Talk like a pirate day. From 2016

This picture was taken with Elizabeth Wesley.  She is queen Diablo Rouge who has the first pirate chapter of Canada.  There are a few more groups across the country now plus all the pirate groups in the States as well. They are springing up every where now.  These are a heck of allot of fun and full of laughter.  Plus you get to dress in pirate garb.

Well you know it is all in what you put into it yourself.  You can go dressed just a Little or allot.  Depending on your mood.  You can laugh and play along with all the other pirates or you can sit back and wonder what you are really doing and why am I dressed like this.  Is this suppose to be fun.  Well what ever you put into it is up to you.

Me I am having a blast.  Sometimes I sit back and watch but other times I dress the part and let myself go.  Either way I do have a great time.

The first Few times I went just dressed in the basic.  I put on a base ball hat of red and a tshirt of purple .  Then as time went on and I watched other ladies dressing up I decided well what if I did this or did that.  Well the tird funvention I went to I got my gander up and started figuring out what I could make for Las Vegas.  Okay it was gold fever and yes Las Vegas   Okay I am thinking gold digger.  No how about show girl.  Okay so now sequins, feathers, lots of feathers and a tail.  Yeah a tail.  Well I did work it out.  Made most of what I needed and dang I look great.

Yeah that is me in Las Vegas for one night.  Do you believe it.  Someone who is so quiet and so chicken shit is wearing this.  I walked through the casino dressed like this and into the ball room.  So many looks I got.  It was a little nerve racking and asking myself what the heck I am doing.  Yes though I did it.  My son was with me in Las Vegas and he saw a different side of me that has never been shown since I was a teenager.  You know it really feels good to come back into the light and have some fun again and just laugh.  Being around other people and getting to know them has done so much for me in this past two years.  I feel so much better and not alone and always have someone I can talk to when I need  just talking about things that can’t really be talked about with family makes all the difference in the world for me.  Now the problem is I just do not open my big mouth and something come out that shouldn’t come out and upset people so they do not want to be around me my more.  This happens sometimes.  That is why the shell has built up around me.  Because I have a mouth that will runneth over and say something before I can stop myself.  Then there goes the circle of friends I thought I had.  Well maybe they were not real friends in the first place but they let me hang with them until something stupid happens.  And every time it did the shell got bigger and bigger to where I would not trust anyone.

Well that’s my story and I am sticking to it.i just hope this sticks around for awhile.

So now I have two more conventions under my belt.  I have dressed in costumes and eligantly.  Love every minute of this.  As a little girl loved to dress up.  Now I get to play that little girl again and play dress up.

So now onto pirate day.  September 19th is the official pirate day.  Allot of different groups do something on this day. The red hats have taken it into their heart and being pirates.  There is an official pirate group that has a dinner and fun t the international events.  I became a member of this group this past August.  They are called wenches gone wild.  After the international event is over wenches gone wild has a dinner at a resteraunt in the area.  It is a dinner all the red hat pirates have a get to gether of a meal and allot of play.  Fun fun fun it was.  I joined up to go to this.  We ate down on fishermans wharf.  Lots of fun

There I am at wenches gone wild.  Yeah same outfit but got to get my wer out of it.  I really like the outfit and it fits so right.  Still trying to figure out the corset though as one time too low and one time too high and my boo seems up at my chin.  Got to figure out where it should be.  So for this one had it too high and in the dinner here it was a little lower.  It fit a little better but my chest was a little too low in my option.  Well talking on about silliness now.  I will get on with pirate day here.

So I helped out a little with pirate day here.  Not much but helped were I could.  By the time I got there Elizabeth had most of her decorations up and ladies were starting to come in already.  I helped with the ret of decorations nd then stood at the front table and greeted the pirates coming in.  It was at the old spaghetti factory.  They gave us a Choice of four different entries.  They were ll good and a hard desission in what to pick.  Then some spanomi ice cream for desert.  Just so filling and so good.

We sat a talked and laughed .. Admired all the costumes that came out of these ladies emagination.  Some of them were very good..  They really get in to dressing like they are pirates.  No one had walked the plank

Prizes were given out from a draw and then we all headed for home.  Well after a bit of cleaning up to help Elizabeth out.

It was a fun day and a couple of days later some of the pictures that were taken by  Elizabeth and Darlyne a lady in my group were shown on the red hat society page on Facebook.  How cool is that

So that’s it for now.  Next week will behaving a dinner with my small group.  Get to have some gossip caught up on from our group.  Have not seen them in. Little while.  Miss seeing them..

Now I just got to figure out why my lettering is underlining and turned red.  Very strange but that has nothing to do with red hatting just my computer playing tricks on me.  Very interesting.  Something to figure out.

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