A blimp in the screen

Well more of a brain fart, but still it was a blimp. Only a little one but it threw me for a minute.

Writing again about all my nothings that go on around here. My brain is booming with all sorts of conversation that maybe I just have to get them out. I lay at night in bed. Suppose to be getting some sleep and instead. My brain tells me about every little thing that is going on around me. How the heck am I suppose to get any sleep when me, myself and I are having such a great conversation with each other. You think they would get this all out during the day when I am on my comfy couch just mindlessly crocheting away. But no! It all has to happen at night when I know I should be sleeping.

Then there are these other people in my life that kick in as well. Arthur-itis or Charlie-horse decide they should come to the party as well. I know you all have heard of these guys. They come and visit at the most unconventional time. Just want to party right along with the rest of the gang, in some ways I just keep thinking I should just stay up all night and party right along with them. Other ways nope that is not going to happen. I plan to be up in the morning to go to breakie with some lady friends of mine. They get together once a month to sit and chat for a bit. I join in once in awhile just to get away from my comfy couch. As if I really want to leave it lately, but you know it makes me feel a bit better when I get out and visit with real people instead of my usual company.

Well I did finally get some sleep. Not as much as I wanted, but I did get to sleep. Snuggled warm under my blankets of many and the pooches on either side of me to warm my old bag of a bod. Hopefully to dream of good things to come in the next few days. Or maybe not, but I can always hope.

This morning woke up as tired as I always do. Well what else is new. Charlie and Arthur where having a great party last night. I just wish they would not have taken me along.

So this morning I headed over to Chilliwack. A few ladies where getting together to enjoy a little time chatting and have a $5 breakfast. It is a nice get together. They do it once a month to keep in touch and just enjoy each other’s company. It doesn’t hurt that they are red hatters as well. So get togethers are always fun. I join in once in awhile because I like being with these ladies and it is nice to sit and listen to the chatter going on. I put my two cents every now and then, but on a whole I do not talk too much. These ladies except me as I am. The quiet one. Most of the ladies I know in the red hat society except me for being the quiet one. There are a few that don’t yet but they are getting to know me.

So half hour drive down the highway east. Along with so much other traffic to join these ladies for a very nice morning out. This is were the blimp comes in. I was just heading into Abbotsford when all of a sudden I was wondering what place I was going. It threw me a little. I had to get my mind around that. Where the heck was I going. Then it came back. Oh yeah the casino. This had really threw me., but it came back. I sure hope nothing like that happens again.i was lost for a minute there. Sure did not like that feeling.

I pulled into the parking lot a little later then I was going to. I am not a fan of the big highway with all the trucks. The wind was a little strong along Sumas Prairie. Usually not that great along that stretch. Trucks slow down and the traffic slows down. Takes a little longer to get some place when you are wanting to be there at a certain time. I know should head out a little earlier. Nope probably is not going to happen.

Well I got a box of yarn from one lady. Yes more yarn. Will be busy for a bit again. Breakfast was great. Allot of food for $5 is a bonus. More then what I would eat. We were there for a couple hours chatting away and enjoying each other’s company.

After I left there I figured I had a bit of time before I had to be home. So I headed south away from the major highway. Decided to backroad it for my way back to Abbotsford. I have never been on these roads before. So adventure I am taking. I have lived in this area for almost 20 years and have never been in this area. Okay off I go.

I keep heading towards the mountains to the south. Then the road turns right or left. So I start heading west. Mountains always to the left and I should be fine. Unless the road ends and I have to turn around. Most of this area in the 1950s was all lake. Engineering ideas and they drained the lake and now the lakebed is all farmland. I learned this a couple of weeks ago. Saw an article on it. I think I will be reading more about the area. Interesting it is to learn something you didn’t know.

Driving along the secondary roads there is so much to see. The view is spectacular. The snow capped mountains surrounding the valley. In some areas you could see the snow coming down on the mountain areas. The drive took allot longer then the freeway, but all the more I saw just tootling along on these side road.

I walked a little. I stopped a few times to just look and enjoy. It is like they say. Stop and smell the roses. Don’t just take life for granted that it will be there in the future. This beautiful country is slowly disappearing and we will never get it back.

I am going to keep up my adventures as long as I can. There is so much out there to see. And you know it does not cost a thing to just get out there and breathe.

Well until my next adventure.

4 thoughts on “A blimp in the screen

  1. Love these expeditions! I have a 100 year old beautiful cousin in Chilliwack! Missed her birthday last summer! Will really try to get there this year, and will look you up as well!! We can go for breakfast or tea!!


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