2013 our Florida vacation. Gonna see Mickey Mouse

I got my hug from Mickey

This vacation was from 2013 March. We went to Florida during March break time. Silly, silly us, but we had a great time. Was good to get some sunshine and get out of the rain. The use of air miles to cut down on cost was great too.

Enjoy the read

I know, this isn’t the harley. But another vacation in the works

Last year we were given a time share to use for a week.  okay thought this will be fun now were to go.

Well we decided on heading to Florida.  I know not much of a place to go when you have a free time share to use.  That is were we decided though.

Get to see disney and the wild kingdom and a few other places in the vacinity.  Sounds pretty good to me.

So we called up the friend that is giving us the time share and said what place looked good.  Well he booked it for us and now the work begins.

I have to make sure our passports are up to date.  Check sent them off yesterday as they have just run out.  Great.  Now to get flights down there.  Lets see to make this a kinda cheep holiday lets look at my airmiles account.  OH!!! great I have a bunch so now will have to start getting the tickets for that.  Time now has to be spent on the phone seeing if I can get flights out at that time with my airmiles.  Another day to do that. lets see what else is there to do.  Oh yeah.  can we get from the airport to this time share we are staying at.  I have e-mails off to the place we are staying.  The only problem is they are not getting back to me.  Come on, the airport is at least a few miles away from the time share.  Great!  I don’t really want to rent a car. So I guess a taxi will be in order if I don’t get an answer back as to whether there is shuttle service.

Disney and epcot are about two miles away from were we are staying.  That is going to be a long walk for either of us just to wander around the theme park.  Oh my aching feet already.  I know it will be fun but I am not much on the walking part any more.  I use to walk miles now I walk feet before I feel like sitting down.  Well at least wild kingdom is close by.  Oh yeah that reminds me I have to get tickets here to be able to get into the theme parks without paying an arm and a leg to get in.

The place we are staying it sleeps 6 people.  And it is only the two of us.  we could have a different bed to sleep in every night and feel like we were moving around from resort to resort.  Funny hey!

So now get this all figured out and then just wait for March to come around.  After a winter in the rain it should feel good to get into some sun for a week or two.

Wel time to get busy on this.  So no more talking about a vacation.  and get down to business.

Vacation under way. Planning stages

Well I just got rid of most of the airmiles I had in my account. Now what.

Out of this I have ordered tickets to Disney, Busch gardens, sea world, universal studio and night stays at the best western. Bye, bye airmiles. Hello to some places to go and places to stay.

Well the thought of using my airmiles to go to Jamaica are now out of the question this year. Maybe in a couple of years down the road now, have to think about it.

It is now a month and half before we head out on a road trip. Driving. The two of us in a vehicle together. Driving through the country side. Enjoying the scenery and probably getting sick of each other by the second day.

Still have to pick a route to get us from here to there. The there is Florida. With the use of a time share for a week. I am just hoping that there is not much snow in the passes we have to go through. Or it will be a short drive and us stuck someplace and not getting to where we should be by a certain date.

Well I have worked it out that we can get into some of the amusement parks for free now and hopefully a few stay along the way won’t cost us anything. Then while we are in Florida are staying in a time share given to us to use for a week. So it will be gas and food and maybe a few places to stay along the way. Hopefully I have made the trip a little cheaper then what it would have if we where paying for the whole thing.

As usual will be writing about the trip.. Hopefully will be exciting enough to tell everyone about. The bike trip we took last year was fun so am hoping this will have some excitement in it as well. Not just driving to get from one place to the next. Well we do have a time limit but am hoping to see something or rather besides the flat top. Have to start looking at ,aps and such and tour books and start to figure this out.

Well so far excited. As the days get closer will I be dreading or just happy to get underway. Traveling with my hubby is an experience in itself. When he gets it in his head to be someplace we just drive and drive and drive. That is when I say I got to get out now. Can I at least pee someplace. Well there is a tree over there. Hmmm!! Thanks allot.

Things are coming together

Well I think the driving idea is now out the window. We will leave the same time and probably spend a little more time in Florida and less time on the road.

I just don’t know which is going to be cheaper in the long run. Well lets see. There will be no wear and tear on the vehicle for one thing. So there is a plus. If the car breaks down well that is not fun. No flat tires to worry about if we fly. Unless a pane gets a flat. Not good there.

Okay so lets put into prospective. Driving. There will be a motel room every night. Or we sleep in the car. Have done that before. Not fun!!! Then there is gas to pay to get where you are going.. The food as well. It is starting to add up. Along with the wear and tear on me. I think I will be pretty grumpy by the time we get there. With my aches and pains and having to spend a week in the car with hubby. The thing is we only have five days to get to where we are going. Then we have a time share we are using for a week. The heading back home. Another week of driving.

Okay now flying. You get there within a day. One plus. More time to see all that you want to see. We have almost three weeks to look around. I am getting tickets for stuff to see while we are there. Well there is the price of a plane ticket. then there is the rental of a car to get around to places we want to see. i have been looking on line right now. Not too bad prices. We would have to take two flights. On to Toronto or Calgary and then onto our destination. On the way back through Toronto and maybe stay a couple of days and visit family. Well that might be a plus. It may cost about the same or maybe a little more to fly, but will work out a little better in the wrong run.

We can fly out of Abbotsford and that is pretty close and cheaper to park at then the Vancouver airport.

It is looking better and better to fly to our destination and enjoy more time where we are there.

We don’t have to have a car the full time. Just when we think of taking a bit of a tour somewhere. Walking is our usual way of doing things. That way we get to see the neighbourhood around the area.

Okay so tomorrow I am heading to marlin travel to see what I can put together. Need room down there until we are able to get into time share. Have to have a car to rent. And all places have to be close to what we are going to see so we can walk instead of figure out how to drive there and back. Then talk over with hubby and get it ready to go. New only have a month before this is under way.

Well so much for driving. I think this is a better choice.

So now motel rooms there instead of across the country. Well at least won’t be changing rooms every night. Just in the middle to get to our time share. Maybe we will head down to the keys as well and take a look there and maybe have a place somewhere around there. Maybe around the gators. So now I think we have it decided. No driving for us. Not to be an adventure but if we run into trouble along the way and not get to where we are going.

Well at least I got to use my airmiles for something. Have passes to Disney, universal studio, sea world and Busch gardens. So am all full up for things to do and see. So if can do the walking that is involved it is going to be a good trip. I am looking forward to three weeks just enjoying my self and no worries about what is happening around here. The house is not empty. There are other people in the house. And my doggies as well. They have to be looked after.

Okay decided. Flying is going over driving. Last minute change but I think it is for the best.

Well all is planned and airmiles spent and now just to wait for the day

I think I have it all together now. Just a couple more arrangement to make and I am done.

I have been on the phone and on the Internet putting together this holiday. Gonna be a good time. Well at least I hope. It seems I plan out something to go to and it always ends up not being as great as I think it should be. It is fully packed with places to go.

First we where going to drive. Long way to go well at least it is not on the bike. The weather for this time of year might just be a little cold and snowy through the mountain passes. Then we got to thinkin. Well we only have five days to get to Florida before we have to be in a time share. Is that enough time to drive especially if we get caught someplace and not make it on time. There goes the time share and where would we stay then. At that time it will be spring break and busy as heck.

So stopped at the flight centre to ask a few questions. Got info on flights that would fly us almost straight through. One stop in Calgary and then onto Orlando. Worked for me. So talked it over that night and the next day was back and bought our tickets.

Next idea. Have to have a place to stay until we can get into the time share. So out of airmiles I got gift certificates to stay at a best western. We are able to stay there for a few days before. It is also close to sea world and universal studios. Not much of a walking distance to either of these places.

After the few days at the best western we then go over to the time share where we will be close to Disney and animal kingdom. So do not need to walk far to get to either of them.

