Thank you Canada tour. Such a beautiful show on ice.

Ice skating. I love it or I can not. It all depends on the skater.

I got a ticket to go on my own. I saw it advertised and promptly bought myself a ticket. Just to see some favourite skaters. Never even thought about anyone else going with me. It is getting to be the thing for me. I want to go so I get myself a ticket. I go alone. My son is not interested in things I like to see and then if I buy a ticket for hubby to go with me I just get the grumbling and what not that goes along coming to something I like. Or his other way. I buy two tickets and then find out later he is working or doing something else. So now I just buy a ticket for myself and go. Works out all around a better night for me. Once in awhile I will mentions to friends I am going to something. Tell them where my seat is and they buy a thicket to go with me. Most of the time I am on my own though.

So i ventured into Abbotsford to go to a show the other night. One of those ice skating shows. I went because Elvis, Patrick, Tessa and Scott where skating. There are a few skaters I really like to watch and these are just a few of my favourites.

I went to a skating show years ago. You know those ice capades shows. Allot of dancing and moving around the ice. Lots of skaters but really I didn’t think much of those.

Another skating show I went to a year or so back was also in Abbotsford. It is a great venue with easy access for me to drive to. A whole lot better then getting into Vancouver to see a show. It was a cirque soleit show. Acrobatics and ice show. Something really different. I so enjoyed that.

So running just a bit late to get to Abbotsford and get to the part of the parking lot where I have easy access to get in and out. So had to drive further back into the parking lot. Takes me a little longer to walk to the front to get to the doors and go inside. My legs are not much on walking that much anymore.

Inside I think the washroom might be in order before I go to sit down in my seat. I walked past three bathrooms and everyone of them was lined up out the door. What the heck is with that? Everyone saved until they got here to go.

I had a great seat. On the isle with only four other seats beside me. So no one was crawling over me to get to the seat beside me. Up around the 8th row. In the middle of the arena so I could see both ways and nothing was too far away. Well I think they are great seat anyways. Then two ladies sit down in front of me. Alas my view was lost a little by a messy bun in front of me. I always seem to get that. A hat or someone with their hair stacked up on top of their heads. At least I could still see over top of her.

This show is the thank you Canada tour. Canadian skaters all around. They skated together in pairs or as a group.

They skated to songs and routines that they had done in competitions.

They had the audience involved in the fun as well. We all lit up our cell phones to light up the auditorium. We danced the moves while the skaters skated. It was an all round fun night of music to remember by and just have fun.

Elvis did his tia Quan do routine from the Olympics. Oh I remember so well. To be able to get all of those moves and so precisely along with the music.

Tessa and Scott doing their Latin dance from the Olympics. Just beautiful fluidly they moved across the ice.

Patrick doing his routine accompanied by another skater playing the piano.

I hope my videos show up here as well as my pictures. I had such a marvellous time.

The only thing is it took an hour to get out of that parking lot. I got to my car and the traffic was already flowing. Bunching up to get out two or three entrances. You would drive one way then turn around and drive the other way. Just following traffic as it moved slowly to merge with other cars going the same way. Then you just come to a dead stop. I had no idea where I was. Could have been heading for the US border for all I knew. I finally came upon a place I knew. A fourway stop. I was on the opposite road that I usually drive, but I made it out of that maze of traffic and Home sweet home I go.

For me who would never go anywhere by herself. What would I miss out on if I did not buy a ticket for myself and just go. I say to you. You want to see something do not wait to see if someone else will go with you. You miss out on seeing as tickets will disappear and you won’t go. You will miss out on all the fun you would have had. I know you may think it is boring to go on your own. Hey you never know. If you like something and want to see it. Go for it. Don’t sit at home and brood because someone else will not go with you. Just do it. I am and I am having the time of my life seeing what I want to see. Just be safe out there . I know it is better in numbers so I stick close to other crowds leaving and park where I know I will have no problems. Except for the other night. I had to be a little further back in the parking lot cause I got there a little later. But I am still going out.

So this show is over, but I have more I am going to. Some with friends and some well not so. They are close to home so not too much of a problem. I do not go into Vancouver. I still get lost in there. I am not going to sit at home just because no one will go with me. I want to have fun and get out and live life. I want to see what I Can see before I am not able to without having someone with me when I go places. So if I have to go on my own I will. Just because I can.

Live life to the fullest. Sitting back and brooding is no fun.

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