Well I think I will give you a new fun day I had 2018 September 19th

Arrr! It is talk like a pirate day. Yes it is an official day. September 19th is the day. I have been going to this event every year for the eight years I have been in red hatting. Such a fun day out.

These three pictures are of eight years ago. This was my first event as a red hatter. Think I had only been hatting for two months then. Elizabeth Wesley, also known as diablo rouge, was having her first event. So I called up my queen and said I would b interested in going. She thought it was a great idea and she got two tickets. So two of us where going to a pirate event at the white spot in Abbotsford. I didn’t know anyone, but that is the fun of going. You get to know people that way. You get to play pirate as well.

Elizabeth was the first redhatter in Canada to start up a pirate chapter. She called it the roaming red wenches. She has been going strong ever since. Host a beautiful fun filled afternoon of fun and laughter with a bit of food mixed in. Great way to get out and see some sisters and have some fun.

So today being talk like a pirate day. Elizabeth had her annual get together. She has been planning her event all year long. Getting gifties and organizing her items into boxes to pack into her car and bring to decorate the area of the restaurant. She does such a marvellous job every year. She has so many decorations to give it a festive look. I came over to her place one day to help her organize her items. Such a fun lady to be around. Has all sorts of stories to listen to that sometimes shock a shy farm girl like me.

This morning I was up dressed in my garb and over to Abbotsford to get to the restaurant early to help Elizabeth decorate. I parked and went to the door thinking that it was locked and would have to knock. I tried the door and it was opened. Elizabeth was already inside and had a couple of helpers putting her things together. Two ladies came from Edmonton to enjoy a pirate adventure here. They were here last year as well and had a great time so decided to come again to play with us BC ladies again. So great of them to come play with us.

Anyways the restaurant section was decorated in no time. Ladies started to come in. A little early for some so they sat in another part of the area and had a coffee and chatted until we where ready.

Come on in ladies. Everything is ready.. these are a few of the pictures I took while everyone was giving their ticket and getting a goodie bag. Don’t these ladies look great?

we had four choices for our meal. Spaghetti, manicotti, a sandwich, or lasagna. You get salad and a dish of ice cream. Spaghetti factory treats us right when we are there. Served up in a timely manner. The waitresses were great and the manager helped with the set up and taking down. They are outstanding every year we are there.

Lots of pictures where taken. Hugs all around from old and new sisters. We met ladies today from Washington state, Abbotsford, mission, Chilliwack, langley, Surrey, Edmonton Alberta and Vancouver island. Was a wonderful day of sisterhood and pirating . So much fun.

Don’t these ladies look great. So many beautiful smiles

Thank you so much for the afternoon of fun. Elizabeth you do such a fantastic job year after year. Looking forward to your next event

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