There is a change in the air along with a changing of the guard

Yes Halloween is upon us again. Another year and the spooks are out and about.

This is not why I write today though. One said it is time for a change. Time to hand in a chair hat and just be around to have fun and play. It is with sad heart that the chair of the central Fraser valley red hat society queens council is hanging up her chair hat. She has been chair for 11 years and now just wishes to play. Also have heard that the upper Fraser valley queens council that their chair has decided it was time for someone else to run the show. Like I say there is change in the air. There is also another council forming in the area. This will be of a different form. No meetings in sit down form but just get togethers where the fun is to arise. Have not heard too much about this yet, but am looking forward to how this will fit into the other councils in the area.

The red hat society is something I am passionate about. It has given me a life back so to say. The society has given me love, friendship and support. There is laughter and fun back in my life. You know that when you are down that there is always someone you can call and they will be there for you. All like sisters.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are many groups out there that can give you the same thing. Be it the red hat society, the Crown Jewels of Canada, ROTH, black hats. and so on and so forth. All of these types of groups will all give you this sisterhood. It will give you the fun and friendship you crave. It will give you what you thought you never had in your life. All without a purpose other to have fun. No fundraising or committees or having to act a certain.way.

For me it is the red hat society. All in because they are what I found when I needed it in my life. They have welcomed me in and let me play at a time when I was down. When I figured there was really not much else for me in my life to do. I am a wife and a mother, but is that it? Being as I found these ladies I am now me. That’s right there is a me in there. The me that I never knew was there. I am still working on it, but it is me.

Now all of these groups will give you that need. Just going out to have coffee with someone and talking is all that is needed to start. From there going with a group and sitting down for a bite to eat. The red hat society has been around for 20 years. This group is world wide. I can travel on my own and always meet up with ladies there and not be alone while I explore. These ladies have visited our area as well and I have met up with them in Vancouver. It is just an amazing thing.

I believe that this should be for both genders. Men should find groups like these as well. A place to go and just chat or whatever. I bet it would feel great to just hang out with your buds.

Okay this has gotten off topic of what I was writing about.

The change in the status quo. At today’s meeting we had a change in chair of our queens council There will be change in the air. There may be changes and there may be things that are going to be the same. New ideas may be in the works. We all now look forward to our next few years with council as we grow in the community.

There is ideas of communication between other queens councils in the area. We all love to go to events, but when they happen to be so close together you just can not go to all. Or even to some. Some like to stay closer to home and others like to go to events in other areas. I heard one lady today say she drove three hours to have lunch with someone and then headed home. I have heard others that have said we will not leave our council area. It is up to the group or individual on where they wish to travel to. That is up to the individual on how far they will go.

Change will be with all of us. We just have to see which way the wind will turn.

Good luck to chairs who are leaving their post. More happy years ahead for you to have fun.

Good luck to the new chairs that will be taking the reign. Filling the hats of those who stepped down. Three councils in the area that have new ideals for us all. Onward and upward with our hats on our heads. Going to play and bring laughter our way.

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