My mesterpiece for the past three weeks.

I am a crafter. Not a big time crafter, but I like to piddle around and make things. I have dabbled in woodworking, scrollsawing, carving, glass painting, wood turning, quilting, crocheting, knitting, macrame and the list will go on. Just so I have something happening with my hands and challenging me. Also keeps me from walking to the fridge every ten minutes to fill my face.

So this past three weeks I put to the wayside a quilt I am working on for a giftie. It is cross stitching blocks and then sewing them together to make a quilt. I have shown you pictures of my block a few days ago. Tedious work, but I love doing it.

Well anyways I got to thinking. There is another event coming up here in a few weeks. I usually donate one of my crafty things for events to give away as a giftie. So to the wayside goes my cross stitching and I dig into my stash of donated wool and go to work on an Afghan. I get to work on it and for some reason is not turning out right. Hmm I am a bit of a way into this. You think I should just keep going and see if I can rummage this into something that looks right. So I play a little more at it. Well this is my first mesterpiece. It is turning into a bit of a mess. So the best thing to do is pull it apart. Two balls later rolled back up. I left a few rows cause I thought I could salvage from there. Start my crocheting again. I get a ways down and take a look at it. There is some bigs holes in this. How the heck did that happen. Well another mesterpiece in the making. Time to unravel again.

I am thinking three times the charm and I might have it. Three balls to start over with again. I think just take it all apart and start from scratch. Well so much for thinking of salvaging. It is now another week closer to this event and I haven’t made anything yet.

I sit down on the couch. Yarn and crochet hook in hand and go to town. After a few rows it is turning out a heck of allot better. Please please no big holes show up. I still did not know what I did but was lopsided and I had a row of hug holes. It was like I was missing allot of stitches in there, but I just couldn’t see where. For now though this one is turning out so much better. Had to be my brain fog or vertigo or something. Cause it just was not looking right.

Well I am happy to say I have finished it today. All packed up in a box for delivery tomorrow.

Still looks like there might be a couple of bumps in it. These ones give it a little caricature to it. Well that’s my story and I am sticking to it. Only because I don’t feel like pulling apart another time.

I do love the colours of this one though. The yarn is so soft. Will be a lovely giftie for someone who just needs to snuggle under a blankie to take the chill off.

I am gonna say my stash is starting to get on the thin side. If any of you ladies out there have balls of yarn or material that you are thinking of getting rid of. I have a spot in my stash for them. Just odds and ends that you have used and have balls left over from. I like these donations so I can keep donating myself with out having to put out cash flow to fill my stash. I have made many an item to donate to different charities or to events without having to purchase for my stash. Saves me money and I can still craft. Then out to a good cause afterwards. I would like to thank all that have donated their odds and ends over the years to help keep me busy and not eating. The days I am house bound and sitting on the couch have not made me a two tone Tessie yet with my crafting.

This one here sits on the back of my couch. A little bit of this and a little of that. The yarn is not all the same. Different thread count so I don’t think it was much for a donation for anyone. So it has a home here. It snuggles me up when I am chillie. Boots my oldest dog loves to crawl under it and keep warm. Rocky my other dog will climb up on the back of the couch and snuggle a bed out of it. So we enjoy this one at home.

Here is a tub I have sitting beside the couch. I make two by two squares out of the mishmash of yarn I have. Then sew them together to make blankets for the youth house here in Mission. Give the homeless youth a warm blanket to sleep under when they come into the shelter. So when I am not making gifties this is a pastime and goes to a good cause.

Hmmm I just looked at that picture. Seems there is a stash of a bone hiding in that basket too. Some pooch must have thought it was a good place to stash things too. Too funny. More then just a stash of yarn.

Anyways guess I should get on with my day. My fridge is calling me. Yes it is really time for something to eat. Not to go there for the sake of something to fill my time.

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