Going way back when

Now mind you these are recollections from myself. Other people in the family or friend may remember things differently then what I did. So if so make your comments. I love to hear about the history of my family. I will be writing more about them in future so hope you all enjoy.

This is a collage I have hanging in my hallway. Life of a family in one frame. Pictures of my family through the years. The farm they owned and the life my parents had together. An old pocket watch my father had and the wedding ring and engagement ring my mother had. Okay I can not say for sure on the rings. They were in my mothers jewelry box and I kinda assumed they may be. The stone was missing from the one ring so I had another put in. Their wedding day pictures and family pictures through the years.

I had two older brothers and two older sisters. Makes me the baby of the family. Or as some use the say a wayward mistake. Our family is spread out over the years. My oldest brother is sixteen years older then me born a year after my parents married in 1940 something. Around the hub of World War Two.

My parents made history for me. Not famous history but family history. They worked the farm together until their youngest daughter flew the coop and was on her own. That being me the brat of the family. The farm was situated in Downie township in a little community of Seabachill. The Farm on one corner, a few homes on other corners and around the farm, a beautiful Lutheran church and one room school house across the highway. Three or four of the homes where build on the farmland to make homes for some of my mom and dads family. My aunt lived in the house across the gravel side road. Behind my aunts house was a house my grandmother and grandfather lived in after they sold their family farm. Another house was erected for my other grandparents over by the orchard, and a house had been erected between my grandparents house and our farm house for some farm helpers who at one time lived in part of our farm house until our family grew too big. There is one more house that was built in that community. It was beside my aunts house for a friend of the family. These houses have been bought and sold over the years as this little community grew. I was so thrilled when a family moved into one of the houses that had family my age to play with, but alas after a few years there they moved on and I was on my own again.

My father was the third child and first son in his family. Sometimes you would see my father as a jokester. Others would see as a proud man. He could be stern at times but showed his love in his quiet way. There was never the hugs, but I believe he was proud of all of us. He had his ways though and you did have to follow them. I did get my hugs though when he was older. Oh gosh here comes the tears.

My grandparents live in the Pembroke area at the time. After my father was born my grandparents and their parent ( great, great grandparents to me) moved their family and belongings to Ellice township where they set up farming for many years. They road all of their belongings down by train to the new farm. After being told about the best farmland in the area on Ontario to grow a great farm and a great family. More additions came to the family after this move. They where a family living in one farmhouse of grandparents, parents and nine children. A beautiful family raised lovingly and sternly by my grandparents. When I started doing family tree I have have heard many a story about this part of the family. I will go into these stories some other time. For now I just giving a little background into my immediate family connection.

My mother, bless her heart, to me was a quiet lady. Hmm sounds like someone else I know. Well they say you are like your mother. Well maybe I am in a way. I thank her for that. It makes me what I am myself. Well, off topic. To some of the older generation in the family may have a different ideal of my mother. I have heard so many different stories of my mother that I would not have believed to be true. But yes they are. She use to hitchhike to get to places. She would go off allot with my aunt Esther and have such a great time. I loved hearing stories when I went to visit with my aunts.

Her parents ran a farm in Fullerton township. She had one older brother. So it was just the two of them growing up. They moved around allot as my grandfather had big dreams of making a good deal. His parents, a very stern family had a farm in Ellice township. So I do not know too much about this part of the family. No one really talked about them except that there was a very big sternness about the father. I know where they came from and were they farmed, but when I contact some of the older family a few years back they really did not want to talk about them. These generations are gone now so I guess I will never know.

My father was running one of my grandfathers farms in Fullerton township. Not far from where my mothers parent lived. So how did my mother meet my father. Well after a day of hard farming my father and some friends went for a dunk in the local river to cool off. It seems my mother use to sneak over to this river as well. Not for a dunk in the river but to watch these young men having a cool off. Boy oh boy I wonder if they where skinny dipping. I think my mother got a few eyesfull of watching if they where. I will never know that though. Sorry just a thought that came into my head. My mother did know Esther before. This is my fathers younger sister. Esther and my mom would hang together when Esther was not helping on the farm my father was running. She was the house keeper for the farm. Well Esther finally introduce my mother and father. They have been together ever since. Now both in heaven enjoying each other’s company still and watching over us .

As time went on and my parents where dating. My father was called up to take basic training in Pembroke. My mother was lonely without him and decided she was going to go up and see him. So determined that she was going to hitch hike up to Pembroke. Now driving today with the vehicles we have now it takes a long day to drive up there. So her deciding to hitch hike would take a couple of days to make it there. Finally another sister (Alma) of dad’s said they were heading that way and would give her a lift. Took allot of convincing to give up her idea of hitchhiking. So over joyed to see dad she took the ride. Ah! Young love.

After my father was done basic training my parents where married. 1941. The rest is our history . First with a farm a couple of concessions back in downie township and the move to the highway in downie township. They farmed there for 37 years. Raised five children. Did many travels together. Made a move to Mitchell after the farm was sold and lived out their retirement years in their house there until they both passed. My mother left us first. Cancer a nasty thing. My father looked after her and was by her side when she passed. A year later my father passed. I would say of a broken heart loving my mother till the end. But yes there was cancer with him as well. He kept it quiet though. Some of us heard stories of things that had been happening, he kept on going for my mother though. You never hear of love like that.

Gosh this is bringing me to some tears, but I felt I had to write this. I am not sure why right now, but it had to come out. Oh I just thought. Yes! It is my mom and dad’s anniversary day. September 20. Strange how things come in the back of your memory banks and you just have to say something. My mother passed in October of 2008. She had her last laugh at her funeral. As we came out of the church a torrential down pour for us to walk over to the cemetery. Everyone was just soaked. Well she certainly got her last laugh. A little kick in our butts at the end. They spent 67 years together in love from beginning to end. A few hiccups along the way but they did it.

Bless them both for raising us up to be who we are today. Love them both.

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