So onto the Internet and onto airmiles sight. So I got is passes for five days at Disney, two days at universal, one day at sea world and one day at Busch gardens. The Busch gardens one may be a problem. It is 30 miles away. Not walking distance. So may have to find a way to get there. Might have to rent a car for a day or two and maybe check out a little more of Florida while we are at it. See what happens. So now most of my airmiles are gone. Time to start over again and start collecting.

So now, west jet tickets check! Disney tickets, check! Sea world, check! Universal studio, check! Busch gardens, check! Best western gift cards, check!. Airmiles all gone, boo hoo!!! Just one more thing to do. Need an overnight place to stay on way back. Between flights. Got to get that done next week.

Then it is the count down. Just over a month to go. Then we take off for the beautiful state of Florida. Check out the warm weather there. It is just starting to warm up here. So may have just about same temperature there as what we have here. Go figure. But weather may change back to cold at anytime.

Leavin on a jet plane. Yeah I know when I will be back again. But in the meantime is gonna be funfunfun. Well I hope so. May do allot of walking and end up all gimped up. That I hope won’t happen. Or even flying might make me gimped up by siting too long on the plane. Okay talking like everything is going to go to hell while I am traveling. Lets think positive here. I might be gimped or I might just have a great time. Only time wil tel.

Well let the countdown begin. YEAH!!!,

Well new vacation almost under way

I am all packed, checked in for the flight and soon ready for bed. Tomorrow morning is going to come early. About 4 o clock in morning. Lovely. But by tomorrow night will be in sunny warm Florida. Ready for sleep.

I do not sleep well on planes. But I think with this time of morning I probably will.

I am so looking forward to this. There is the same apprehension in it though. Do I get we’re I am going, how do I get there, and how much will hubby and I get frustrated with each other on the first day. All will be answered tomorrow I guess.

Well time to get some supper and then worry for the rest of the night. Yeah that’s me when I travel.. So now get over that and start thinking about the fun I am going to have.

Well tomorrow you will start hearing about my adventures in Mickey Mouse land.

Today and we are finally in warm weather. March 12 2013

Today was one very long day. Started out with being up at three in the morning. Such fun!!!

Well after walking the dogs in the dark and the rain and the having some breakfast we were on the road to the airport. Abbotsford airport is easy to get to. Especially since it is only a half hour drive away from where we live. I like going to this airport. You can get there in no time and the price for parking is a hell of allot better then Vancouver.

So now at the airport. Way!!! Too early. At least we are there and ready to travel. Luggage booked in and we are sitting there waiting for security to open. It finally opened and we are now sitting in another room waiting to get on a plane. Wait, wait, wait. Finally on the plane and as usual packed unlike cattle. Couldn’t get the seat we wanted so had to settle for second best.

Now one flight in. We are now in Calgary. One hour flight. Oh this is going to be fun. We have to get out of security grab our luggage and the get back into security for the US. So we only have and hour to do this. Walking walking walking, pick up luggage at other end of airport. Walking some more to get to customs for US. Then answer their many questions and through to do a security check again. Drop off our luggage again and then do a bit of a strip. This time have to strip down to where we take off our shoes. Great. Vest off and hubby even had to put his glasses in the tub to go through the scanner.

Well being so little time. We made it just in time for the loading of the next plane. Sat there for a few minutes and then started on a loading into another cattle bus. This plane was more crowded then the last and the seats seemed smaller yet. Great sitting on a plane that feels so cramped and riding it for three and a half hours. By now I am just too sleepy to care. We take off and I try to read for a little while but then my head just starts bobbing. Brenda bobble head under way. So put away my reader and bobble my head the rest of the way to Florida. I do sleep and then I wake up and the I nod some more and then I wake up. Fun ride. Well at least on the way back it will still be a cattle bus but at least it is a shorter ride.

Not thinking about ride home already. I have at least two weeks here to think of warm sunny weather and places I can see.

Finally I orlando airport. Follow the signs for luggage pick up. Okay we’re do we go? We followed the signs and now we are out of security. Standing in front of a shuttle and wondering what to do next. Well fellow the flow. We go to the main building and there we go down a floor and and get our luggage. Which is already out on the cariselle going round and round.

So. Ow luggage is back with us and off we go to ground transportation. Get directed to a taxi and head for our place of residence for this week. Best western near sea world. The taxi has a little fender bender with a bus behind him. Great we are paying for the rate while he argues with the fellow behind him…

Finally at our hotel. Unload our stuff and take a breather. Then we take a little walk. Have found sea world already. Will be going there tomorrow

I am enjoying this nice sunny weather. Not going home yet. March 13 2013

That’s right. Just spent first day at sea world.

Dolphins. Dolphins, dolphins and a little shamu on top. Obit was a glorious day.

A little cool first thing in the morning. Thought about the shorts going on then stepped outside for a minute. Back up stairs to put on me pants. Yeah just a little chilly. It had rained the day before so people where saying. We missed it.

Anyways after having a long restful sleep after a day on the plane. We got up about 8 o clock and headed down to the continental breakfast that they supply at the best western. A little crowded but still was able together a seat and have a little snack before we started our day.

Then took the walk over to sea world. In the gate around 9 o’clock and there was allot of people already there. The stores where open and doing a bit of business. We came across the first roller coaster. The manta. You lay in it upside down facing the ground. For me it is on your life.!!!! We didn’t go there to do the rides anyways. Just wonder around and see what we can see. I am not much of a ride person. That is a fact of life for me. I will scream and holler and I haven’t even been on the ride yet. A few people can attest to that.

This is what we saw as we walked around the park. There was alligators, manta, seals sharks and sting rays. Another area we saw a polar bear, beluga whales and walruses in the artic area. Just like being at on big zoo for sea life.

So decided we would go left and make our way around that way. Well low and behold first place to come across is dolphins. In my glory here. Walked through the dolphin cove and watch them being fed. See how they dance around and just enjoy themselves.

About that time was the first dolphin show. We went into sit down and wait a couple of minutes. Made sure we where up high enough so we where out of the splash zone. Don’t need to get wet first thing in the morning. The music starts and out come the performers. They did highflying acts on bungy cords and swings. Dressed up like dolphins and birds. Then the dolphins came out and jumped and splashed and played. Made a heck of allot of water up into the audience. Great fun to watch and yes we didn’t get wet.

So on we walked after that. Started heading in the area of the shamu show back passed roller coasters were people were screaming on. Yeah still not for me.

Over at the shamu show was another character show were people did some acrobatic stuff and then the whales came out did some jumping and splashing of the audience. Sat in a good place and no not wet again. That was good. The whales make a bigger splash then the dolphins did.

So now the day is starting to get warmer. Not enough for me to put back on my shorts but you could start to feel the heat. Hubby did not put on any sunblock. I bet he will be feeling it tomorrow. For now he doesn’t look too bad.

Well anyways we kept wandering around. Making our way left as before. I think we saw most of the park. Had to backtrack a couple of times as we kept heading for the entrance. This is not the way we are suppose to be going. Turn around again and make our way back so we are in the park area again. Lets see look at the map again. Is there anything we missed. I think we haven’t seem this yet. So off we treck again to see if we can find it. Now I think we have seen it all. Check the map again as it is getting close to when the next dolphin show is on.

So now start heading in the direction of the dolphin theatre again. I think it is time for a sit down. Pooped I is. We wait outside for the gate to open. Other people are gathering around to get in as well. At least it is a shady spot to relax in. Well finally the gate opens and we walkin. Go and sit in a different area to get a different view. Now sit on the hard seats and wait there for the show to start.

Well at least I am sitting down. Have walked and walked and walked all fricken day. The show starts. Same one as before. Acrobats and dolphins playing in the water. Lots of splashing and such. I got to see them once more before we head back to the room.

Well that was allot of sun and allot of walking for one day. It is only six thirty and am kinda sleepy. Maybe a nap is in order, but should eat first I guess before we settled for the night.

Okay now what to eat. Hadn’t eaten much all day. A cinnamon bun with lots of cream cheese on. Oh soooo yummy that was. But it doesn’t make for a meal tonight. Maybe we will head back to place we ate last night. Just beside the hotel. The serving was huge, but dang was it good. Many pounds coming my way on this trip. Great! Tonight the place has free pie and all you can eat fish and chips. I wouldn’t make that worth while.

