The hoarder in me

Have you ever walked around your home or property and looked at all the stuff you have. Then you wonder just why you have this or that.

As I look I see mementoes and keepsakes from over the years. These things have moved from place to with us. There are also things that are there to make our life easier for us to live. Then there are things that you buy just to say you have that. Sometimes just to keep up with the Jones or so the saying goes.

I can say I am a collector. I collect dolphins and Barbies and family tree info. I collect keepsakes from older family members. I am a quilter and a crafter so I collect material and craft supplies. Well you get the idea. I have a home full of stuff.

Now this stuff may not be of any worth to anyone, but it is my stuff. I have gone through many a time and stuffed things in bags to send to the thrift stores. But for some reason it doesn’t seem to make a dent in what I have. I have taken things and put them in the garbage thinking they are not of any use to anyone. Including us, just to have a couple months later being asked where something has gone. It was wanted to be used. It sat there for years in the same place in the junk drawer. Every time I opened that junk drawer it was there in the way of something else that was at the bottom of the junk drawer. So finally I say it is gone and get rid of it. That is when it was needed by someone else in the house. The house will be torn apart looking for it. Finally to figure out it is not there and go buy another. It is used for that little thing just to go back to the drawer to never be used again.

I had big ideas about crafts that I would wish to do. I go the craft stores to pick up some material or the item to be able to make this craft. Now it sits in a box downstairs. I pull it out once in awhile to try again. But it just goes back in the box to think about it another time. I never really needed it but it looked like fun at the time. Thought it might be easier to use this item, but in a way was just a little confusing.

I have had big ideas of things I could make. Clothes I could wear or costumes for an event. I have buckets and buckets of material that at one time I thought would be a great costume. All folded up and waiting for my time to do it. Years later the material still sits there and the event has passed. If I make something for an event will it ever be used again or just sit in the closet to sometime go to the thrift store. There is tons of quilting fat quarters to be made into a quilt. I have ideas but they never seem to get around to. I keep thinking I make it and then the item will sit in another box and collect dust. Alas these things are not made yet, but the ideas are still there to do at some time.

I have another wall in my craft room. It is a collection of Barbies. All in their boxes lined in rows on a shelf. I have collected these for many year. Never removed from their boxes to play with. I read how much some may be worth, but to sell them how do I do that. Without costing me too much for advertising or auctioneer fees. They are beautiful items, but to me they are collecting of dust. I will keep them there though and sometime I will have a buyer for one or two. For now though they are part of my stuff I keep to admire once in awhile.

In my kitchen we have the usual. The toaster, the pots and pans, the dishes and cutlery. Then there is the blender, the steamer, the fryer, the slow cooker, the mixer and so on and so forth. I very rarely see these come out unless I decide to do something different. I am not much of a cooking person. I liked to bake at one time. Even if it did not turn out right it was sugary to eat. Not so much we do not eat the sugary stuff anymore. Another cupboard has my good dishes and glasses in it. These may come out once a year, but could just as well use the regular dishes instead. So the cupboards are full from top to bottom of items that are not used, but still sit there for a day of use.

At one time I collected avidly family tree information. I was on he internet every day seeing if I could find some little tidbit to add to my info. It was an obsession of looking. I would find a tidbit that would lead to another. I had filing cabinet and binders I organized to keep this info. They now sit on a bottom shelf in the office. The computer is quiet now as I sit on the couch and look at my iPad.

The dining table is not used as a family gathering place to eat. It is a clutter of binders and pictures and snippets of note paper. A decoration that need glue to put back together. Some times I clean off a corner and sew on there. A collection place till I move it to someplace else.

There are ideas that we would do at one time. Cross country skiing, roller blading or ice skating. Hiking with walking poles or camping. Scuba diving equipment that now is a collection. I had to have a set too just in case I might want to learn. Never happened but I have items in there. He does go out a bit, but not as much as he use to. My wood working tools that where bought cause someone figured I need the best to work with. All I wanted was to try out so any old item would do. But I would look around with him and end up with the most expensive with all the hi-tailed bells and whistles. Now sit in the garage until someday I may go back to playing.

Then so many electronics, a vcr never used in years. We have a collection of tapes to watch. Then there is the CD blue ray player. Have never watched a movie since we got it. The stereo had to be the best with surround sound. Did we need for such a small living room. I had a WII I used for a bit, then for years it was just another item plugged in. I finally unplugged it and put it in a box. The first day after I was asked where it went. He might want to use it. Never used it before why would it be used now.

So much stuff we have around us. What ever happened to living the simple life. I would love to go back to. Just a roof over my head and no clutter to think about. The thing is, the clutter would be collected again as for some reason I do like the look of my stuff. It may collect the dust and may sometimes bring me memories. If I didn’t have the stuff I would be looking for the need. I might need that little thing in the junk drawer of stuff. But away to the garbage it went a year ago.

As time goes on this stuff is still here. When I go I am told of a big bond fire will be had. My son has no need for it, so for my celebration of life will be a huge weenie roast in the back yard to get rid of this stuff. I tell him some may be worth a few bucks, but to him would be the same problem I have now. How do you get rid of this stuff and de clutter. So my memories are what they are. Something to me and collection of junk to my family.

So as I said at the beginning I am a hoarder and proud of it. It may be just stuff to others but to me it is a treasure of my life. I was here and this is me. I had a life with many memories that lead down to just being stuff. Well I can say since my son loves bond fires he will have his life with many weenie roast after I am gone. His memories of me going up in smoke.

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