What a way to celebrate a milestone birthday

Well it actually isn’t until tomorrow, but we’ll we can celebrate all month if we want. That’s the red hat way. Celebrate the whole month of birthday.

My 60th is coming up here in a couple of days and since it is a milestone year I wanted to do something special. Especially when no one else thinks to do anything for you.to them it is just another day of the year. Well I can say I did get to go to the keg two nights ago. But that was only because both the men in my life wanted some prime rib. Had nothing to do with anything else except they wanted a feeding of some sort of carnivorous food. The keg to me is not that great a place, but hey I will take it. To spend $200 to go eat in a dark place and get very little food for the buck. Not my idea of a fun night. I would rather be at Olive Garden or a red lobster or the spaghetti factory. But then my taste in food is a little different then anyone else’s in this family. Meat is always the order of the day.

Anyways to get on with my story. Since it is my birthday. I saw these tickets come up at ticket master. Celtic thunder is coming to Abbotsford. Get your advanced tickets and get their new CD as well. Oh two days before my birthday. Yes I want to go. Hmm price is gonna come out to a bit more then what I want to spend. Well I could sit in the balcony. No it is my birthday I am going to get a little closer. So I spent the bucks and got seats I wanted. If I go for a single seat though I could be even closer. No I will get two and see if hubby wants to go with me. He always says I do not invite him along to anything I am going to. Well I mostly go to red hatting things so am not going to invite him to those.

I tell him about the tickets I got. Well am I working then? No but you work the day after. A few days later he says he is not going. So next I ask my son to go. He says back saw them last year with you why go again. So now I have two tickets and only me going.

I am out with Elizabeth on a red hatting outing and tell her my dilemma. She says she would go in a heart beat if invited. So I say. I have an extra ticket you want to join me. Answer is yes. The seats are on the floor though so there will be a bit of walking to get there. She says not mater what she is going to go. Great I have company now and such a fun person to be with.

So I tell hubby I have someone to go with me. Now I learn. Only buy one ticket for myself I want to go some place cause hubby really does not want to go with me anyways. Never his taste in music. But I am so happy that elizabeth is going to join me.

So all day yesterday. Nasty rainy weather. This is going to be a fun drive tonight. Well it is not that far to go to get to Abbotsford. Only 20 minutes away. Pick up elizabeth and then head over to the entertainment centre. Want to get a parking spot that is not in Tim buck two. Well I did get a good parking spot, but should have gotten a little closer if I was looking. Poor elizabeth I had her walking a little more then she wanted to. In the nasty rain as well. I am so sorry for that.

We got to the door and the line up was long to get in. At least the doors were opened and they where letting everyone in. Found the elevator to the floor and made an easy trek to our seat. No going down all the stairs to get to the floor. Happy about that. My knees are giving me the winter breakdown right now and it isn’t even winter yet. So take any easy way I can get to where I want to be.

We found our seats and sat there for a bit. Then the music started. Oh boy here we go. Great Irish music. There was some old ballads and some newer one. These gents came out in long Irish coats. Then down to jeans and shirt. Other songs in dress pants and vest.

The devil came down from Georgia. Fiddle music loved that.

Fun music to listen to. Their second set they sang from the monkeys. A little of Queen. Then they sang you raise me up. Oh the tears started flowing then.

The last song they played. The Irish ballad they sing. Love this one and they sing this ballad is their Irish garb. Love men in Irish kilts. More tears

Just wow! I had a marvellous time. Thank you elizabeth for joining me for my birthday treat. I loved the evening and I loved the company. We did it in our red hat style too.

Pictures are a combination of mine and hers, we were little rabble rousers and took pictures we were not suppose to. No photography they say. Well we did. Aren’t we just bad. Hey we had fun though.

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