I guess that is it for today. Tomorrow we are going over to international drive and see the shops. So touristy we are. Just kinda a restful day. Stay out of the sun a little as not to get burned too bad and also so i can be ready next day to go to discovery cove and swim with the dolphins. Yep I booked that to do. Then the rest of the day around discovery cove swimming, snorkelling and walking around a rain forest to see all the exotic birds and such.

Okay snooze time for a little bit, then out for some food

Talk to you again tomorrow. Hope you are all enjoying your wet rainy weather or snowy weather depending on were you are. I just love were I am now. I know brag, brag, brag. But I am lovin it

Well today feet telling me no more. Well still walking. March 14 2013

Hey all. Made it to universal studios today.

Walking, walking, walking and more walking. As I said before I am not much of a ride person, so there was just allot of walking today.

Got up this morning about 7 o clock. Headed down to have some breaky at the continental breakfast that the best western puts on. Mornings are just too early. With the sunshine we had yesterday just wanted to sleep. But had to get breaky in and then make sure we where out side for the shuttle that was coming around 9. Had a good serving of scrambled eggs and some sausage to get me through the day.

Then we head back up to our room to make sure we have al provisions for the day. Sweater in as the breeze is just a little cool. Camera and sun block. Yeah very important or will end up like a lobster and that will not be good. Put my shorts in the bag. Maybe it will get warm enough to wear them. Okay have tickets to get in. Put on me hat to keep sun off a little. All set lets go.

Down stairs then I realize no sunglasses. Great back up stairs I go and grab them. Anything else. No all set now.

The shuttle makes it there at right on the dot. Not two minutes before or two minutes after. The shuttle drives to a few other hotels for pickup. The drops a couple of ladies over at sea world. I guess they didn’t realize it is only a short walk over to there. Well to each their own. After a drive down the freeway to universal we are there. Not too long a drive, but too long to just walk there. It would have been nice then we could have left anytime we are finished and check out international drive on the way back. Instead we waited for the shuttle to come back at 5:15. Not before and not after. Right on time.

Into universal we go. First thing you come to is city walk. Full of stores and restaraunts. A few souveneirs stores. Look at them later now just lets go in and see what the hub bub is about. Okay after having our bag checked to make sure no explosives in it we head on through the check in and have our finger scanned. That is so we can go to other theme park of island of adventure afterwards and also to come back another day as we have a two day pass. Who knows if we will use the other pass but hey we have it.

Okay the decision.. Which way do we go. Lets keep left go around the outside and see what we can see. We make it through New York and then come across construction. Making of a new theme area. Ride of back to future I think. Along the waters edge we go and around to other side of water. There we meat up with a few cartoon characters. There is a transformer and a little further down. Woody and curious George. People lined up just to have their picture taken with them. Last place before leaving universal studio is we check out the attraction of terminator. Stand in a line and in we go. Where we get moved into another room and shown a short clip on machines taking over to do things for you. Then we are moved into another room were we have a seat and watch a three d film with some action players running around the theatre. The chairs we are sitting in move around a bit and we get a little wet from some spray of what is suppose to be a machine blowing up. Water spray. Did cool us down a little. Then the world was saved as they blew up the facility. One big thunk of our chairs and we were let out of the room to walk again. Yeah no more machines ruling the world. Huh!!! Last place we walked through was memorabilia of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo that goes down memory lane for me. I loved watching her on tv.

So now are back walking. Leave universal and head over to island of adventure. The other half of the theme park. Yeah, yeah, walking, walking and more walking. This time we decide to go right. End up in dr seuse land. See all of whoville and Horton and the grinch. The next part of the park is mid evil. As we keep walking around. Then we come to Harry potter. Boy is it busy in that part. People, people , and just more people. Must really love Harry and his friends. We move on from there really quickly. Head into Jurassic park. There we watch the people coming off the log fumm. Splash and everyone is wet. Watched a few slide down before we headed onto cartoon area. There we see Betty boop and blondie and a few other cartoon charicters.

Okay the gate is coming up. And back into the city walk we go. Check out a few of the stores and have a little lunch type snack. Me just a few French fries. While the other half has a burger. Way too much food for me in those servings so the frenchfries did just fine.

Now still walking but this time towards the exit. Still too early for the shuttle so check out the upstairs but find that it is all just nightclubs that open up later. Back down and across the bridge to were we will go down to the shuttle. Need to reapply the sun block.. Sun is feeling a little hot on my neck. No want to be a lobster. That will ruin the holiday.

So now sitting at the curb waiting for the shuttle. Still a little early, but finally it gets here. On we get and back to the hotel.

Well another day down. Beautiful sunshine and almost warm weather. Still a little cool with that breeze. But loving every minute of it. Now just resting up in the room for a little while before we head out for something to eat. Wonder what we will come up with tonight. Will my poor feeties and legs be able to make the treck out again. Well time will tell on that

Tomorrow I get to do my all time favourite. Swim with the dolphins. Looking forward to that again. Going to discovery cove and spending the day there. It is close by so don’t need to take a shuttle. Discovery cove they have a dolphin swim plus you can snorkel around another area or swim. Then there is a place you can walk around that has all sorts of exotic birds and such. Should be a nice relaxing day. Hope so anyways. Need a bit of rest

So that’s it for today. From the warm dry weather of Florida. Signing out for the night. Will put up a couple of pictures from today on face book in a minute. Having a lovely time so far.

One glorious day. At discovery cove. March 15 2013

We spent today just relaxing.

Up first thing in the morning and heading over to discovery cove. This is something I paid for before we left home. It said swim with dolphins and well that’s what I wanted to do.

So up at 7 o clock this morning. No breakfast as we are served breakfast in this park. And lunch as well. So off we go for a little walk to make it over there. Started out okay. Made it over to sea world and then started across their parking lot to get over to the other road were discovery cove is. Yeah yeah, walking, walking,walking. Across this parking lot. You wouldn’t believe how big it is just to get to the other side. We finally make it over there and then realize that there is no way out of parking lot. So have to back track a little to get to an entrance. Then there is the part about crossing the road. This is a major road. Cars cars cars. Just kept on a coming. Finally across this road. it isn’t like BC where cars will slow down for you. You are at the mercy of your own wits. Fun

Now that we are across the road we have to walk up a ways to get into the entrance. Now back along another parking lot. Such fun. Walking walking walking. Oh my feet. Well finally get to the entrance building. In we go.

First they have to find your reservation on the computer. Without spelling your name wrong because it would be pronounced differently then how it is spelled. Then they get to take your picture. Ha hubby really loved that. They made him smile as well. He he he. So now he had to carry around a bag all day with his nice smiling face on it. A credit card was attached to the badge so you did not need to take cash around the resort. Good idea if you don’t loose your badge. Hmmm I can do some dolphin shopping. Hmmm that is later.

So finally all logged in and heading down the path to where we can get into a wet suit. Find a locker and be ready to tour around. Wet suit on after allot of tugging and pulling. Hubby had a better one then I did. He had his on in no time. Me I kept struggling to get it up over my butt then my big gut and then onto my shoulders. Gosh am I ever going to get out of this thing. What if I have to pee?

Well locker filled up and we have a towel and are on our way. I have an appointment at 10:20. To do my swim. So we take a little wander around and then sit down and have some breakfast. My goodness allot of selection. Eggs, ham, bacon, sausage and all sort of other things to.. Good harty breakfast to get you going.

By this time it is time for me to go over to where the dolphin swim is. I get there and have to sign a waiver. As usual. They are not responsible for any problems. A bit of a film as shown and then we head out to the water. Ten of us all together. We get introduced to CJ. A cross between two dolphins. It seems 20 years ago and male dolphin decided he could jump a gate and get into the adjoining pool. So bee it a hybrid dolphin came of that escapade. This is CJ.

