A busy week

You know you sit around the house for weeks on end. You get things done that need to be done. You sit down and watch tv for a bit. Me, I craft when I am home. Then bam! You are out every day. It all seems to happen all at the same time.

For days on end I was around the house. I finished a crafting project I was working on. I have caught up on some tv shows I had recorded. I didn’t get as far a giving the house a cleaning though. For me that would be just desperation of something to do. I am not a hobby homemaker. I do not like cooking, cleaning or any other type of house work. I get to it when I think it really needs to be done, but I will procrastinate for all I can. I put more effort into procrastinating then just going ahead and doing the housework. Hey, that is just me though.

So for the past month I have been home most of the month. Go out to get groceries, but not much of anything else. No outings with girlfriends. Well there was one time out. We got together to play cards and have some lunch. Was a fun afternoon getting to know everyone on a quieter moment. Seems everyone is occupied with something else. I like my time at home. Don’t get me wrong this is relaxing time for me. My feet up and just idling my time away. It gets my rest that I need so my back is not bothering me. Or my legs for that matter. I am not happy when flairs start. These do happen when the weather starts to change. So I am glad for my me time at home to relax.

October comes around. First I have one place to go in the month. Then all of a sudden it seems I have something to do a couple times a week. Then I get a call can I come out today? Well my quiet time has now turned to being busy. Oh wow! I love the busy time as well as the quiet time. Thing is though it does take a toll on me. So when I am ready to sleep at night I am so full of needing to still be moving. Not very comfortable.

So Monday I had a call from a friend. Said they are getting together to do final plans for an event coming up. Would I like to come along and help out a bit. I said sure. Then I look on the calendar. I have something to do that night. Oh my I am going to be out twice. Well I said I would so I will be going out twice. So Tuesday I am out in the morning for coffee and then evening for a dance class I am doing. Wednesday is a council meeting. Am I going to get up in time for the next day. Thursday I am doing another get together with girlfriends. Then comes Thursday’s night and I am heading out again. To do a paint night

Oh I am bushed. I have one more night to go out.

I bought a ticket to go to the thank you Canada tour. Skating show and I get to see Elvis skate again. I love watching figure skating, but when he is in the show or Kurt Browning, I always want to see the show.

So Friday night I am out one more time. I am a little later getting there then I wanted to be. I had to park in the back instead of close to the front. A place where I can get out easily afterwards without allot of traffic. Wow! The show was fantastic. I loved it from beginning to end. I should have thought to bring in my pillow with me though. Those seats on a tired butt can be a little sore. We got to get up and dance though and have a good time right along with the skaters. That was a good thing for my poor butt though.

Now heading out to the car after the show. I walk to the back part of parking lot. Took a couple of minutes to find where I parked my car. I am use to parking someplace and when you park someplace else I have to remember. I know a diffuse in that place. I did find my car, just took a bit to figure out. Once I got in the traffic was starting. You drive from this part to another following everyone else. I have no idea where I am. We are going round and round the parking lot. Then come to a dead stop. All ways you look cars are just sitting waiting. It took me at least an hour to get out of there. I followed everyone else and finally came to someplace where I knew where I was. Finally on my way home.

So now next week. I am thinking I might be going back to a quiet week. I have one place to go or maybe two. No chance. Email this morning asking what I am doing Monday. I say not much. Well you want to come to lunch and a movie with me. Well I say yes.. so now Monday I am doing a movie and lunch. Tuesday is a breakfast with some girlfriend and then that night is the dance class. Wednesday I am heading to a luncheon in the US. Aw! The rest of the week is quiet. Well at least I think it is so far.

I keep seeing there are some quiet days coming up. Then I get a call or email. Wants to go? I say yes. I am not going to say no. I like going out with my girlfriends. Be they red hatters or just out as girlfriends. I need this at this time of my life. Later on I may not know if I can do any of this. As my body gives out more on me. So I gotta do what I gotta do until I can’t do no more.

So tonight making supper. Hubby comes home. He asked you going out tonight. I say nope I am all yours. You miss me? Nope he says. Well that is just going to make it so I go out allot more. I like being busy, but my bod doesn’t. We have got to make a compromise someplace so I can keep having fun as long as I can.

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