A few quiet days

You know you can spend days on end. Not much to do, but enjoy your couch and watch the boob tube. You should know by now that this couch is my best friend. You snuggle under a nice warm blankie. Have the doggies come and join you and just wallow the day away.

Well you know it is not everyday that you get the tv to yourself. Get to watch the mush or classic tv like diagnosis murder or mattock or maybe even MASH on tv instead of the killing blood and guts shows that someone else in the family watches. It just gets so depressing to see people killed or machines taking over. Or those alien movies where humans are being eaten. Just so depressing. No wonder I think the world is the way it is. There is never anything that is family oriented anymore. Real life type of things. I know that is just too much to ask isn’t it. I never get the fact as well that through all the shooting and devastation that there has to be a love scene in there someplace. What in the heck has got to do with what the movie or tv show is about. I can see it for the kind of stuff I watch. Well not all the time but sometimes. Then these actors have to have those perfect bodies. Six packs on men and ladies with the perkie boobs and the flat stomach. No one is made that way unless they have the trainers to keep them going. I see no moles, (unless you are Cindy Crawford) not pimples, not a hair out of place.

Well for the last few days. I have had these days. Sitting watching the mush that I like. I usually have to go to the other room away from my comfy couch and watch my recorded shows in the back room. So the comfy couch was a great place this week. Too bad it was not a week later. Then I could have been watching the new shows that are starting for the season. I have record all set up in the other room for them and will get to watch them later when I can. Not on the day they are on but when I have time to go watch. I usually do a marathon of one show right after the other. Deleting out the advertisements as they come up.

So now the few days I have this I all of a sudden have things to do. You can go days or weeks without being out anywhere and then all of a sudden so much comes about to do. Now don’t get me wrong. I do love my time out as well. The thing is everything seems to come at the same time. For the past month or so there was not much going on. I was away for the month of July. Had a trip down to California. Something I will be writing about when I have a bit of time and can get it all together in my head to write it down. Then August still allot of my lady friends are off enjoying the summer. So not much time to get together. We had a picnic one day and went to a pig roast another. So that was a couple of days out. Thing was they were fun to do, but with all the smoke in the air did not make it easy for breathing for some. The heat was pretty high this summer as well. Made for being outside pretty sticky to.

So now weather is much better to be out. Things are being planned for the season to get out and play again. Just seems like they all get planned at the same time or within a few days. So my last few days plans that took me away form my comfy couch. I had a invite to take a drive up to mount baker in Washington state. We decided on a day and took this drive. Crossed the border with no problems. Usually it takes an hour or so to cross. Today not many cars in line to go across. Answered a few questions and then we where on our way. I had never been up there before, so was an adventure for me. Up, up, up we drove. Curving roads and switchbacks to deal with. Hey it was a great drive. The colour on the trees are giving off their golden fall glow. We stopped at the park office and looked around a bit and paid to go into the park. We got our picture taken with smokie the bear

Then drove up, up, up some more. To the ranger station. Wow a beautiful place to be. The thing is though the rain was pouring down. From pouring to a drizzle and then back a bit to more rain.

Just looking out the window there as the clouds waved through. A warm fire in the hearth. Such a beautiful place to be. If the rain had let off and the sun been out a bit I bet it would have been more beautiful then what it was.

We went up to painters ridge. I think that is what it was called. Higher up the mountainside. Switchback after switchback and finally came to a parking lot. There was a crew up there constructing so outdoor not see the view too well. That and the fact that the rain was just pissing down up there. We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the car. More fog rolled in. The windows on the car steamed up. So much fog up there and it was time to go back down the mountainside. Could not see across the parking lot to find the drive down. We made it back down the mountain. Much clearer when we reached Sumas. One last stop in Sumas. Had to get our double scooped ice cream. Alway got to enjoy these double scoop ice cream before we head back across the border. The border crossing was light again. Never see that very often. Was a great afternoon out. Didn’t miss my comfy couch at all.

Then another day away from my comfy couch was talk like a pirate day. I go to this event every year. This was held at the spaghetti factory in Abbotsford. It is hosted by Elizabeth. I help her out a little with this. Setting up her decorations and helping where I can. It is always a wonderful afternoon

Aren’t these wonderful memories to cherish every year.

So now Elizabeth had asked if I wanted to go to the snowbird RV show. She won a couple of tickets to go wander through and dream about traveling around in an RV around the country. I said sure, sounds like fun.

Well that kinda fell through. Was on my part. Two days out and I was hooped. So another day out would have really hooped me. The Ménières was bouncing me around so I had to beg off on going to the RV show. I spent two days on my comfy couch. All wrapped up in my blankie and the doggies by my side. Watching the mush on TV. Half way through the day I was napping and trying to catch myself up. It did the trick but this morning was still a bit iffy. I could at least move around again and get out of my warm Jammies. Good thing as I was heading out again today to enjoy an afternoon with my chapter of red hat sisters.

Fall is in the air so now colds a flu are making its rounds. We had a few ladies coming and a couple had to beg off as they were not feeling the best. So the get together was down to four of us. That’s okay. Being if there is two of us together or four or six or eight or even the twelve of us. We have a great time sitting and chatting. Enjoying food, playing some games, or doing some crafts. Just enjoying each other’s company and laughing is the best medicine in the world.

Sandy invited us to her place. Made a big pot of chilly, salad and garlic bread. Oh that really hit the spot. We played a couple of cars games. I learned new games to play today. Loa was our big winner of three dollars that was in the pot at the end. She can have a great time out with her winnings. Pam took these lovely pictures today

Sandy has a lovely place up in the hills of Mission. She told us about the bears that come through there. About what happened this past winter with the ice storm. This get together with just the four of us. we learned more about each other. You know this was one of those rare days where I said more words then boo. I was actually in the conversation then sitting back and listening and only putting a word in once in awhile. Sometimes I surprise myself that I can actually do this.

I am so much of an introvert and keep to myself. I am so glad on these days that I belong to the red hat society and can find myself and enjoy more then my comfy couch crafting away while watching mush on the TV. Thank you so much Sandy for opening you house to us for the day. Also Pam and Loa for the great company today. I had a wonderful afternoon.

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