He swam by us a few times to get rubbed down. Then he did a few tricks for us on had signals we made. A bit of jumping with his buddies in the water. Then we swan out to the deep water and grabbed a fin and CJ swam us back in. Not much but it is something I enjoy. Was with the dolphin for at least forty minutes. I enjoyed the whole time I was with them.

After this encounter we headed over to the lazy river ride. It is just a slow moving current that takes you around the park. The water was like bath water. Sooooo warm and just so nice to just float around. We came to a water falls and had to go under it. Well time to get totally wet I guess. Under we go and we are in a cave to where we come out on the other side and are in an avary. This area has allot of species of birds flying around in it. Then we come to another water fall and another time getting wet. Out the other side and are floating some more. We go around this lazy river at least four or five times before it is time to go do something else.

Well that something else was swimming in salt water. They called it a reef pond. Wondered why they would call it a reef until we got in with our mask and snorkel. You saw sting rays after sting rays. Pods of beautifully coloured fish. Lots of coral along the rocks. Such a wonder to see with out having to go out in the ocean. There was a blocked off area where they had some sharks. No one could go in there. There was a diver in there at the time that was feeding them. You could look through the glass enclosure and watch. It makes for a different picture when you are in the water snorkelling instead of on the surface looking down. There was dozens of fish to look at. We swam around there at least twice before I started to get a chill.

So that was our day. The best one I could think of. As I like dolphins that much. We got out of the water. Got showered and changed and did a little walking around. Went over to the avary were I feed a few birds, found the sea otters in another area and there was also about ten monkeys sitting on an island. They wouldn’t cross as they do not like the water.

Last but not least. I spent a little money. A pair of dolphin earrings and dolphin necklace. A bag for carrying stuff since the one we brought decided to tear. And I got my photos of my experience with the dolphins. They also gave me a DVD of my time here.

So I can say this was one great day. Everything I wanted to do.

Tomorrow off to catch a shuttle first thing in the morning to go to Busch gardens. I think maybe just another ride park, but have tickets so will go. This is a bit of a drive, but I called about a shuttle two days ago to get us there and back. So far things are working out great for us.

Great vacation and now I am in my glory over dolphins. I know shut up about the dolphins, but I can’t help it. Love it love it love it.

Well talk again tomorrow. I know you guys are enjoying your day as much as I am.

Well today was Busch gardens. March 16 2013

So up early for another fun filled day.

The weather is getting a little hotter here. Usually when we get up first thing in the morning it is a little chilly. Well not this morning. You could feel the warmth in the air already.

So up at the crack of dawn, down stairs and having some breaky. Then back up stairs to grab our stuff that we would need for the day. We then walked over to the sea world parking lot where we had a shuttle booked to head to Busch gardens. Not sure where that was suppose to be so wandered around the parking lot for awhile till we found the spot. We go up to the bus that is parked there and he says not this bus, another will be here in a moment. Finally the other bus comes. It is half full already and by the time all are on the bus is full along with another but

Bus behind which is filling up as well.

Off we head. Traffic isn’t too bad we have a movie playing on the way over. Since you really can’t see out the windows as they are blocked by pictures advertising on the outside. Might have napped a bit on the way over because it didn’t seem like that long a drive.

Into Tampa we go. Straight up to the gate at Busch gardens. Now that is service and it is allot easier then driving. Off the us and in through the gat. Okay there isn’t much of a lineup to get in and it is already after ten o clock. Maybe this might be a good day.not too crowded. Lets hope.

Now check the map and we are on our way. As we walk we get ourselves turned around a little and heading into a monkey area. There is a few little kids there watching the monkeys. A funny thing happened in there and cleared out all these kids in a big hurry. Parents rushing them out of the exhibit. It seem two monkeys are having a little knookie in front of the glass. Exabitionist and not shy about it. It sure did clear out all the parents with small kids though.

We come out if there and head for the train. This train is and old steam engin that goes around the outside of the park. You ride it around and get to see the areas that are blocked off to humans for walking. You get to see all the wildlife in this area. Elephant, giraffes, zebra and lots of elk. We road the train the whole way around and got ourselves oriented.

From there we got off the train back where we started and then headed to the sky ride. A tram that goes over the wildlife and you can get a birds eye view of the off limit area. You se a few different things from that height.

After we are off the sky ride we started walking around. Made it back to the front of the park and went in to see a show. This show was called Iceploration. There was skaters acrobats and a bit of a story line about going off into the serigetti. And music. The show was about half and hour.

After the show we headed over to get a bite to eat. My gosh was there allot of food to the plate I ordered. Three pieces of fish, six shrimp and frenchfries. Soooo good. I don’t think I will be eating anything else tonight. You know I was right. I just had a piece of pie tonight and no entre. I am still stuffed.

After lunch was over we took the tram back to the back of the park. Checked out another show going on there. This was was full of lively music and ballroom dancing. That was allot of fun to watch. When that show was done we checked out the rest of the park.

Yeah yeah walking walking walking. That seems to be my new motto for these parks. We decided we where going to take the train back up to the front. But couldn’t do it as two of the trains where out of commission. So I guess it is walk up to the front. Not that long a walk. We stopped for awhile and watch the people coming down the roller coaster and through the water. Then stopped at another attraction and watched the people getting wet there. The line ups where not long. You could get on any one of these rides today with out no wait at all.

So now back up at the front. We have a little time before the bus is to go. So we sit and listen to some jazzy type music being played at the theatre. When that was finisiphed I went and picked up a picture of the two of us and then out the front gate to hop on the bus that was already there. Allot of people already on the bus. No one wants to pay a 300 dollar taxi ride back to Orlando. Including us.

The ride seemed to be much linger on the way back. Traffic is just nasty. We just crawled along. Finally being dropped of at sea world and then having our little walk back to our hotel. Supper for me was just a peice of pie. Yeah was not hungry. But ate pie while hubby had something to eat.

Tomorrow is moving day. Time to get into the time share a friend has loaned us for a week. This is over closer to Disney area. So hopefully after the move we will be able to find shuttles to get us where we want to go over. Also hopefully there is wi fi there so I can keep up with my fun filled blogging.

I know no one is interested in this anyways, but it is a way for me to go back and remember oh yeah I did that. Like a journal

So talk again tomorrow from a different location. Bye for now

Oh one warm day today. March 17 2013

Well today was moving day. Got to sleep in. What a wonderful idea.

Well didn’t sleep in to much longer then usual. After we got up we had missed the continental breakfast down stairs. Oh we’ll have to go one last time to the restaurant we had been going to all week. No hardship there. Only missed one night there. It was too busy one night because they had all you can eat fish. So had to find something else to eat.

So after done our breaky went back up stairs and packed up our stuff. Putting clothes back into a bag in a hurry. Well I didn’t have too much to have to put back in. Just grab swim suit , which is still a little damp after being in with dolphins. Will have to pull it out when we get to other place. Then my toiletries are to be packed up. Just have to figure out how to get my warm vest in there. It was on me when we came here. Haven’t had to wear it since. Good show there.

So now time to bug out of this place. Drag our luggage down and then settle up the bill. Didn’t cost me a dang thing to stay here. I have a few gift certificates to pay for the place from air miles. Just love air miles will explain in a few minutes here. When bill is settled we wait out side for taxi. Yeah on the road again.

We are now heading over to the Kissimmee area. The driver is not sure where he is going so has to make some calls. Finally into the drive and are dropped off. Another 30 dollars on taxi ride. Well is better then having to try to drive around here if you don’t know the area.

The place is small on the outside and they charge for just about everything. Great!!! Internet wi fi is 30 dollars for the week. If you want to join in any activities going on around the place there is a fee. They also charge if you want to take the tour of their time share. Then you get the money back after plus a prize for looking at it. Charge, charge, charge. This is not going to be so cheap me thinks.

Finally into room. Up three flights of stairs carrying our luggage. Pooped already. Open the door and the place is a big apartment. Two bedrooms both have a bathroom. One a jacuzzi tub for two. Maybe taking advantage of that later on today. Just to get rid of the sweat from walking today. Will sooth those achy muscles I hope. Oh back to the suite. There is a full kitchen and living room area. Even a washer and dryer to get rid of hot sweaty clothes if need be.

