Hey! I won the lottery

Ha, ha, ha! I made you look. You know though well seriously I did win. I buy my tickets every week like clock work. Going through the grocery store and then going to the lottery stand afterwards. I take these tickets sign them and put them in an envelope. Next week I do the same thing. They eventually start to pile up that they do not fit in the envelope anymore. That means I have to take my envelope down to the kiosk and check them. A very depressing day. I get people standing behind me wanting to check theirs. I just keep going and am soon through my pile. Not a winner, not a winner, not a winner. And it goes on and on this way until the pile is finished. If I had any luck I would not have any luck at all. That is the saying and I can attest to that.

Well this time around I went through my pile again. The first ticket I checked said I won $20. Oh wow! Shock. My luck is changing. Went through the rest of the pile and everything was going the same as usual. Not a winner, not a winner, oh! free ticket, oh $1. Then back to not a winner, not a winner. So on it goes until the end of the pile. Last two tickets baby! Let’s have some good luck. Hey another $5. Okay this next one has got to be a big winner. Oooppps too early to check. Sooooo! Maybeeee! I will be a big winner next time I check my tickets. Well I did get a couple of free tickets for next draw. By the time she went through all the winners I had came away with a whopping $24. Whooo! Hooo! I just don’t know what to do with my winnings. You see I won the lottery. Well it is time to go back to being not a winner now. Hey I can always hope though. So not the big win. I leave that to the actors on tv to win. They seem to win every time they play. Maybe I can become an actor and win every time. Just too bad I wouldn’t be able to keep the winnings though.

So luck was with me for the day. I went to get gas in my bug. Had a drive to make. Nope not adventuring today. It is a day of driving in traffic. That Gaul awful traffic. Not a fun concept, but sometimes it has to be done.

First thing this morning hubby had a docs appointment. In the afternoon I have a docs appointment, Last night he said was come along with him. We will get up in morning go to his appointment and then he would drive me over to mine. Which is in two different cities not so close together. This morning he gets up at 8. Gosh I have to crawl out of bed too in order to go with him. You all know I am not a morning person. I just wanted to crawl back under the covers and snooze for another hour or so. As I am getting ready he says. You really don’t need to go with me. What! I got up and now he says I do not need to go with him.. I am under my breathe thanking the heavens that I do not need to go with him. It is just plain dumb sitting in the car waiting for him to get done his appointment. Nothing much to see in a parking lot and I do not go into docs offices and sit and wait while he is in there. That is just as boring and uncomfortable. The appointment was suppose to only a few minutes. I am so glad I didn’t need to go with him and keep him company. His appointment lasted two and half hours of him waiting to see one person and then to see the doc.

I am sitting at home cause he planned to come home in no time and then we would go out for lunch and then he would drive me to my appointment. He calls about 12:15 and says he is not going to be home for a bit yet. Well I tell him I was about to text him and say I was leaving for my appointment. As my appointment takes at least and hour and half to two hours to get to. Appointment at 2.

I am off and running on my own. First the gas station for some gas. Shucks no free gas this time from airmiles. Oh, well, I have to suck it up and pay for it. I am happy the price is down some. A little more in the tank for the same price. I use to love the days of filling the tank up for thirty two cents a litre. No more to that. Well I got ten cents free today. Found a dime on the ground. There my luck is changing. I gained a dime today. I know now you can laugh. Well! I am ten cents richer. I know you think I am silly to think that, but hey I can only hope that these ten cents will add up to something. I know not in this day and age.

So I am off to the traffic of the big city. Highway seven to pitt river bridge. Then on to the Mary hill bypass and over to new Westminster I go. I get there without too much trouble. Thank goodness for that. The traffic is moving along great. Sometimes when I take this trek I end up just sitting in traffic and waiting and hoping I am not late. As I get to the end of united boulevard I take a short cut to get to Braid Street. This is my make or break place. Sometimes this street is so backed up that you can not get across the Main Street. This little industrial street can make it so you are late for your appointment. You could sit on this street for an hour if trains come through or trucks just sit there or the lights don’t change the way they are suppose to. Luck was with me. I made it to my doc office with ten minutes to spare.

