Significant to me. To others well not so.

This poor little fellow I am glueing again. He has been with me for so many years. As long as I can remember.

I don’t know why I don’t get rid of him. He has been broken. Yes he has been loved. Just a piece of pottery from way back when. Has a space in my china cabinet. Stills smiles at me everyday. He has been broken a few times, but instead of the trash I put him back together again.

A momentous from the past. Yes I am going into way back when mode again. A time when we lived on the farm. A time of simple life for me. This little momentous was given to me by my mother and father. He had a bouquet of plastics yellow roses in him. Sat on my desk or by my bedside until I moved off the farm.

I was very young at the time. I traveled with my parents and my sister to Spragg, Ontario to visit with an aunt and uncle who lived there. I couldn’t have been very old yet, but remember a bit of my time on this visit. Or on other visits we made over the years while my aunt and uncle live in Spragg.

My uncle worked in the copper mines in Sudbury. And my aunt worked as a waitress in the local diner. Hard work it was. He came home one time not knowing there was a house full of family visiting from southern Ontario once. I was young but I remember the look on his face as he came through the door looking very tired. Then the smile came on his face and he was ready to visit.

The house they lived in was on the rocks. Way back off of highway 17 into the bush. When I drove with my husband along this highway heading west or just toodling around on vacation I would look for this house again. It would be just after you came out of Spragg. This is what I thought anyways. You would drive along the highway and as you came around a curve there was an outcropping of rock. Their driveway was after that outcropping of rock. I was sure I saw it once or twice, but just could not be sure. The memories are there, but the right place eludes me.

We had some great times in the little house. A very small house back off the road. Being on a bed of rock there was no indoor plumbing. They would drive into town to get water for the house. It was like living in older days. A place for the pot under the bed or dare to go out with the bears to use the outhouse. As my cousins would tell me. I think I held allot in order to not go see a bear in the outhouse. Even with these inconveniences I still always wanted to go there. Every time my parents decided to go I was along with them. My brother would stay home and look after the farm.

We traveled all day to get there. I always knew we were getting close when I saw the big nickel in Sudbury. It was still a long drive for a little brat who never wanted to sit still. More times then not my sister and I would be fighting in the back seat about something. Some trivial thing or another.

We would get there and my sister would go off with the older cousins and I was left to my own. I would go back to the bedroom just off the living room. On the bed was a doll. All dressed in her finest. I think it was a red flowing dress all ruffled and pretty. I was told not to play with her, but she was so pretty to sit with.

In the kitchen the family would gather. All around the kitchen table. There was always family there when we visited. Talking and laughing enjoying everyone’s company. Music would play and everyone singing along..They would talk about old times and play cards. A few drinks where always passed around. On the wall in the kitchen between the two bedroom doors was a line of crown royal stars stuck for prosperity. All in a line down the wall from past visits with family. Sleeping was snug at night as there was not many places to sleep. The cousin found homes on the floor with sleeping bags. I think I crawled in with my parents in a bed in one of the small bedrooms. There was such great times in this little house on the rocks.

The house was expanded over the years my aunt and uncle lived there. One of the bedrooms was expanded to make a larger room at the back. There was a pool table in there for a rec room as the family grew older and moved out.

Alas my aunt and uncle moved from there and back down to southern Ontario again. The family gathering continued for many years as I grew older. Just not the travel to visit was in order anymore.

As mementoes go. This little dog has been with me through much. One of our visits to that little house on the rocks I ended up very sick. I am not sure what had happened that I became sick. Some say it was a mixture of a couple of medication hoping to make me better. Another was said that I was allergic to aspirin. I will never know. I can take aspirin now so may have been the other. Either way I ended up in the hospital. Very sick I was. I ran a fever for many days and had a very bad case of hives. They had me in an oxygen tent and no one else was in the room with me. I was alone very sick. I would call for company and a nurse would come in and say others are sleeping please be quiet. The only story that was ever mentioned of this time was that I kept dad from getting home to harvest time. No one ever talked about me being sick or why I was sick. I just know that I was visiting at my aunt and uncles with my parents and then I was in the hospital. My mother came in one day. Stayed with me a bit and gave me this dog to set on my stand beside the bed. Said she would always be with me through this little dog. I also got a book of captain kangaroo to read.

So this little dog has been with me ever since I was little. My mother has been with me all these years. This little dog has been broken many a time and put back together with love and glue. The first time he was broke was a truffle with my sister over something. I was devastated about it. The truffle was over, but my heart was broken. I didn’t know what to do. The next day I came home from school and my little dog was sitting on my night stand back together again. Someone had cared to put him back together. I believe my sister had the heart to do it.

So my little dog has been put back together a few more times over the years. Today being one of them. His little tail came off this morning where old glue does not hold anymore. He has chips out of him where he has dried. This little puzzle of mine will alway be with me. Memories of my mother and of a sister who did care even though we had fought as younger children.

Another momentous I have if this young lady. It was given to my mother for a Mother’s Day present from my sister. She was something that was alway there as well. She sat at the farm for many years. Mind you she alway had a Mexican hat on her. I think that was from my brothers travels and my mother put it on her to remember my brother when he was traveling. She moved with my mother to their house in Mitchell after the farm was sold. I always loved her and I took her home with me to spend her years next to my little dog in the china cabinet. My memory of life on the farm and my other memory someone is there for you when you are not well.

So my little dog will be repaired once again. Chips are missing from him. To take his place back beside this little lady. My love from my mother and my love of the simple life I had on the farm.

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