Have you ever really thought

I have decided to start my year off with a bit of a bang. Well it won’t be much of a bang, just a bit of adventure on my part. I have been living in the Fraser valley of British Columbia for about 20 years now. I have come to thinking I really do not know that much about the area. I see so many post on Facebook about this place or that place and you know, I have never been there. I have never seen that or is there really a place like that around here.

Some may be tourist traps, but there has to be some gems around that on the easy side to check out and not too expensive to go see. I am a cheap person when it comes to doing things.

My adventure actually began in December. I was feeling kinda down. The season was not coming to me at all. Has it past. Well no not really. Still am on a downer, but that will probably last until spring when the sun starts to shine a bit more. I do need my vitamin D and sunshine to keep me going. So now I am hibernating in the house. My only outing is taking the dogs on their morning ritual. Yeah heading out to pee on someone else’s lawn. Some lawns are forbidden as I have already been told to keep my pooches off. So we walk fast past those places so my pooches don’t even stop to sniff.

Oh! Anyways getting a little off track. So December I thought I would work myself up to feeling the Christmas season by heading out to some places that are Christmasy. You know the lights and the music and the happiness that people feel.

My first stop was at the beginning of December. Harrison hot springs is a beautiful place to go. Have been there a couple of times to dunk in the hot spring pools. Aw! Such a great feeling for my old tattered bod. A few months ago I saw an ad that Harrison was going to put on a light display that would be in the theme of Whoville. Now wouldn’t that be fun to see. I ask a few ladies if they would like to join me in a wander around.

Thought we could make it a bit of a hoot. In Red hat Society theme that is an informal gathering of us ladies. I will get into the red hat society another time, but yes I am a member and I love to go out and play with these ladies. It gives this old hag places to go and chat and giggle with other like ladies. Makes me feel good. And anything that makes you feel good is worth doing.

As the days went on the theme changed to lighting of the Sasquatch. Not as much of a display, but still lights along the lake to go wander around. We gathered at the English Pub and had a bite to eat. Then we all went our separate ways and wandered along the lake to look at the light displays. Mind you it was pouring rain that night so not too many wandered. Some just stayed in their cars and drove the parking lot at the lake.

Well Facebook gave me another idea for an adventure in December. I saw an ad for fly over Canada. I had never been there either. You would get to fly over to the North Pole. I figured the Santa train (west Coast Express) goes in on Saturday to Vancouver. Ha! No driving in! I could take the train in and enjoy a bit of an afternoon in downtown Vancouver. Have wandered a few stores down there with friends a couple of times. I was lost right from the beginning of not knowing where I was. Am always glad when I get back out to my country bumpkin way of life.

Well I made the plung and decided to go into Vancouver on the train. Cost me a unwrapped toy to ride in and out. The hours where not early in the morning either. Bonus points there. I have only been on this train three times To go into Vancouver. Once for a job interview many years ago. No I didn’t get that job. Thank goodness for that, to get to maple ridge during a snow day where I could not drive to get to work and then this past month was the last time.

I road in with another friend. We got to down town and walked over to Canada place. Took the fly over Canada tour. Oh it was marvalous. You get into a moving chair. Lights go down and then the chair lifts and takes you out over the movie screen. The movie starts and feels like you are flying over the land. There are dips and turns and flying next to birds ,through the clouds, around mountain passes. The chairs moved back and forth and sideways to make it feel like you where moving right along with the film. Too bad it was so short, but I loved it.

After that ride we walked along the outside of Canada place and looked at all the Christmas tree and the decorated windows. Our next stop was over to the Bavarian Christmas market. Many Germain artisan selling wares. a few places to try the some wines and a bit of walking. All the huts around the Olympic flame. A carousel at the front for anyone to take a ride on.

Very nice afternoon then back to catch the train at 4 o’clock to get myself back home. An adventure in Vancouver. Not so bad, but I still would have gotten lost if I go onto the wrong street.

My last outing in December I ventured over to Langley. Another dang pouring dark night. I am not much of a driver on these kind of days, but I bought a ticket. So I was going. There is s et of green houses that fill their green houses in the winter with lights. I had heard so much about it that I wanted to go and see for my self. Some talk was good and some not so good.

Drove down highway 1 to my turnoff. Okay it is really a dark night. Headlights shining in my eyes and I am on a secondary road now. I know I have to make another turn up here someplace. Oh gosh head lights go away so I can see. It would really be nice if it was not pouring as well. If these light displays are outside I am going to get soaked. What the heck am I doing out on a night like this. Yeah I know. Wanted to see the lights. There is my turn now where the heck is the driveway.. oh gosh more headlights. I am not going to see to get into where I want to go. Ah! Finally in the parking lot. I seem to be heading to Tim buck two to get a parking spot. Well finally found a spot. Okay where is the entrance. Walk all the alway around the building to get to the entrance. Hey the light display is actually inside. BONUS! A few food trucks outside, but then you walk into warmth. Music playing. A few vendors to look at and then a wander through the different countries in light displays. There are places that children can go play and lots of photo op places. You can get stamps from the different countries in your passport. I say it is a very nice place to go and spend a couple of hours wandering around. Then you have to go back out and drive home. I got out of the parking lot through the exit. A long way from where I came in. On a back road and now where the heck am I in directions to where I want to be to get home. Driving around I do find my way to a road I know and back on the highway for home.

So these three places have gotten me to thinking. There is so much more around the lower main land and the Fraser valley to see. Places I have not been before that tourist talk about going to see. So my way of thinking is that this old hag is going to play tourist in and around the area. There has to be so many places to check out. I did a little bit of touristing these last couple of years. I found the othello tunnels in Hope area. My son and I walked through them. I was out to Kirby ranch one year and wandered those building. There is the tulip festival that goes on every year. I have walked the trail up to cascade falls just outside of Mission. Boy did that bush me a bit walking up there. I have taken a boat tour on Harrison lake.

So now on my driving around instead of just driving to get from one place to another. Discovering the beauty of our area of the province. Stop and take in the wonder of the mountains as our back drop. Check out the water falls along the way. Take a stroll on the Dyke system and enjoy the wildlife. There are museums, gardens and beaches to be explored. There are touristy places I have not been as well. Capilano bridge or up to the mountain tops on a ski lift.

Well let’s we if my year will be another adventure. Getting out and exploring this great province of ours. Getting out and enjoying my time while I can. Before my bod decides it is time to give out and not let me do the things I want to do.

So if you know of anything that would be fun to do. Something I may not have heard about. Well that will be allot of things as I have not done much around here. Let me know. I would love to get out and check it out. Life is not all sitting on the couch and crafting away. Mind you that is what I do allot of, but I know I have to get out and just wander about as well.

My next stop will be to capilano. Yes I am going to drive into Vancouver. Well not quite into Vancouver, but along the highway to get to the park. I did read that there is a shuttle that will go out to capilano from Canada place. So my way of thinking is not driving, but going in on sky train from Coquitlam. That would get me to Canada place. The from there grab the shuttle and go to capilano. Enjoy a few hours wandering around the tree tops and looking at the lights. Then catch the shuttle back to Canada place. Then back on the sky train or pick up west coast express back to my car. Then homeward bound. A thought to think on or just driving in. This has all got to be decided before January 27th as that is when the lights are done, but it would still be a nice walk around. I am going to start my tour with looking to see if I can find a coupon on some kind to make for a cheaper walk around. Decide on a day and hope that it does not pour that day.

My adventures for this year begin. Wish me luck! Will let you know if I make it or not. Or any other adventures I might wander out on.

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