Fur babies. My constant companion

Since I was little I always remembered having a fur baby by my side. They loved me and I loved them right back.

On a cold winter day they would cuddle up beside you under your blankie and keep you warm and safe. They were by your side through thick and thin. You seemed to never be able to go anywhere without them coming to check on you. Even the bathroom. They want to make sure you are okay.

I was raised on a farm in Downie Township of Perth county. Between the towns of Stratford and Mitchell. For me life was a bit quiet. My oldest brother was still at home helping out on the farm, but the rest of my siblings where off living their own lives with their own families to look after. So for me I took to loving the animals on the farm.

To taming some mouser cats that did not make my dad too happy to an adoption of a dog that had showed up on our farm one day and never left.

These pictures are old fuzzy memories of the loves of my life. The first one I do not remember him. I do not know his name or for how long he was around. He must have had some impact on me as I always wanted a dog. The second picture are some of the cats that hung around the house. They had been tamed and every time I was outside they were there.

Then along came Mitzy. She showed up on the farm one day while I was playing in a snow bank. Digging a hole to make a cave. She showed up and we both played for the afternoon in the snow. I thought she might be the dog from the house behind us. Looked almost like him. So when I was finished playing out side I walked him back to his home. When I got there George was sitting outside. So low and behold this pooch was not our neighbours. I came back to the farm and ask dad if I could keep her. He said she may belong to someone and they may be missing her. He put the word out and no one came to claim her. So dad took her to the vet. Had her checked over and she was my constant companion until the day she went over the rainbow. She would wait for me when I got off the bus from school. She always knew when I came outside and came running out of the barn to greet me. She was never allowed in the house as mom did not allow animals in. I had just been down in Florida and I named her after a dolphin I had seem down there who played flipper in the show. That name was mitzy. Mitzy was with us for five years before she was hit on the highway after following me across the road and I did not know she was coming.

My devastation was terrible with her loss. Blackie my cat could not even take my pain away. I still think about my time I spent with her. She was well trained and new how to stay and sit. So whomever had lost her must have worried as to where she had gone.

Now at the same time as Mitzy was with me I also had a tortishair cat. She was one of the great mousers on the farm. I know that as she alway brought me her presents that she found. She was another of my constant companions. Her and Mitzy were great friends. They slept together in the barn. When blackie had a little Mitzy would always be around to help look after the little kittens. I don’t have a picture of Blackie. She seemed to have a mind of her own when it came to cameras. One time blackie was injured by something. Either another animal in a fight or was hit on the road. She survived though and had her littler of kittens a couple of days later. The thing was since she was so ill she was not able to move around much to feed her kittens. I came to her neat everyday and doctored her and her kittens until she was back on the mend. Blackie lasted another couple of years after that and then just disappeared. She could have gotten caught up by another animal or she just decided to move on or the highway may have been her demise. I just never saw her again.

After mitzy’s passing the neighbour had a kennel of beagles. He had them as show dogs. Would take them out to trials and such to win ribbons and such. I really wanted another dog and he said that he had one that was too timid and would not work for the trials he did. He brought him out of the kennel. Let me play with him for a bit. Now I wasn’t sure whether dad would let me have another, but I was determined to have one. I begged and he finally said alright. So I had myself a little bundle of beagle. He had the cutest face I ever seen. I named him champ. My sister kept saying that he was champion tuneup and kept calling him tuneup. Champ could not be let off a chain or leash. His nose would take him places he wasn’t suppose to go. Every time I would walk by his place by his doghouse he would jump up and bark at me. Here I am come play with me. Take me for a walk. So I was always down by the train she’d playing with him around his doghouse. Or taking him for walks back to the railroad tracks. When my dad sold the farm champ went to live at my sisters farm. I had no place else I could put him. I lived in an apartment in Stratford and dad did not want the dog at Mitchell. After I married I brought champ into our house I stratford we bought. He did not last long there. A farm dog in the city. The first day he broke away from the kennel we had built and was gone for many days. I do not know where he went but one day when I was walking back to the house he showed up again. Alas it was decided that a farm dog was not the place to live in the city. He was gone in a few days after that.

Another big love of my life was princess. A pure bread spinger spaniel. Black and white colouring.had so much energy. I got her as a puppy from a breeder. The first few days in the house with her and the simpering and whining that went on at night. During the days she got constant walks as I was not working at the time.Had a big backyard to play in. She and I loved each other for 15 years. She moved with us from town to town. In BC we had to put her down. Cancer had taken over and was making her very sick. Another time of heartbreak. She had been with me through so much.

