see from my pictures what I am talking about for taking it all in.

My flare effects from the past two days is still upon me in a way. As I walked I could feel that I should not be standing. Head would do a little dizziness once in awhile. So sitting down was in order. Not bad enough that I should have been home, but just enough that being out may have not been the idea to do. But my comfy couch can not be my whole life. I have to get out and enjoy some life and especially some sunshine when I can.

Well after my sit down and a bit of meditating I get up and head back home. I really did not ask for fibromyalgia to take on my life, but I want to live a life so I fight on all I can and do what I can when I can. It lives in my life I do not live in its life.

I keep saying that it does keep me going.

So I gave myself a treat on the way home for getting out and beating back the ditzies. A small tub of cookie dough ice cream. Aw! I am in heaven and you know dang I ate the whole tub. Piggy that I am. I think I liked my treat.

So now I am back on my comfy couch and I lead myself to Facebook to check out on things that are going on with all these close friends I have. Oh yeah close friends. Some of them I have never met, but they have the same interest as I do. Red hatting. World wide society of ladies who just want to have fun. I have met a few of these ladies though. In my travels around to different conventions I have gone to. I would really love to be able to go to these more then I do, but health and money always play a big part now. I have myself down to go to Australia in two years. I just hope nothing Screws that up.

They are from USA, Australia, England, France, Netherlands, and New Zealand or just about anywhere else in the world, but these are ladies who are friends with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Any time during the day or night if you can not sleep you will be able to find someone who is on there and you can babble back and forth with. Nothing serious, just talking.

So why am I talking about Facebook and red hatting. Well I was on there and scrolling through my post when I came across one from hatville. I know a funny name for something. You see hatsville is the name of the convention that will be going on in Nashville this summer. One I was all set to go to until my better half said he had July off and wanted to go on a holiday. Well I guess I can not go to Nashville and on a vacation with my hubby around the same time. Way too much money to put out. So Nashville is off my books. Bummer!

Anyways this post came up from a beautiful lady who I have met a couple of times. She is from Louisiana. She is so open and loving and so full of fun. She has a cafty group of many, many ladies who are going to Nashville. Cafty group you ask. Well we all were to meet at a designated spot At the convention hotel and be wearing all the same cafton. Yep I have one but I guess I will have to wear it virtually.

Well she put another thread up on this Nashville site. Something just for fun to see what would happen. She had prizes for the best or should I say the worst selfie picture. The veterans that she volunteers at where to vote for the best or worst pictures for prizes. To give you and idea here is mine

My beautiful smile, that lovely double chin and messy hair. Nope I didn’t win. Looking through the pictures though there was so many wild and crazy selfies. I peed my lovely panties looking at these pictures laughing at all the pictures coming up. I know what some of them look like all dolled up and coifed for red hatting. Then to look at them just having a selfie with their eyes crossed, or looking down instead of up to show their double or triple chins, which we all know we do not have. The no makeup look. The contoured faces or tongue sticking out. Being ladies of a certain age just having a little fun. It was just so funny to look through these post and see what fun these ladies will go to to make somebody laugh and themselves laughing. It made my afternoon. I ask to show a few of the pictures but no that would be invading someones privacy. So you will just have to guess what it was like.

Three winners were crowned tonight and then there where four more honorary mentionable. The veterans had a very tough time to pick out the most memorable.

So that was my day. I got some sunshine and some needed vitamin d. Then I also got some needed laughing today as well. Looking at those pictures on face book. As the saying goes from the beautiful southern Belle that had started and planned this idea. Ah Laurd! You crack me up! Love it SHA!

2 thoughts on “So go from hum to ho hum!

  1. WOW did I say WOW. GIRL YOU ARE BLESSED WITH SOME TALENT. Even with my dyslexia I read every word. Guess what I bestow upon you a “Top Sha” award. I’ll post your ribbon in our 2019 Hatsville group. Congrats.


    1. Well thank you Too-Too. I can share the post over to the hatsville if you like. I just like to blab away. It makes me feel a little better that I did accomplish something on my not so good days


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