I pay for two hours parking, as you never know how long you may be in there. Well that is where the luck ran out. Four people waiting to see her. Oh boy this is not going to be fun. Three more people came in after me. One of these two go in to their appointment. Then a couple of the ladies start talking. We where here before them and they get to go in. Well there is other docs in the office. So they where probably going to see them. So they start telling about when their appointments were. Oh boy this was an hour before my appointment. This is going to be a long wait. Magazines are way old to read, I think I read them last time I was here. Now is two hours parking going to be enough or do I need to go pay for more. I will wait it out.

Do you know that in the office each tile on the ceiling has 33 dots in them. The floor has a repeating pattern. But the contractor did not repeat right. The pattern was all Willy nilly. They were not in order. A pattern starts and the board is in the wrong place and does not keep with the next board and the pattern changes. Yeh yeh! I had allot of time on my hands to sit in these uncomfortable chair and stare at the ceiling or floor. I could have brought my iPad to play with but it takes Wi-Fi and I don’t have cellular to play or download anything to watch or play. So I sit and count or examine or just twiddle my thumbs.

Well I finally got into my appointment it is 3:15. My time runs out in 15 minutes. This appointment is for my rheumatologist. Same old same old. She checks for any pain areas. She listens to my lungs she asked me lots of questions. Finds other things that are starting to go wrong. Oh oh something else to start thinking about. More blood test more referrals to other docs and so on and so forth. Well one bonus. Being in flares right now for winter I am loosing some weight. I know it will come back again, but for now it is nice. The flares are not great. The pain gets pretty bad sometimes. I am a human barometer. I know when weather is going to start changing. Sometimes can be better then the weatherman.

I am turning into a human pin cushion. I am being poked and probed and sent to so many docs to check out so many different things. Getting to be an old hag sucks. I have never seen so many vampires in all my life until now.

Well it hits 4:00 and I am just making another appointment. Well. Didn’t get a ticket for not paying for any more parking. Whew! The doc has five more people to see. She is way behind or she is going to rush through these people. Maybe docs should do longer appointments and give more quality time to patients. With less people during the day. My opinion anyways. At least we would all be on time then.

So that was two docs appointments today and both ran so far behind that docs would never catch up on time to go home.

I travel back along united boulevard. Hmmm there is two places I usually stop. Frabicana or the casino. Nope better not I will never get home. Fabric store is calling me. I am a good girl I drive by. I see it in my rear view mirror. The store is getting smaller and smaller. Resistance is futile. I put in my reserve. If I go in there I will really be late getting home. And I will have another bag in my car that I can’t take out until hubby is gone to work. I have my stash and I better not make it bigger. But I love fabric. Just as much as I love yarn. Nope I keep going. Yes I was good for a change. I then come up on the casino. Well! I could stop there for a bit and loose the dime I got lucky enough to find today. No I think I will keep my dime. The machines don’t really take dimes anymore. They like the paper or money or even better the plastic money. I am good I go home. Well maybe next time.

My drive home was rush hour traffic. Either way I would have gone home. The expressway or highway 7 it would have been just as slow. I am so glad I do not commute anymore to go to work. Now my toughest decision is if I want to veg on the couch or go down to my craft room and veg down there. No traffic jam unless hubby is home and wants to do something. Those are sometimes bummer days.

I stopped for Chinese food on the way home. It was too long a day to want to cook tonight. Anything I would have cooked would have gotten the nose up at anyways. He never takes kindly to what I make unless it is pure meat. So this is the best solution. Stop for Chinese food. He gets his meat and I get noodles which I like.

So his plan tomorrow is to go have some Arby’s food. Great another drive into a city just so he can have something to eat that he missed out on today cause he didn’t get to go with me to the big city. Well it is his gas. I know I am going to be too dang tired to want to go anywhere, but I has gots to do what I gots to do.

Well that’s my adventure. Not much of an adventure. More or less a day of doing what had to be done. I would rather be back to my adventures of just piddling around and finding things I never knew about before.

Now that I have bored you to death today with my ramblings, life of a boring old hag.

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