If you think this is exciting, boy do you live as much of a boring life as me

My life in a nutshell. Like I said your life is as boring as mine if you think this was exciting.

Well,you know, in a way it was exciting to me. I got out for a bit of a drive. Not having to go to doc appointments, not having to drive and get stuff for hubby and definably not doing stuff for other people that do not do for themselves. You know those people. Since you are off can you do this for me. Or can you make these phone calls. Or there is since you are not doing anything but sitting around the house can you go and do this for me.

Well I took a bit of a me day. I got up early this morning. Well you know as early as I get up. Took the dogs for their usual constitution had my breakie and then hoped in the car and just took off for the day. Well I can’t say it was all just on the spur of the moment though. I did have a couple of things I needed to do for myself. Yeah once in awhile I have to do my own errands. So I picked a route so I could get these things done and do it through backroading. Well you know roads that are not as busy with traffic so I can take my time and enjoy my day.

First on my stop was to get some gas. Whooo! Hoo! Gas is down in price. So I can put a little more in then the usual for my 25 bucks. As I am putting in my numbers for my card into the gas pump I get asked if I would like to use my $20 in airmiles. Well bigger bonus for the day. Half a tank of gas for five bucks. Love when that happens.

Off I go. First stop will be Maple Ridge. Have a parcel to pick up there. I head back to dewdney trunk and take the longer way to Maple Ridge. Some days that road is just a busy as the highway is. Today was a nice drive. Not much in the way of cars zooming down the road to get to where they are going. Some drivers are just crazy once they get on the road. Then again they may think I am the crazy one for wanting to tootle along at the speed limit and look around a bit while I keep my eye on the road. Well at least I did not get honked at today.

I made a stop at Stave lake dam for a bit and took a walk along the river for a bit. A chilly bite to the air and the wind was a little crisp for walking, but the fresh air felt so good to breathe in and just walk. I stick to easy wide paths where I know other people walk so that if I end up with a mishap that someone will see me. I enjoyed my half hour walk in the chill

Back in the car and heading on my way.driving down the road. Hey! Did you know that without all the leaves on the trees you can see the golden ears bridge from way out of town. Or is that the port man bridge? Not sure. I just know I am seeing a bridge from way out in the boonies along dewdney trunk road. Hmm go figure.

I am in the big town of Maple Ridge now. Pick up my parcel. Nothing more I need here. Just toddling along to my next stop. I am not a shopper so stopping in any mall is not on my process for the day. At one time I use to live in the malls, but now that is a nah! Can take it or leave it. Everything is just so way over priced for shopping now. I really do not need anything anyways.

I head back out towards the back roads again. This time over by the dykes in Pitt Meadows. We use to live in this area and walking or biking the dykes was a big pastime for us. I went back to Pitt Lake for a bit and wandered along the Dyke there. Just stayed on the main one and headed towards the one lookout that was there. I climbed the stairs to get a better view out over the water. Still dang cold but the sun was shining beautifully right now. Off in the distance you could see all the snow covered mountains to the north. Those mountains are between us and Whistler to the North.oh if only there was a route through those mountains to get to Whistler easier then going into Vancouver and back around. Just a thought. I don’t go up there much at all anyways. It is more for the outdoorsy type of active people. I am not one of those. It is too peopled for me anyways.

Well back in the car and over the golden ears bridge. Heading for Langley. Only to get to Abbotsford where my next stop will be. I have another item I have to pick up there.

Well I am not too sure of the back roads on this side of the Fraser River. So I will stick with the Fraser highway. Not number 1, that is just too much traffic for a day of wanting to have a me day. I have rod with another lady who knows all of the back ways to get from Langley to Abbotsford, but me I would just get mixed up and not make it to where I was going. Had to meet a lady at High street mall for some tickets I had purchased. And had to be there at a certain time. So just stuck with what I know.

Going over the golden ears bridge and heading for the highway I wanted, I was keeping my eyes on the road, but looking over towards the mountains to the north. With the sun almost to my back and shining down. The north shore mountains where just breathtaking. Too bad I couldn’t have stopped and took a few pictures. But had to be on my way to get where I was going. All I can say is on a crisp cool day after a good rain everything is just so clear. It is not very often that things look so magnificent.

As I headed towards Abbotsford I could see Mount Baker off in the distance. Another gorgeous sight to see. It was shrouded in cloud on one side, but the other side you could see all the snow way down the side. With all the rain we have had over the past few days there must be allot of snow pack up there.

As I neared Abbotsford the sun was disappearing under a bank of cloud cover again. Aw there goes my nice sunny day. I get to high street with half a hour to spare. So I do a little wandering around the sidewalks. I get myself a leaning place out in front of the cineplex and watch the workers taking down the Christmas tree rim by rim. It is a metal Christmas tree that is very tall. Need a front end loader to take it apart piece by piece.

The lady I was waiting for meets me at high street and I have my tickets for a play I am going to. I bought them on line and this company does not deliver. They say you can pick them up at box office on night of play, but I wanted to make sure I had them before. So I emailed the box office. She said she had my tickets and that if I was ever in Abbotsford I could pick them up. So made arrangements to get them. Works better for me. Now I know I have my tickets and not worrying that they will not be at box office the night of the performance.

I thought I might since I was near the cineplex go to a movie, but it was getting later and probably would not make it home on time. So I ditched that idea and took to the road again.

Well that was my last stop and it was getting late. Had to get myself home to get things done before hubby gets home.

I was suppose to make one more stop, but that was in chilliwack. Gaul that would have been more driving. So sorry I did not make it out that far on my tour. If I did try for that I would have been later getting home. I am not much on driving when it starts getting darker. I had such a beautiful day so far. Didn’t want to over tire myself and be bushed for the night. So Chilliwack is out until Tuesday.

What you say I am out again. Yes going to a breakfast with some friends of mine. At the same time I can pick up the last parcel I am waiting for. Well that is if the friend that has it is going to be around that day. It is some yarn for me. You say more yarn. Yes! I am running low and always take donations of little balls when someone has some. I take these small balls of yarn and make them into blankets that will be warm for someone in need of them. I have been doing this for a few years now. Scrap yarn make mishmash blankets. They do not need to be fancy, just warm and cosy to be put to good use. I donate to blankets for BC. The youth homes in Vancouver and I have just found another place in need. The soroptimist are opening closets to give items to youth transitioning out of foster care. I have three blankets for them now and am working on a couple more. Will be a big bundle to give that didn’t cost me anything to make besides my time. So I am always asking around for scrap balls of yarn if anyone has any in their stash they do not have a need for.

So now I am back home for the day. Took a bit of a me day along with having to pick up a couple of packages of yarn along the way. The sun was a bonus to do a little walking. The air was brisk and clear today for more of a bonus, but out too long and I would get chilled a bit too much. The scenery was gorgeous, but sorry no pictures. I love these days to just have myself to contend with. No explanation, no dealing with others. A hermit I am, but I do get out once in awhile to clear my head. I just don’t go too many places that are too peopley. I like my own company and have great conversations with me, myself and I.

So my adventure for the day. You may think what adventure. Drive like that every day, but for me getting out and about and just looking around is heaven to me. Not having to be someplace at a certain time, but just toddling along and enjoying life and the scenery. This is always a bonus. The scenery. BC has some of the best scenery around, but I do love seeing all of Canada. Do you ever really look around when you are getting from one place to another. Do you take it in. Just breathe and enjoy. It is worth your while. It recharges the batteries. Until next time. When this old broad is out again. Talk to you again on my next adventure. I know though, pretty boring to you.

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