It has been a bit since I have been on here.

Happy Halloween everyone

This past week or so has been so many get togethers that went with the theme of All Hallows’ night. It is fun but it is also very tiring.

First off I have been practicing with a group that does dances for Halloween. It is called the happie hexenbrute dancers of Abbotsford. It is a fairly simple set of movements, but it sure does give you a workout if you are doing it over and over again. Then on top of that going to places to do the performance. It eventually will get you one way or the other. Well my knees are telling me about it. Or it could just be the change of weather to colder as well. I woke up in middle of the night. Thump, thump, thump, my knees and back are just throbbing. So I get up and go to the washroom to grab some volterane to rub on my aching knees. Well yes the aching, but they are also swelling. Oh, oh that is no good. So I grab my compression bands and put them on. Hopefully that will help a bit to bring down the swelling. Or I ain’t dancing in the morning. We have two places to dance tomorrow.

Woke up in the morning. The swelling has gone down a bit, but not enough to think I should be dancing. So I write off a note saying I can be there but I am not doing the dance. Well I can be helpful anyways and take some pictures of them dancing.

Where is the two performances we did today. Or maybe I can only get one of the videos in. See if this one loads first

Last week we did the dance at a Halloween party that our red hat council had put on. Then the few days before that we danced at the library where a children’s group was doing some activities at for Halloween. We even had some of the group leaders get up to dance with us. They where having a blast.

So low and behold this old ladies body had to give out sooner or later. I don’t know what I was thinking that I could still dance around like a teenager, but hey I did it anyways. That brings me to the fact that I just can not take the stamina that I use to. But hell I am going to try.

So now November is upon us. Well what can I get myself into trouble with this month. Well the best thing I can say is it is my birthday month. In red hatting I can change my colours. Instead of a red hat I can wear a purple hat. That’s so every one wil know it is your birthday month. You don’t celebrate for one day. No way. You celebrate the whole month long. So I decided to celebrate my whole month. Or at least the beginning of it. I have tickets to go see Celtic thunder at the Abbotsford entertainment centre. Yeah yeah I am going to get there a little earlier this time and get the parking spot where I can get out easily. Well I am hoping so anyways. I do not want to have another experience like the last one where I sat in one spot and waited so long just to get out of the parking lot.

Then two days later I am going to see glass tiger at the Clark theatre. In Mission. Another great birthday present to my self. Well I know nothing will be done by anyone else in the family. To them it is just another day of the week so I celebrate on my own. I want to see it so I buy a ticket and I go. I don’t rely on anyone else to go with me anymore. I have given that up years ago. Well I can say we are going to go to the keg on Saturday night. That is only because my son has a hankering for a steak and wanted to go. So I said wait a couple of weeks and we can go for my birthday. Oh yeah, but would like to go now as I want a steak now. So still not a meal for my birthday, but to get a steak for him. I will probably end up paying for it as well. Doesn’t that sound like a big thrill. Well I will celebrate my 60th birthday listening to glass tiger. I will probably buy my own piece of birthday cake as well. Now everyone wonders why I get depressed this time of year. I hate aging and know that nothing is done to make it a special day.. I can go on Facebook and receive many, yes I mean many well wishes. Red hat ladies are the best.

November has a few other things to be going to. Will be doing a day of creating cards for Christmas. Will be an interesting day. There are a couple of other things going on in November, but I am not able to go. I will be heading to campbell River to visit family for a couple of days. See where that will go over as the days go by. Family you love them or sometimes you will wonder why. Depending on the mood in the room at the time.well time will tell whether it will be a good visit or just a nice visit. Like I say. It is family.

Well I am coming to the end of this bit of blabbing. That video still has not loaded but I hope it will be up soon.

So tonight is Halloween. The neighbours are letting off a whole pile of fireworks. They had a big load of them. Been lighting up the sky for about half an hour now. I guess they never got the memo that fireworks are illegal in BC now. Unless you have a permit. It use to be a big thing to let off fireworks on halloween. When we first moved west you would see them going off in every yard on Halloween. Always wondered why as for us coming from Ontario the only time they went off was Canada day. Here they seem to take any occasion to let them off.

Oh looks like video finished. So I will finish my babbling

Talk to you again when I have something to yak about.

Nope just checked the video did not load properly. Check out utube they are on their. Happie hexenbrute of Abbotsford. Check them out. Fun group of ladies

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