So now after checking out the place we head out on a little stoll. Hopefully to find a way to get from point a to point b. being here to animal kingdom. From there we can catch a shuttle and make it anywhere on Disney property we want to. So now walking. Yeah that’s right walking walking walking again over and over again. I sure am getting my exercise here. We walked down one road which took us about 25 minutes. We then came to a light and said okay right or left. We went left first but came to the gate for the animal kingdom lodge. That was just a parking lot and would have had to travel further and the find a shuttle there. So now turned around and went the other way. Walked a little ways and came to e parking lot for animal kingdom. So now can get there tomorrow and see how we can get to the other places the next day.

So now we have to make the long trek back. We found a short cut through a few trees which will make it a little easier on the walk tomorrow.

Back near where we are staying we checked out a couple of other resorts. They have shuttle service but would only be in issue for paying guest. We could pay for their shuttle but then would be paying about the same amount fora taxi. Lets see now. Walking for 20 minutes. Taking a taxi or paying same price for a shuttle from another hotel. If hubby has anything to say about it we will probably be walking. But right now the heat has got to him and he is sleeping soundly. Maybe a taxi home if we have to.

We stopped and picked up a few groceries so we could have some snacks around. Stopped at a couple of booths selling tickets to see if there was any kind of shuttle service from this area. Hmm not can do. I guess still walking.

Oh also found a Harley dealer right down the road. But they didn’t have much in the way of the bright coloured t shirts I like. Asked about renting a Harley for a day. Would cost about 75 dollars. Are still thinking on that as well.

So tomorrow what is in line. Animal kingdom. I guess. Will walk over there and check out more animals and watch the rides and maybe take in a few shows. Walking walking walking. over and over. feet are still taking it for now. but the robax and tylenol are at my side. Tonight just a chillen. I mean a chillen the air conditioner is turned up a little far for me. Time for a blanket.

Oh I was going to say why I just love the air miles. You see I used them all up to get tickets to Busch gardens, sea world, universal and Disney five day pass. Also finished off my air miles by getting gift certificates to best western. Then with the time share being paid for by a friend we are not paying much for this trip. The only thing so far that cost anything was food and the trip to discovery cove. Plus a few novelties I have picked up so far. No have not bought anything dolphin yet. Oh I lied I did buy a dolphin necklace and earrings. Couldn’t go without buying something dolphin. Suitcase will be full on way home and we are only part way through our vacation. I still am in line to buy some more junk. Oh I mean souvenirs. Got to get it home though. I saw a couple of beautiful statues of dolphins but how would I get home without breaking.

So now walking walking walking tomorrow. Talk again tomorrow. Still enjoying my time here. Do not want to come home to the rain.

Dismay park today, march 18 2013

Hi all from the land of beautiful sunshine. Well today was a little cloudy and out of those clouds came a little rain.

So anyways today we found our way to get to the parks. No it was not a shuttle but walking walking walking. Well not too much.

Up this morning around 7:30. Had a little snack out of the groceries we bought yesterday. Didn’t need too much just a little something to get us through the morning.

We then started our trek. First we went down to the lobby to see what the villa had for continental breakfast.. No not much. Just a bit of bread and muffins and coffee, which we don’t drink anyways.

So now all sun blocked up for a few hours we head out to take a bit of a walk. Hoping not to get caught on Disney property walking where we are not suppose to walk.well 20 minutes later we are at the parking lot for animal kingdom. Walked along a road with no sidewalk on. Then across a bit of a field over to another road without sidewalks. Then through the animal kingdom gate and across a parking lot. BIG parking lot. Well no one stopped us so that is good. For walking and not driving in. We get to the area where pickup is done. You know you Take your life in your own hands walking these streets. Drivers don’t give a dang about pedestrians here. You can cross a busy road at a cross walk and cars just keep coming and pull out ahead of you. You walk along the side of the road and they are just a zoomin by. You want to try to cross somewhere and no one stops for you. So have to watch every where you are walking. Lovely.

So no are in the parking lot and find a tram that will take you over to the gate. Hope on and take a little ride. Aw!!! Not walking. Off the tram we get and make our way to the bus shuttle that will go to the different parks. As soon as we find the right bus we are on our way. Yes Disney park here we come.

The ride took about 15 minutes. Out of this park along the highway and into Disney area. Now. Off the bus and more walking. Well not too much as yet. We have to get on a mono rail or a steamboat to get to the entrance. So we take the steam boat as the line up is not as long. Across the lake we go. Off on the other side and now the walking begins again.

Bag check first. I made a suggestion to see if they would like seeing a pair of dirty undies in there. Na wouldn’t do it. Then fast tracked to a ticket person as we had tickets to get in. Love the air miles. Got us into Disney as well.

So now into the park and off we go to the train. Old steam train that goes around the outside of the park and makes two other stops. So we ride it around all the way just to check out. Do not see much but a few statues of deer and native villages. We got off at frontier land. And started our walking.

I went on some rides. Well not big impressive rides. Pirates of the Caribbean , the paddle boat, went into the bear jamboree and the jungle cruise. You see I can go on rides and not just walk. Went over to hucks island and wandered it. Hubby took me into a cave. I got lost in there since I could not see. Hey I am over here just come this way. Where the hell are you I can’t see you. Just go straight of bang I walked into a wall. Great. That was fun. Glad I was out of there.

Back off that island and now just wandering around. Take a trip on the train a couple more times during the day. Just to get a sit down for a minute or two. See the parade go down Main Street. Then sit in front of Cinderella castle and wait for a show they are putting on there. Mickey, Minnie, goofy and Donald. Making dreams come true. So now starting to get later so decide it is time to head out.

Check out the stores on the way up. They have these collector pins. You buy a lanerd and put these pins on. Then you trade and buy more pins to put on this lanerd. Seemed kinda interesting. You can also if you are a kid get a autograph book to get signed by all the characters in the park. Something to keep the kids interested.

Anyways the long trek back to animal kingdom. First we take the monorail back to the parking lot. From there onto a shuttle bus to take us back to animal kingdom. Ten minutes later back there. From there have to take a tram back to part of parking lot that we can get off and walk across parking lot. Oh oh there is security over there. Should we walk or not. As we got closer one of them drove up by us. The jig is up. Are we suppose to walk here or not. He just rolled down his window and said be carful walking. Ew!!! Now back through the field onto one road and then crossing the busy road and then onto another road. 20 minutes later back at area we are suppose to be at.

Supper at Denny’s and then back to room were I can catch dancing with the stars. Yeah am addicted to that.

Well hip is sore. Feet are dirty but finally I am sitting down and relaxing for the night.

Tomorrow another trip over to animal kingdom and then catch a shuttle to Epcot centre. Oh my poor feet and knees and hips. I am starting to feel them now. Will I make it through the rest of the week doing this walking thing. Well time will tell or I will be bunged up for sure.

Talk again tomorrow. After the trip to Epcot. Hopefully I can keep hubby away from the idea of looking at a time share. It seems that is what is wanted here. But if I can get out of doing it and just enjoying without having any sales person trying to sell us a time share. I know you can have a free prize for looking but we do not have a car to get to any of those places. That would just be more walking walking walking. And I do not think I need too much more walking then what I am already doing.

So enough for tonight. Tell you of my adventures tomorrow.

Epcot centre today. March 19 2012

Well another day over near Disney area.

Up a little later today. Didn’t think we would have to get up too early as we are not catching any shuttle that has to leave on time. Just catching one that runs every 20 minutes.

So now out the door we go. The weather is threatening to rain. Well maybe. But the temperature is to go up to 29 today. This is going to be one hot day. At least after tomorrow it will cool off a little. Well I will be back into my pants then. Tomorrow it is saying that there might be thunderstorms. So tomorrow is going to be a laze around day and maybe sit by the pool, but I have to get a bit of laundry done as well. Working while I am on holiday. Sucks!!!

