Oh yarn! I got some more yarn.

As if my stash is not so full now of back projects I want to do. I go down to my craft room and look around. My gosh where do I start. It is a mishmash of a room. One area has fabric piled high in tubs. Another shelf has batting to make quilts out of. I have another area that has stages of scraps. Some cut up into squares and angles all ready to go together, but alas this all just still sits here. In another area are all my magic utensils for doing different crafts. There is the needles, thread, pin, scissors, knitting needles, crochet hooks, frames for holding items together while I needle point and a couple of boxes of scrap balls of yarn.

So you say yarn , I got more yarn. Yeah well I do. I got some more yesterday from some friends who are clearing out their stash. Now why would you say I need their stash when I have already a stash of my own. Isn’t that just putting more wood on the fire of a pile I already have. Me I say ummm! No!!!

I have some projects I am working on right now. You see winter time is a bit of a hard time for me. The barometer goes up and down like a yo-yo. This plays havoc with my bod. One day I could be up and ready to tackle a project in my craft room. Then another day I have a soft spot for my comfy couch. I spend allot of time in the winter on this comfy couch. Under a couple of blankets and the dogs cuddled around me. My hands working away on a blanket of some kind. This is where the more yarn the merrier comes in. Through the winter I sit and make these blankets. It keeps me busy. Well at least busy from heading to the kitchen every few minutes to find something to eat. I could be a two ton tessy in no time if I had time on my hands doing nothing. So I knit and crochet away.

Now you say, why would I be making all these blankets. That is just more stash I have. And it is now blankets instead of yarn. Well since I get the yarn for free it isn’t costing me anything except my time to keep busy. So I have no problem with that. Another thing is these blankets then go out for donation to worthy causes.

You see the yarn does not have to be perfect balls and the blankets do not need to be the right colour and shade. They are not gifts to anyone special. Well I guess I shouldn’t say that. Everyone is special. You see though some people need warmth and caring and really are not interested in high fashion so to say, but more into surviving every day, giving them a little warmth will help along the way. That is where these beautiful colourful blankets I make come in. I love making them and I know they will go to someplace to keep someone warm. Well that is my hope anyways.

I do see another side where some one has gotten items from my donation places and have used it and then discarded as they do not want to be carrying it around with them anymore. If I give them one day of warmth or even a few I have done something for someone.

Well that is my thought anyways. Every day we see more and more sitting on street corners hoping to get by the day. It is sad. I think what would happen if this where to happen to me. You can’t pay your rent and you are out on your ear. No place to go except the street. You can’t get ahead in anyway, but I know some do. Others are lost and may never find the light at the end of the tunnel. I may have a comfy couch to sit on, but in a blink of an eye that could all change and life would not be the same at all.

I may not be doing much to help out these people but I hope I am doing at least a little to make another person feel more comfortable in a way.

I started out my day this morning. A walk with the pooches around the block or two to get their constitutional done. As I made my way up the hill. I came to a vacant lot where they are building some new houses on. These big huge four story houses. Now why in heavens name do we need such big places like those. Families are so much smaller now. When we where all younger and growing up we had just the basics to live with. A three bedroom house. Parents in one room, boys in another room and girls in another. And you know only one bathroom. Who would think of that. Everyone sharing one bathroom. We made due with what we had. Didn’t need all the extra space. Think about where you live now and how much of that home do you really live in.

Oh getting a little off subject here. I didn’t want to talk about housing, but the weather outside. So walking the pooches and I come to a lot that will look down over the valley. From there you can almost see over to Abbotsford. View of the Fraser River, the farm land along the river, all the rooftops dotting down the hill, and the snow capped mountains in the background of the US. Yes we are that close to the border here. It is a beautiful sight to come across every day in my walk. Well that is when I walk that way. I have many different routes I take gives my pooches some exercise. They enjoy it. Sometimes we hop in the car and I take them down to the dykes to enjoy the day. That is on days that I am able to make this walks. They are a little longer then I am use to now.

So anyways about the view. The wind was a little on the biting side but I stopped to look for a bit. See what I could see through out the valley. As I looked down over the valley the sun came out of the clouds. Oh wow! Well not really out of the clouds but let’s say the cloud opened up to let the sun shine through. There was rays of sunshine beating down in spots over the valley. Sunbeams shining on certain places. I just stood there and took in the sight. We walked on after a bit and came down the hill on the other side. The sun had disappeared again. So sad. Then all of a sudden a change in the weather. Snowflakes started to drop. Wait those are not snowflakes they are ice crystals. Tiny little balls of snow crystals. Hail as some would call it. But just little balls. Covered the ground to white. We walked along and it looked like we all had dandruff. Then the sun was back out and all melted away.

It was a enjoyable walk to experience the changes in the weather around here. So much better then the pouring rain we get all winter. The liquid sunshine they call it in the Vancouver area. Anyways I am home and the sun is back out shining again. Well for as long as it will last before the clouds come over again and drop more of the liquid sunshine.

You see the change in weather. From wet to snow to rain and back to sunshine. Shelter from the weather is needed for some. So I am hoping that my little part of making these blankets will do some little part for someone else.

There is a new project going on around the area right now where donations can be made. I have given to Covent house and blankets for BC. The soroptimist in the area are opening closets for people in need. As youth are taken out of the system when they turn a certain age and have to start making on their own. They leave the system with nothing. Or very little. They have to start their lives and have had no one to rely on but themselves. They may find a place to live and a job to be able to afford shelter, but do they have items to make it a home for themselves. Well this is where the soroptimist are making an effort to help out. They are opening closets. Donations they get from people. Pots, pans, dishes, and bedding to start out with. These donations come from families who are downsizing. Put into these closets and youth can come to these closets to shop for free and get essentials they need to start making a place a home. I have heard of Closets opening up across the lower main land and one in Victoria. There is one in the process of starting up here in Mission. Siam’s closet. No store front but a locker where items can be stored until someone request to go and pick up things.

I have two blankets done and one more almost finished. Then ready to start on a fourth. Once Siam’s is opened in Mission I will take my blankets down there and add then to the shelves. Along with some pots and pans and dishes we have here from when we where camping. Items that are not in use for us anymore and can be used better someplace else for someone else.

It feels good to give. As I do not have much in the way of money to help I give in my own way. Crafting is my way. As long as I have scraps of yarn or material to work with I will keep crafting and donating away. It is my little part to help. I know it may be small, but every small part will make a bigger part in the whole. You know it feels good too. So to any one out there. You may not think you do much to help a community, but very little scrap will make something bigger.

My latest pile soon to be done.

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