Well I tried

I put this on my other blog about red hatting, but copied here as I thought it might be appropriate here as well. So if you are reading twice so sorry

Yes I tried. Did it work? Well I don’t know.

What did I try May you ask. Well to try to get some Christmas spirit running through my veins. I guess I will say. Nah! Not really.

I started out December with a really total of bah! Humbug and am now I can say just up to humbug! So I guess I got rid of the bah! I got the tree up and a few decorations around the fireplace and the window. No presents bought again this year. That was getting out of hand for just the four of us. I worked retail for too many years to want to go shopping for things we really do not need. I know I have taken Christmas to a bah humbug stag here, but I don’t need more junk around this place that is of no use except collecting dust that I have to clean. You know how much I love cleaning. NOT!

So the month of December was filled with bah humbugging deletion. Well I was hoping it would be some deleting.

Our group had our Christmas get together. Lovingly hosted by Angela. A beautiful dinner was made with all the fixings. We played a few games with prizes and exchanged gifts. Over and over again as we played the stealing game. Everyone went home with something they liked. I thank angela for opening her home for use every Christmas to enjoy the season.

A few days later a few of us went out to Harrison hot springs. It was a bit of a hoot for different groups. We all gathered at the settlers pub and had a bite to eat. From there we planned on walking along the water and looking at all the different lights along the lake. It was advertised to be in the theme of whoville. That didn’t turn out to be in that theme though. Harrison set up as the theme of Sasquatch instead. An advertisement made and changed part way through. Oh well the lights where great to see. Problem it was a pouring rain day. So a few just stayed in their cars and looked at he lights from afar. Others (me for one) decided to walk along the lake and take a look at the lights up close. Looking at the displays should take away a funk of some kind. Well not when you are walking in the rain. I enjoyed it though. Not as big as I thought, but was very nice to see. The reflection on the lake was great as well

My next bit of fun was heading into Vancouver. Two Saturdays in December the west coast express does a Santa train into Vancouver. With that all you do is bring an unwrapped toy and you get a ride into Vancouver to spend the day and come back out at night. I invited Elizabeth along with me. The train left at 10 o’clock. The train was only three quarters full, the second train one the second Saturday was allot fuller. Glad we didn’t wait until the next week. Anyways once we got off the train at waterfront we walked over to Canada place. We went for a ride on fly over Canada. It was the Christmas ride to the North Pole. I had never been before and wanted to go. After the ride we walked along the outside of Canada place and looked at the decorated Woodward windows and the Christmas trees. Very pretty.

After leaving Canada place we walked over to where the Olympic flame is. There we went into the Christmas market. So many German artisans there. A few places to have a nip to drink and the carousel. Interesting place to wander around.

Time to make our way back to the train. It was heading out at 4 o’clock. Back at waterfront station we had pictures taken with Santa and had some eggnog to finish off the day. It was a very lovely day of wandering around the waterfront of Vancouver.

My next adventure I did on my own. Glow in Langley has a Christmas display inside their green houses for the winter. Something I wanted to see and had heard lots about it. Some good and some not so good. I had to see for myself if it was any good. I thought at first it was an outside display, but when I got there found out it was inside. Thank goodness for that. It was a very dark rainy night. The drive there was hell and yukkie. I was wondering why I was going. Well I bought a ticket so yes I was going. The light displays where great to see.a few food trucks outside to nourish the plenty. Lots of places for the kids to play and a few vendors as well to shop at. You followed the paths around and seemed to go to different countries. Loved the light displays though.

My next adventure was the red hat Christmas get together in Chilliwack. Hosted by the upper Fraser valley council. A very delightful afternoon with a buffet lunch, a few games played and Mrs. Claus came to visit as well. A day of coming out in your finest and enjoying your day with your sisters. Well at least 75 of your sisters.

Love these ladies. They bring me up when I am humbugging away.

Our group finishes off the season for me. Most of the group ventured into Langley to enjoy a buffet breakfast with Santa at the Newlands golf course. That is always a special place to go. Santa flies in on his helicopter and greets all the children that are dressed in their finest. Such a great sight to see. Fun watching the children talking to Santa. Last years when we where there Santa came over to our table and had a picture with us. This year not to happen. He was very busy.

We also had a couple of other ladies join us for breakfast. So nice to always see Bev and Elizabeth.

So one last get together. Mary Liz asked if anyone would like to join her at the ihop in Chilliwack for a bit of a breakfast. A few of us decided to join her. There was 20 ladies came out to sit and chat for a bit. Very nice morning of talking with a few ladies I had not met before. More sisters to visit with. Very nice.

I missed out on one thing I do during the Christmas season. Elizabeth and I travel out to Agassi and watch the CP rail Christmas train come in. We have been doing this for at least four years now. We have been there in rain or snow or chilly weather. This year I was just not up to snuff to go.so I begged out on going. The winter weather is just getting to me and I am really down on feeling the best. So I had to miss a tradition we had started. Well I know it will be again next year.

So that is my December. Red hatting to the fullest. Or at least to the fullest that I could do. The humbugs I hate to say have not gone. I did try, but it is what it is. I may be bringing down others around here, but it can’t be helped. How can you smile when you just don’t feel it. The weather the other day did not do much for me either. We had a wind storm come through. That dropped the barometer along with the pain in my bod. So a couple of days there of not doing the best. I am better now as the weather changes back again to almost normal.

I had a phone call from a red hat sister today. She is such a lovely lady that I call a friend. I met her through the red hat society and we clicked to be good friends. She called when I was down. Just like she might know I need a chat. Made my day so much better with this phone call. Just to chat and give me a little news. Thank you so much for making me feel so much better.

Well I will take my humbugs and go check on my cheese cake I was asked to make. I have a feeling it is not going to turn out right, but hey that is the way the cookie crumbles. No pun intended on the cookie.

So to all who read my little blabbing away. Have a great holiday season, merry Christmas and happy new year. Hope Santa spoils you all. Eat that cake and stuff your self with the fixings. Enjoy your time with family and friends. I will talk with you in the new year. Oh yes, stay safe out there as well.


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