Doing our walking walking walking. Over to animal kingdom we go. Find the right shuttle to Epcot and then we are on our way. Walking over there is starting to feel longer and longer every time we do it. Something we have to do though or start paying for a taxi to get us there and probably have to pay a fortune for that. I am cheap when it comes to some things.

Driving Into Epcot took no time at all. A little closer then going to Disney. The walk up to the gate was not too long either. Just off to the right from the bus depot. So easy to find.

Bags checked at the gate again. One of the ladies that was checking bags said they ate looking for food. They don’t like food brought in. I guess they like to have you purchase food there. They get you coming and going.

Through the gate and ticket has been swiped. They took out finger print as well. I guess no one else can use my ticket now

The first place we come to is future land. And a big globe right in front of us. We walk up the ramp and are on our first ride. Very slow sissy ride. Just my style. We ride up and up and learn about inventions through the years. Yeah I know a sissy ride. I’ll take it. After we are off that are directed through to a gift shop . Out of the gift shop and am now turned around. I am looking at the map but is not making any sense. Should we be over there or are we suppose to be walking this way. Lost already and we just got there.

Well I wanted to go on soaring. That is a ride where it feels like you are flying in a hang glider. Still turned around and head into the wrong building. End up on the ride with finding nemo. Yeah yeah another sissy ride. When we came to the end of that ride it looked like the cartoon characters are in a real aquarium. How did they make that look so real. You know what as we got off the ride it was real. This was a building that was one big aquarium. Could see sharks and sting rays and lots of fish and coral. So wandered around and looked at all the fish and such.

When we came out of the building and the weather was feeling a little more warmer. Starting to get pretty darn hot and sun has come out from behind the clouds that had formed this morning. Oh boy it is going to be a scorcher today.

All the gardens where in beautiful bloom. It was set up for a show on home and garden. Flowers flowers everywhere. And such vibrant colours. All the shrubbes and trees were cut up to look like Disney characters. Interesting indeed.

We headed ourselves over to the next building and there we found soaring. The wait was 90 minutes long. You sure you want to wait. Well you want to go on and it is cool here we will wait. Well the wait was not as long as we thought. Only took 45 minutes to get up to where we went on. So they send us through a a gate and there is another line. Great more waiting. Well that part was not too long. Got put into designated areas to where we where going to sit. Then a little blurb about what was going to happen. Then we went into the seating area. All hats and loose items put under the seat. A seat belt put on. The top came down and little lights went off. We felt like we where being lifted off the ground. Then the picture turned. It was all around us. The breeze was blowing in our face as the picture turned left we turned with it. We flew over the lions gate bridge, through Yosemite park, and over a golf course. Over and aircraft carrier and then over Disney before landing. I really felt like you where flying. I loved the ride. For a sissy.

Okay got on the ride I wanted to see. Now we start walking allot. Made our way around the rest of the park. Stopped to watch the movies in Canada exhibit, USA exhibit and the French exhibit. Looked through the gift shops. I found a nice t shirt to buy. So now something different to wear.

Had lunch at a pulled pork kiosk. The weather was getting hotter. Whew!!! I didn’t feel much like doing any more walking. Checked out the rest of the countries, made our way back to tomorrow land and decided it was time to head back to hotel.

Oh do we go this way or do we go that. Finally after hitting a couple of dead ends and not getting out, turning around and backtracking we made it back to the entrance. Over to the bus station and heading back to animal kingdom. This is where we start walking again. Have to get back to our resort area. Something to eat and then back to our room.

Hot tub tonight. Walking and the sun made it a good night for a good soaking. Tomorrow will take it easy and then next day will be off to Disney Hollywood studios. May not be much there but have tickets to get into Disney five times so let’s use them up here.

Talk again tomorrow. Thunderstorms are said to be on the way. So will not be venturing too far away. Maybe a relax by the pool for awhile.. Need a bit rest before I start to seaze up too bad. I am hurtin now a little more then I want to.

Rest day today. Well sorta. March 20 2013

Sleep in. Yes that sounded good. Well that was a sorta too.

Woke up this morning to rain just a pourin on the roof. They where calling for thunderstorms today so where not going far from resort.

After we had breakfast decided to head out for a walk and hope that the rain does not come back while we are out. Well!!! Instead of pouring rain on us the cloud dissipated and we had sun. Oh boy we didn’t put on any sun block. Well we kept walking anyways. Headed down 192 st about a mile or so. Checked out a few stores along the route and looked at restaurants that might be good to eat at tonight. The sun is just beating down on us. Great.

Get back to the room and have a little sit down. The clouds come through again so decide that we will go over to the pool and do a little soaking. Are there for about an hour. The hot tub just feels so good. Then decide to go back into pool. Burr what happened to the warm water. One more dunk in hot tub and then back to the room we go.

It seems it is still cloudy out so now let’s head out to another walk. Take the opposite direction. Check out a few stores and keep walking. About the farthest away from the room and the sun comes out again. Just don’t learn. No sunblock again. We are looking for trouble and gonna get burnt. Stop at a fruit stand and pick up some fruit to eat as breaky for the next few days. I think I bought a little more then I need but it will get finished before I leave. Do love my fruit.

So now to make the trek back past the lights where our resort is and make our way a little further and go to where we decided to eat.

The black angus restaurant. Will be a little expensive but it is soooo good, had some stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. They were just chalked full of crab meat. Oh soo good. I am use to the little ones that they serve in Canada with the garlic sauce. But these where huge with lots inside. Then came the salads and soup. More food. Just way too much and we have not even got to the main course yet. I had rack of lamb. Soo much food with a baked potato and hubbies plate was chalked full of prime rib. Yeah again soooo much food and was it just so delish. You know I ate it all and for some reason did not feel stuffed.

So now early for a change back to,our room. Have to get my feet up. The pain killers are not doing the trick they where doing when we started this trip. When we first started I felt a little pain that I could bare but now I feel a whole lot more. Maybe it was just too much walking in the heat the past few days. Hopefully it won’t get to much more worse before we head to our next destination. I do not want to be in pain riding on and airplane. Got a few more days of heat here before that happens though so should hopefully subside.

Tomorrow we are heading over to Disney Hollywood studios. More walking. Yeah I know. From what I saw on Internet about this place there is a few places we can go into and sit a spell while we look at exhibits. Then the next day will be at animal kingdom.. That seems like it will easy as well with a few sit down places. I am hoping to go back over to sea world again.. I want to see dolphins again before we leave. Hubby would like to go to downtown Disney but I think is is just a bunch of shopping places. But we will try to get there.

So will talk again tomorrow after our day at Disney Hollywood studios. Maybe will see a few stars over there. On the big screen that is. Or maybe will see. Mickey Mouse. Have not seen him yet. Have seen Donald, woody, Mary poppins, woody woodpecker and woody the doll from toy story. So will keep my eyes peeled and maybe I will get to see him yet. Lets keep my fingers crossed for that. I should see if I can see chip and dale as well. I saw them as a teenie bopper and I bet they have not aged a bit where as I have. Sucks.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

Hey I saw Mickey Mouse today. March 21 2013

Today we went to Disney Hollywood studios.

After a day of rest and hoping that the rain and thunderstorms where behind us. We ventured out again today.

Well the thunderstorms not around today. The weather is a little cooler again. I was dressed for warmer weather but will get over it as the sun starts coming up a little more.

So we set off on our walking walking walking. Great another day of a couple mile walk to the park and then across a couple of busy roads and then through the parking lot together over to the shuttle at animal kingdom to get to Hollywood studios. Today a little problem though. We got caught going across the busy part of the parking lot. A car pulled up and asked us to get in. Security. Oh oh now we is in trouble. Thought we would be taken back out of the park, but low and behold they gave us a ride over to the gate and said please do not do it again. Whew!!! That was a close one. Now when we come back do we get a taxi or do we try walking out again and hope for the best. Figure it out when the time comes I guess. But at least we didn’t have to walk across the parking lot.

