Vacation California. Part two. 2018 meeting Mickey Mouse.

So the other day I gave you a tour of our bus ride around California. Eight days seeing some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. From San Francisco to Monterey to Yosemite. Then along the coast down through Malibu to Los Angeles. It was such an informative trip. I saw so much country in a different prospective.. just so much fun. Well except the waking up early in the morning, but a sleep on the bus worked for me.

Wake up our last day in Los Angeles. Go down for our last breakfast with the rest of the tour. Say goodbye to new friends we made. We head back up to our room gather our luggage. Yes first time in a week we had to handle our own luggage. Isn’t that just a bummer. We go down to the lobby and wait for our shuttle to take us on our next adventure.

The shuttle comes and we are on our way to Anaheim. Disney here we come. Oh my! The weather is so warm here. We go a little inland from down town. The hi-ways are so busy. There is so much traffic. The I 5 is a huge six lane highways. Cars coming from everywhere. I am so glad we didn’t have to drive down here. A couple hours later we pull off the highway and pull into our new home for the next week. A nice little boutique hotel just off of Main Street, but within walking of the main gate for Disney.

We got ourselves settled into our room and since it was still early so we decided to go over to the gate and get out entrance passes. The walk is just a tad warm. We get over to the entrance. Go through security and head to the office that has our passes. I had my ID but hubby didn’t bring his along. At first they were not going to give him his pass. Then they talked a little bit inside the cubicle and then we both had our tickets.

Now silly us. We decided to go in and just take a walk around. Went into California adventure as we had never been there before. Last time we where there to Disney, it was just Disney land. Got our picture taken at the entrance and headed in. So many people and so many things to look at all at once.

Okay if we keep right we should just keep going around the outside. First area was the outback bush area. Now we are not much for rides but do like watching everyone going through. We stop at the water rapids ride. The water splashing up from the ride felt so good as it was so hot. We watched the rafts coming down the slide and splashing at the bottom. Coming around the corner where water splashed up from fountains. Everyone get soaked on that ride

Such fun to just stand and watch. We wandered further and came to the Pixar area. Then around by the lagoon seeing a roller coaster and Ferris wheel.

I was getting pretty tired and hot by then. So we decided to go get a bite to eat and then go back to the room. I had to get out of the heat. I was just zonked. And that was where we spent the rest of the day.

The next day we changed our way of doing things. Did not need to be there during the day. So we would wait until later in the day and walk around there at dusk. It would be our days where empty but it was much cooler idea.

So to spend our next day we took a bit of a stroll during the morning to see if we could find the mall that some where raving about. We walked a while and eventually found it. Thought it might be indoor so we had a cool place to walk. Nope outdoor and half of the mall did not have any stores in it or where closed until later in the day. So we wandered up and down the mall. Then headed back over to Disney boulevard and took a gander for someplace to eat. Old favourite. Denny’s was good.

After our bite to eat we went back to the room. Was too much heat already. You know if you can’t take the heat do not go to California. Later on I will say don’t think about going to Mexico during July either. That was even worse. Or I just didn’t want anymore heat by then.

So the afternoon I snoozed away and hubby went between snoozing and reading one of his books. Much cooler in the room. It may not have been a large room but it did great for us.

Supper rolled around and we decided to venture out again. Went into Disneyland park tonight. Did our same tour by going to the left. Down Main Street and we could not get through. It was all barricades off and we had to walk around the back of the buildings. When we came out the other side. People where standing around. So we waited a bite until people started moving again. Nope no one was moving then the Pixar parade started. Well what a surprise we are in the right place to see a parade.

We wandered to the right after the parade was over. Seemed to end up over by the race cars. Submarines I knew as 20000 leagues under the sea, but now is finding nemo. We watched the cars racing around. The subs go under the waterfall. Made our way to the back of the park when we heard announcements for a light show going on over in frontier land. Okay how do we get there. We’re are we now? Well everyone is heading in this way. Let’s just follow with everyone else

We got over to the area they were having a light show. We walked and walked on and on and on. Everyone was just being lead to an end and the pun had to come back the other way on the other side of a ribbon put up. Okay where is this and why do we keep walking. So we started asking questions to where and what should we be to see. This lady said that you should be inside this top or they will just keep leading further away. So we did a bad thing and snuck under the rope and stood there with everyone else.

The show began. Mickey Mouse came out and did a magic type show between good and evil. Laser show and lights. Then the fireworks afterwards.

The view was not very good but we did get to see it instead of being lead around by staff with lights.

After the show was over we made our way back to the room.

Our next few days we did the same. Went out to get a bite to eat in the morning. Rest in the room during the hottest part of the day. And then made our way to the park at night. We visited a different part of the park every day. We saw the evening parade in California adventure. We saw the fireworks many nights from different angles. One evening we went to downtown Disney to check out the stores there. Very interesting

Ha we even went on a couple of rides. No whoopsie do rides though. My head wouldn’t take it. We went on finding nemo and then we also went to the jungle cruise. Not he big excitement we use to go on but something to show we still would.

Four of these pictures are from the LEGO store in downtown Disney. They are lifesize and all made of LEGO. What some people can do with their imagination.

So now all things have to come to an end. Bye bye Disney and onto our next part of our vacation. One more week to go.

So first thing in the morning we get something to eat and then wait for our shuttle outside the hotel. There is another large group waiting out there and in the lobby. I hope we are not all getting into the same shuttle. It will be pretty close quarters. Good news though. They all left in a couple of vehicles and we where there still waiting. A big dark suv limo type came into the parking lot. No markings to say it is a shuttle. He pulls up in front of us and ask if we are waiting for a ride. Well we are going to go in style to the cruise.

Aw! So good and relaxing. Another drive through traffic. Another hour or so on the highway. Traffic, traffic everywhere. Well we made it to the cruise ship dock an hour before we where to be there. After that is the driver did not know where he was going. The dock is over to the right and he pulls into the Queen Mary parking lot. So round and about we go and finally get into the right place.

So now I will leave it here. And write another blog about our last part of our adventure. Cruising to Mexico way.

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