She had also given me a set of puppies to care for for a bit until we fostered them all out.

This beautiful cat here is tabitha. Siamese cat I saw in a pet store one day and just had to have. Her and princess where the best of friends. She did have a mean side though. Loved me to no end but anyone else in the house she would snarl and growl to tell you that you where not to in there. We had someone look after her once while we were on a vacation. They said in order to get food and water for her they had to go into our trailer with a stick to hold her off. Two different personalities in that cat. I loved her till her end. She got sick one day. She was about 14. I took her to the vet and she passed away before I got into see the vet.

Now for a bit I was animaless. I felt lonely. Had never been with out a pet in my life. We had just moved back into town from out at the lodge. I knew I needed something in my life. So we went to the pound and took a look. There wasn’t much choice at the time, but we saw this medium sized dog sitting quietly in the corner and she was very quiet. We took her out of the pen and she really didn’t want to do anything. But I took a liking to her. She was a hairy raggity thing. She needed some loving and I needed another to love me. We named her muffin for all the straggly long hair she had.we found out later why she was in the pound and not with someone to love. She loved to chew and chew she did. Holes in the wall. We didn’t give up on her and she stayed with us until she became sick. She was an older dog in the first place so was only with us for a couple of years

Muffin was joined by two rabbits we saw at the pet store. Mug and Jeff cutest things I had ever seen. Muffin, mug and Jeff spent many a day out on our back porch chewing on things. They played with each other and chased each other around the porch.

Well we had to make a move and mug and Jeff were not able to go along with us. They were the cutest things but they could not go to our next home. So sorry to say but they were taken to the shelter. I hope and I pray that some loving family took them to a good home and not the other had happened to them.

We took a trip back to Ontario one year. And ended up picking up a dog for our son. Well the dog was actually mine more than anyone’s, but that was the story and I am sticking with it. We were sanding the pet store in Stratford and there was this cutest little puppy in there. She was a cross between a jack Russell and a schnauzer. Oh my what a combination. But dang was she cute. So driving across Canada back to B.C. Rob and this little dog made friends in the back seat. So now when we got back home we had two dogs. The chewer muffin and get this a dog named Sparkplug. I went through every name in the book and rob would say no that’s not good. So I thought of other silly names to bring out and I said sparkplug. It was a keeper. Rob loved that name. So we had a dog named sparkplug and you know it fit her to a tee. She could jump over and eight foot Fence. She could run circles around you. You hold a bone over your head and she could jump up and grab it. You could go for miles and miles and she would never tire. Mind you I would. I use to take her our running beside my bicycle. Even at full speed and she would just keep going. Energizer bunny she was.

Muffin left a short time later of old age. Sparkplug she moved everywhere we went in BC. Grew old with us. She lasted 17 years. When we thought that she would not be around much longer I decided to get another puppy. Boots came into our lives. A cute little bichon shitzu. You know boots joining our family had sparkplug staying with us three more years. We thought she was done and would leave us in no time and stayed around for three more years because of a new puppy to play with. Don’t they look adorable together.

When sparkplug left us. Boots did not take it very well. She became quiet and not very playful anymore. She was still a young dog so I said let’s have a playmate for her. I was working and did not have as much time to be around boots all the time to keep her company. My ploy to get another dog in the house. Well we ended up with Rocky. A very caritoistic shitzu. He may be a little bigger then a shitzu so might have something else in jeans. He is adorable. Loves to snuggle with you at night. And the faces he will make when you are talking to him.

So now these are my two loving companion for now. Boots is 13 and rocky is 10. They are getting up there, but love to play around with each other. You say you are going for a walk and they are right there all excited to head out on an adventure. Mind these days for me it is just around the block, but they are just so happy to go with you. New neighbours lawns to pee on and sniff. Happy as heck just to be out and about.

These two may be with me for quite a while yet. I believe I will not have anymore. Which makes me sad. I know I am not able to look after them as well as I use to. I always loved having these guys in my life. They welcome you with open paws and kisses. Greating you at the door when you come home.They love you unconditionally. They expect nothing of you in return and will always be at your side through thick and thin.

I hope to see all my loves over the rainbow when it becomes my time. To be treated again by their loving jumps and kisses or a ball to throw so they can chase. Even though some have been gone for awhile I still miss them like it was yesterday. Always to have someone by your side that never looked for anything in return except your love. I hope I will have another to love in my lifetime but for now that may not be in the cards. My health is going down and I am not able to do as much as I could to look after these four legged fur babies., but I will give my love as long as I can.

Until we meet again. I will love them all

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