California 2018. Part three cruise time

I think I better get this up before I forget what all was done.

Part one was our bus tour, which I hope I got all down. Second part was going to Disneyland and California adventure for a week. I know I may have missed some parts on that as I was writing it later in the night. You all should have got the gist of it and I just wanted to put it down someplace so later years I can read it again and say. Oh yeah we did that.

Now we have just been dropped off by a limo to go one a cruise. Cool way to ride. Have never been in a limo of any kind before. We mostly just end up with a crowded shuttle bus. Packed full so we are sitting shoulder to shoulder very uncomfortable.

As we got out of the limo at the carnival cruise ship dock a valet was already there to take our luggage. So we didn’t have to go too far with carrying those along. They would take them right to our room.

So now I have never been on a cruise before so this is going to be a big experience for me and hubby.

We where scheduled in to go through and walk on the ship in an hour. So we got in the line that was for people who where early. We followed everyone else along and finally came to the front. First off was checking our tickets to make sure we where in the right place. Then to another desk where we got more info. Then the last was customs as we where going into Mexico.

Once through customs it was up and up and up a ramp to get to the level entrance of the ship.

We where on the ship. Oh boy going on a cruise. There was people everywhere. Line up at the desk on that deck. Other people talking to ship attendants. We didn’t know what we where to do. So we walked until we found the area where they where serving lunch for people who had come on. So I sat down in a seat we found and hubby went to get something to eat for himself. Once he came back to the table I went and got something.

Our next stop was to find our room. They said our key would be in the slot by the door. Just pull it out of the envelope and you can swipe it to get in your room. So floor six we had to find first. Then we walked up and down hallways until we found our room number. Back in the corner the last cabin on that side. Got the key out of the slot and let ourselves in.

We were in behind a set of stairs so we had a long hall into our room. The room with one bed. Full balcony and bathroom. Desk along one wall and a tv mounted to the wall.

Guess I didn’t get a picture of the room. But the queen Mary was just outside our window.

Luggage was not there yet but did come in an hour later. We where just sitting on the balcony enjoying the view.

We left dock around four. A beautiful sunset as we pulled out

Just wow! I love it

Our first night down to dinner we went to the diningroom. Sat with another couple who we would be dining with whenever we ate in the diningroom seating.

I was not feeling the best the first night so was not talking very much just a little queezy. Hoping it would pass by the next day. So they may have thought that I did not want to talk with them. As the next night they just chatted with themselves and didn’t say much to us.

We wandered a little around the deck and then went back to our room where I promptly went to sleep. I think I needed it as I was told I did not move all night.

First day was at sea. So we wandered the ship. Checked out the shows for the night. Had our meals when they were scheduled and where in our room or sitting out on the balcony watching the water flow by.

Next morning when we woke up we were in cobo San Lucas. We did not have plans to get. Thought that some of the ship would be opened for us to maybe look around at or not. You know not many people on the ship so the place was a ghost town and not much opened to sit someplace and enjoy ourselves. Well that didn’t work out for us. Thought could do some lookie looing while the places where empty. Oh well! Didn’t work. I was still a little queezy so we went back to the room. I slept most of the afternoon. Not what I thought my cruise would be

I thought about the idea of sitting out on the deck someplace and enjoying the sunshine. But we seemed to walk and walk and walk. Up stairs down stairs. Get him something to eat. Down stairs and then upstairs. From the front of the ship to the back of the ship.

In the seven days we where on the ship he walked me allot. Did not want to sit by the pool or on the deck someplace and people watch. That is something I do. I could sit someplace all day and people watch. But no we walked back and forth and then was back in the room where we would sit on the balcony or just in the room. So I did allot of napping during the day.

I made a reservation so he could have a steak dinner one night. He enjoyed that allot. All except the fact that he had to get dressed up a bit. Nice quiet dinner with just the two of us. He made comments about the fact that some where not dressed up the way they should be. I said well that is them not us. The cruise line does not expect you to dress as formal as they use to do.

We had one more dinner in the dining room with the other couple but they did not say too much to us. So we ate and then headed back to our room to change our clothes. Then we headed to the show for the night. Sat up in the balcony there so he would not get called to participate in anything.

These pictures are from Cobo. The Mexican coast guard circled the ship many times there.

These from Mazatlán we didn’t get off there either. The weather was so hot it was better to stay in the nice cool place we where. Another day of the ship closed up and nothing much opened. We spent another afternoon in the cabin sitting out on the balcony.

Oh we had a abandon ship check. We had to go out on the deck by the life boats one time. Some where out on the deck and others were standing inside. They brought us all inside and then lead us outside again. It was hot out there as we waited to be counted so we could go back in. We where out there for along time. I was so glad to go back in. Standing in a crowd of people in the heat was not that much fun. Would be worse probably if we had to get off.

These are some pictures of the the show we watched a couple of nights. And then a few pictures of the deck. There was a water slide, three pools, a couple of hot tubs a mini putt area and the spa at the front of the ship. We found a basket ball court and a play area for the kids. Many bars and a casino.

These fellows where left on our bed every afternoon. By valet service. I thought they were cute for towel decorations. I had to take a picture of them

We did get off in Porto Vallarta. Just down to the vendors that were down on the dock before customs. Bought a couple of things down there. I liked a bracelet one had, but it was way out of my price range.

Well lookie who I found in Porto Vallarta

Well we spent two more nights at sea on our way back to long beach. We wandered the deck had our meals and relaxed in the afternoon.

Our time had come to get off the ship. So we had a shuttle to pick up at a certain time. So we worked our way to get off the ship first. We took our luggage with us and headed to the door to wait. Was not suppose to be done that way, but we had a shuttle.

So we got off on the first passengers leaving. Went through customs and to the place our shuttle was to be. Waited about half an hour for the shuttle. This shuttle was suppose to be a tour of some kind. They took you to a mall where you can shop. Or relax for a bit. A place we could sit and relax. Then they would pick you up later and take you to the airport.

A bit of a problem. They never did come to pick us up. So we had to get a taxi to get to the airport. We were thinking we may be going to be late. The taxi got us there in time. Didn’t miss our flight which was great. On our way to bellingham and another night there and then Home sweet Home.

Got a very happy welcome from our doggies for being away for three weeks.

I can say I enjoyed the time away we saw allot of country and I saw allot of my eyelids too napping to get out of the heat. It was worth the trip. Enjoyed my days.

, but also enjoyed being home. Time for laundry and unpacking now. All is back to normal again

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