So now over to the shuttle buss and we where on our way to Hollywood studios. A very short drive. Well we are getting closer to home each time. Well not really home but the resort we are staying in.

Hollywood studios here we come. Through the bag check and then through the gate. Okay where do we go first. I am not sure let me get organized and figure out where things are. Looking at the map and then he just starts walking. I want to see this and I would like to see that. Well where are they. I am not sure give me a minute. Well if I do that we will not see anything and you did not get a schedule of when shows are . Now we are going to miss stuff and not see it all.

So now we start walking. Okay where are we. There is this you want to see that. There is that up ahead do you want to see that. Oh oh I can see the signs that things may not be as good today.

We are finally at the back lot tour. So on we go. Not much of a wait. It is still early in the morning. First section we come to is a special effects of the movie pearl harbour. There is fire, torpedoes, and bullets going off. Lots of water being splashed around. Noisy it is. Then we walk through a building that had all the props for old movies. And then onto a tram. The tram took us into the back lot where we saw a few bigger items from movies. I saw herbie the love bug sitting there along with items from Star Wars and pearl harbour. Disney airplane was sitting back there. The one he used to scout out property in Florida for his new theme park. We then traveled into a set where we hat the tram shaking on a wooden bridge and fire going off and then a huge plummet of water coming down that came dang close to getting us wet. Around we went to where we saw the set for the car show we will go to see later.

After we are off the tram we start our walking again. Come across the animation area and hear the story of Walt Disney and how he made his empire. How he had lost it a couple of times and gotten it back even better. Animation and drawing. Very interesting. To me. I like to draw but don’t think would be good enough to do stuff like that.

Walking a little further we came to where the characters are having pictures. I stood in line to have my picture taken with Mickey Mouse. Hubby figured I was just being silly. Well I did vp come to see him so I stood in line.

After coming out of that building we walked a little more and found out we where back at the front of the park again. Okay what shows you want to see. There is Indana Jones over there lets go. It starts I half an hour. Will they let us in. Lets go see. Well on we walked and got ourselves a good seat. The show showed three different sequences form the first movie. Indy getting himself rolled over by a ball after getting a statue off a stand. Being chased by the Egyptians. And saving the lady from the airplane after fight off a bunch of bad guys. A few special effects thrown in to make it more real. They had a few people from the audience take part as well.

When that show was over we headed back to the back lot toutpr we again as the car stunt show did not start for another hour and half. Watched the peal harbour thing again and went on the back lot tour. Saw a couple of things did not see the firs time. I guessing was looking the wrong way last time.

Still a little early for stunt show so went and had a bite to eat across form the back lot tour. Just a sandwich and fries. Hit the spot. But went back to get a cupcake of Mickey that was from st paddys day. Oh it tasted like mint. Was it ever good.

We then headed over to the stunt cars show. People people people there. The stands were full. It was a good show of cars jumping and spinning and lot of special effects to go along with it. They had a young girl come up to remote control a car. She was not sure if she was doing right and when the car turned around there was someone actually driving the car from the outside. Funny. More car stunts and motorcycle stunts. Cars on two wheel and men falling off of buildings after being shot.

Those two shows where worth going to see just for the special effects.

Okay it is now 5 and it is time to start heading back. Up to the front we go. What is this place we have not seen it before. Yes we have just from that angle over there. Oh! I figured we had not seen the whole thing. Yes I think we have.

Well so get back on the shuttle and over to animal kingdom. Now do we dare walk or should we take a cab. Well let try the walk. We will walk this way though so it looks like we are walking to a car. Off we go. Down through the parking lot over to where the buses go out. Way over against the edge were we are not lose to cars crossing. Hmm this is an easier route. Not as much traffic. A little longer to walk but no as bad to walk and no one stopped us. Out of the park and across only lone busy route which at that time of night not too busy. Yeah we did it again.

Walk back to the main road we live on for now. Stooped at the grocery store and pick up a couple of provisions then on our way back to the resort.

One beautiful day. Sometimes a little chilly for me but sunshine all day.

Tomorrow. Will be at our last stop. Animal kingdom to see the animals again. My favourite part. Hopefully another sunny day to get through. They keep threatening with thunderstorms.. Come on hold off. Until we are done here. Only a couple of days left. Come on I like it here. I am not in as much pain and all the walking I can do without being sore. Why can’t I have that in my home province. I would be so much happier if I didn’t hurt so much.

Then not sure whether we will make it over to sea world again. I would like to see the dolphins again but we fly out the next day first thing yeah I mean really first thing in the morning. So going over to see the dolphins again might make it too late getting back here to get some sleep before our flight. Please please I would really like to go though. Can I can I huh huh? Well that is still up in the air.

So far have had a great trip. Would love to keep it going but you know reality does have to step in sooner or later. Well will talk again tomorrow. Oh here is my new best friend. Mickey and me.

Well made it through with out security catching us. March 22 2013

Today turned out to be a glorious day. Well at least to start with.

This morning up and out the door by 9 o clock. Not too far to go today. Went and visited animal kingdom.

So started out with our usual walking walking and more walking. Got to where we cross the road. So should we go this way or should we walk that way and see if security sees us. Well we took the long way . It isn’t much further and I think it is a better route anyways. You don’t get as much traffic this way as the way we where walking the first couple of times.

Well we got up to the front entrance without any one coming to stop us. Yes did it again. So now just through the gate and we are in the park. No shuttle to take this time. Just straight walking.

We headed left. Went into camp Minnie and Mickey first. Saw all the characters posing for their pictures with people. An I didn’t go to get my picture taken again. I saw Mickey the other day and had my picture taken with him.

After we came out of there we went into Africa. Got on a truck heading back into the tundra to show us some of the animals around there. We saw elephant, rhinos, lions, giraff and some different types of elks. After we got out of the truck we walked through an exhibit of more animals. Here we came upon a few monkeys and gorillas. After coming out of that trail we got on a train that took us deep into Africa. There we saw a few lizards and some very colourful birds. Allot of parrots and then there was a petting zoo with some goats and donkeys in it. Back on the train to get out of there. No way to walk out of there. Had to take the train.

The next stop was Asia. Here was another walking tour to see some wildlife. There was tigers and some monkeys playing around. This was also where one of the rides was. Water rafting. Looked like fun but had cameras and such that we didn’t want to get wet. So didn’t go on. Oh well could have maybe got to cool off a little with some water.

After Asia we came to dinoland. Not too much there to look at. Seemed to be all an arcade type place with a few rides. Yeah a couple of roller coaster to boot. Started to stear away from there. Arcades and roller coaster still are not my thing. Lunch was in order then. Found a place to have a burger. Sloppy was what it was. Made a big mess at least not on me.

Now out of Dino land and came to a show being put on. It is a bugs life. 3 d so you could see these characters like you could touch them. A few special effect to go along with the show and it felt like you we’re sound under the ground with these bugs. Bugs yuk!!!

As we came out of that show the parade was suppose to start in a few minutes. So staked ourselves out a place to watch it. As we where sitting there a couple of kangaroos jumped out behind and enclosure where we where sitting. Interesting to see them.

The parade starts. You have lots of acrobats, Donald, goofy, Minnie , Pluto and Mickey riding on floats. Performers dancing along to the music and coming over and getting high fives from the kids around there.

Okay parade over so take a little trek up to the tree of life. Saw all the carvings on it. Very pretty to see. As we came back down from there the parade had made it back to where we came out. Watched it a second time.

Well that is it for the day. Started to head for the gate. That is when the problem started. Thunder rolling but no lightning. Then the heavens opened up. It just a lured. Water water everywhere. It jus came down. Now what do we do. Are we walking back or finding a taxi. We wait it out for about half and hour. Just a pouring. Are we going to get anywhere or are we stuck here for awhile. Then it starts to let up. Yeah! So we start walking towards the gate. Everyone else is leaving as well. Great there will be allot of traffic going out now.

Well half way across the parking lot and the sun goes away again and it starts it raining again. Not as bad bi put it is raining. So we wait under and overpass and hope that it lets up enough to get on our way. Especially before any security comes a callin. Don’t need to run into security again. Well after about ten minutes the rain lets up and it starts getting humid. So we make the rest of the trek back to the resort.

Well that is our adventure here. No more walking. My legs I don’t think will take much more of that. I came feel them cramping at night. And my knees and hips are telling me lots of stories here. At least not as bad as what they would have at home but they are telling me.

So tomorrow is a day to get ready to travel again. Make sure all is packed up and nothing is left behind. We where thinking of taking another trip over to sea world but if the thunderstorms are going to threaten again we will just stay close to our room and maybe check out the junk oh I mean souvenir stores around here. I keep looking at those outback hats they have. I would like to get one but where would I wear it afterwards. I do like those hats though. Hmmm!!! Bout enough junk already.

So that is our trip. Thanks for listening. I know not much of a writer but you get the jest of what happened. Two days from now will be in the cold weather of Ontario for a couple of days. It is still snowing there. Yuk!!! Glad it is only for a couple. I don’t like the idea of freezing me butt off. Which is what I think is going to happen since I did not bring any warm clothes to go out in. Layer coming up. Brrrr!!! Then home wet home.

I DON’T WANT TO GO HOME. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ME. PLEASE. IT MEANS WORK AND RAIN AND ME WITH SORENESS AGAIN. I do miss some people and animals at home and my own wittle bed though so have to get home to them.

Well see you all on the flip side. Brrr! I am feeling the cold already.

Today was a bust march 23 2013

Well with thunderstorms ragging out the every so often. We did not venture far from the place. Took a walk one way and then took a walk the other way. Checked out all the gift shops and looked at all the junk we could buy. Well didn’t buy anything. Rob sorry not getting anything brought back for you.

I would like to thank airmiles for the many things we got to do with my points. We got a five day pass to Disney, a two day pass to universal studios, a one day pass sea world, and a one day pass to Busch gardens. Also a five day stay at best western and I still have another gift card from best western to be able to stay another night somewhere else. Some time. Also like to thank blair for the time share he let us use for a week. So all in all I just had to pay for the flight down here and then food and any taxi to get around when we changed hotels. Oh I also had to pay for the dolphin experience as well but that is the price I have to pay to do something I love doing.

So we had a great trip and had a wonderful time. The weather was great and did allot of walking. Yeah I mean allot of walking. Seen allot of different things got a few blisters but can sayi didn’t burn. That is one good thing. As last time I was in sunny weather i burnt to a crisp. Too bad the rain had to come in on the last couple of days, which we also almost got caught in one day. Well beside getting caught by security one day and worrying the rest of the time if they would catch us again. So just a couple of hiccups but other then that just the worry about catching flight tomorrow.

So a big thank you for the rest that I needed. Now it will be back to the grind. Yuk I want to stay here where it is warm, but I guess that is not in the cards. So see you all on the flip side.

Well now in Ontario soaking up the sun. NOT march 24 2013

So was up around 3 30 today to catch flight back to Canada. Sleepy sleepy sleepy. Just finished having a nap and not ready to go out in the cold!!! Brr is it ever a change from Florida.

After waiting for a taxi to take us to airport. It did arrive on time. We headed for the Orlando airport. Same rig a ma roll. First have to check in and get rid of our luggage. Then it is through security. First through one check point to see if have passports and passes to get on plane. Then through another check point to make sure that we are not carrying anything that could blow up a plane. Jacket off, shoes off, electronic devices out of bag, any change or loose item into tub. That then gets sent through scanner. Then you go through a scamp near yourself. Raise your arms and then they take a picture of you and if they do not like what they see they will stop you to get a closer look. Well they didn’t like what they saw on me and had to stop me. You know it was just to rind stones that where on my short. Through I go and pick up my stuff on other side. Then we had to get on a shuttle to get to another terminal. Great more waiting. It is getting closer to time plane will be loading.

I was sitting beside a flight attendant who was deadheading it back to Canada. Said she was going through the checkpoint to do the search of her stuff. When she got to the other side to pick back up her belongings one of her bags was not there anymore. Someone had taken it. You have to keep a watch on your stuff at all times. How can you do that and get yourself scanned at the same time.

Well finally on the plane. Take off heading for Ontario. First time in a long time. Fell asleep on the plane. Just put my head down and I was out. I never do that. The plane was full but I didn’t notice any of it.

Woke up about half an hour before we where to land. Filled out our forms and got ready to land. Easy flight but was a little bumpy on the way up. We passed through a major snow storm heading north. Did have a good sleep though.

You know this was the easiest place to get through customs in Toronto. Just scan your passports and then scan the form you had to fill out. Pick up your luggage and then past last customs person where you hand in your form. The out the door to where you wait for your ride.

Well he was a little late in getting there. We can blame it on our niece. Just because it is fun to blame it on her. Sorry Katie couldn’t resist. It is all your fault. Yeah I know it wasn’t anyone’s fault. Just have to blame someone. We stood outside for a few minutes and then they showed up. Luggage in back and we are on our way for another hour or so ride. At least traffic is not bad that time of morning.

At least I can say the drivers around here are not as much in being maniacs they are in Florida. But hey this was early on a Sunday morning so I could be wrong.

We dropped off our luggage at the motel we are staying at and then headed over to the family home to sit and chat for a little while. Outside is a bit nippy after being in such hot humid weather for a couple of weeks. I am not exactly dressed for this. I guess what it is is what it is. At least the vest I have is warm.

So now just sitting in room waiting for hubby to get a little rest. It seems instead of going to bed last night he stayed up all night watching the telly. I guess he didn’t want to miss am alarm of 3 o clock.

That’s about it for our fun filled day today. Just have thermostat turned up in the room warming up right now and typing away at nonsense. Tonight maybe will get some good grub. I am hoping for a pizza but that has yet to be decided.

Well talk again tomorrow. Just have a couple more days before have to head back to reality. I am not sure whether I really want to go back to that. Having a nice relaxing time right now. So you will hear form me again tomorrow. It will probably be a cold boring day. Oh boy such fun.

Time to plink away again for last in put. March 27 2013

Well the past few days in Ontario. Cold for poor little old me.

So now am plinking away on the keys while I wait for our flight to come in so we can board and head out to Calgary.

We had a great visit with family. Did a few arrands and had a bit of fun.

We spent our night in the Shakespeare inn. A little expensive but it was close to who we where going to see.

The flight into Toronto was not that long as I went to sleep through most of it. Was a little bumpy as we where heading over snow storms through the states.

I would really love to go back. I felt pretty good there. Could walk for miles and have not much in the way of pain. I got here and low and behold it starting coming back. Yesterday the fibro started to act up a little and I could feel it running up my back.. But a good night sleep and was ready to go again.

Today being the last day my sister invited me to come along with her for lunch. It was a red hat thing. So got to meet a nice bunch of ladies in their red and purple. My sister lent me a hat so I fit right in. They talked allot about people in Shakespeare and I figures out a few they where talking about. The meal was lovely and to just sit back and listen and talk was great.

Today also it was snowing this morning. Great flying out of a little airport will we get out if the snow gets any worse. Well it has let up but it is darn cold out there. Before we left for the airport decided to take one more walk around Shakespeare and stretch out the limbs before having to sit on a plane for a couple of hours. Well no more out the door and a neighbour that we talk to frequently invited us in. Well that was a short walk. Serena gave us the gossip of the neighbourhood and told us a few stories before we decided to head out for that walk.

Chilly it was getting. But we made it around the neighbourhood. Looked at how some of the places had changed and checked out a antique shops around at the corner. Nothing changed there.

Back to the house into the car and off we head to the airport. Get there in half and hour. Watch some planes come in and then it is time to go through security.

So now I sit and plink away.

it will be no more walking walking walking anymore. Just back to working working working. Lovely. I really want to go back to Mickey Mouse. It was fun there.

So now until our next adventure. Talk again

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