Silver reef. December 2014

Here I am in silver reef casino.

Tomorrow is a red hat get together, but for today I will give you a little adventure I had for the day.

We left this morning in well not so great weather.  Cloudy a little on the warm side and a bit of rain coming down once in while.

As I say we it was my hubby and I traveling together.  Well that is never good.  Always some sort of bickering may go on while we travel together.  You know not one bit of bickering, but the time is not over yet.  Have to see what will happen tomorrow when we are not together as I am at a red hat dinner and he is on his own trying to figure out what to do.

Anyways we left the house at 12:00.  He had to stop someplace to ask about some mechanical thing or rather which took a little bit of time while I sat in the car and waited.  Then we headed for the boarder.  Not too much of a lineup to get across.  Took us about half hour or so.  That is actually not too bad.  A couple of questions at the boarder.  She asked what we were going to be doing.  He said she is doing a red hat function in silver reef.  So she asked what are you going to do while she is at red hatting cause I certainly do not think you are red hatting as well.  Well we got a kick out of that comment and she let us head on our way.

So it was too early to head for the hotel so headed down to Bellingham and went to bellis fare.  Looked around the shops, well at least window shopping..  He says you know you want to look in the stores I can sit and wait for you.  Okay what got into him.  But that was at the end of our walking around as we were heading for the car.  I couldn’t exactly turn around and go look in any of the stores. I really didn’t want to do much more walking or looking anyways so he was safe.  IJust a little under the weather because of the weather.  Legs and back giving me trouble these last few days.  Just hate winter now..  Bring back the sunshine I am ready for it.  Oh yeah I did get my Cinnabon cinnamon bun at least.  Love those things.  So tasty and gooey.  Did enjoy that.

So back in the car and heading up I-5. To our turnoff.  He is listening to the gps but still asked me if it is the right turnoff.  Yes go for it or we will have to turn around and come back.

I told him this place was out in middle of nowhere.  There would not be much to do.  Well that is what he has found out now.  Anyways we are having a mini vacation anyways.  No place to look around just the casino and a gas station out front.  Okay so now he agrees it is not much of a place to go if you want to see anything, but to gamble you can do allot of that.

Got ourselves checked into the room.  First thing we walked down through the hotel and the casino.  That was a short walk.  Next on the list we came back up to room and you know we took a nap.  Boy are we such exciting people.  Go someplace and it is nap time.  Well I did feel a little better after the nap so don’t knock it.

A walk over to the confidence store to get some snacks tripe things to eat.  We were waiting for the elevator and when it opened there was Lynette and carol heading down as well.  One big hug in hand for that.  Oh those hugs feel so good.  Hubby just stood there watching us gaggle of gals making our small talk.

A walk across the parking lot to the store.  Picked up a couple of things to snack on and then headed back across the parking lot through the wind and the rain to get back to the hotel.  That was a lovely walk.  Just to get something to snack on.

Okay so far this is not much of an adventure is it.  Well thought I would just fill you in on how much fun we are having.  Ha!!!  It is now around 6 and time to get some real food.  BBQ night at the buffet.  Sounfpds good to me.  Ribs I can eat.  I like ribs and corn on the cob, plus so much other food to enjoy. Most of the tables are empty.  You can see a few red hats at some of the tables.  So there are a few here already.

As we eat Carol comes through and gives both of us some tickets to go gambling.  Okay free money I like that.  She gave one to hubby as well because he drove me down here.  Oh boy more money for me to gamble with.  Yeah not much of a gambler and anything I do put into machines will just be eaten up by the machines anyways.  But I have fun and better yet when it is free money.

So we are finished eating and head first to the diamond club to get these tickets cashed in for vouchers.  So I already have a club card but bill did not.  So for him signing up for one he got another 5 dollars to play at the casino.  So all in total we got fifteen dollars in play plus two tickets to play at the black jack tables. As we walked away from the cashier another lady walked up to us and gave bill another certificate for the black jack table. So we had fifteen dollars to play at the tables.  Didn’t think we would use them as I have never played the tables before and bill is not much of a gambler.

So off to the slot machines I went.  Put in and went up by 20 then back down.  Went to another machine and up a little and then down allot.  Usually my luck.  So I had 34 cants left.  Oh what the hell stick it in another machine along with a couple more bucks and see what happens.  Three spins in um no I do not hit a jackpot but I got 100 free spins.  Got my 20 bucks back again. So I could start playing all over again. Well it went down to ten and then I stopped.

This is when bill said lets go over to a table and play.  But I do not know how to play.  Well let’s do it anyways and see what happens.  We found a lady sitting all alone with no one playing so she would show me what to do.  Not much speaking but allot of hand signals I had to learn.  I was giggling away and really not knowing what I was doing but heck it was fun.  I made a little more to bring it up to 30 bucks before the table started filling up and it wasn’t as fun anymore.  So away from the table and over to the cashier.  So for 20 dollars in free tickets I made anothe 10 on top of that.  Had a little fun for the night.

Tonight saw a few red hat ladies I knew,  chatted a little with Bev and got wonderful hugs from Lynette and a few other faces I reconize from other functions but have never really met.  The world is opening up for me.  New friends and new faces.  Tomorrow will bring more new friends and old together for a Christmas get together.  I love doing these things and can hope I will be doing them for many years to come.

Well will talk to you again tomorrow night after I am home again.  Hopefully I can keep the hotel room a little longer then 12:00 or I will be riding home in my red hat outfit as the function is not over until 3 and they said they would like checkout to be 12.  Well I hope for the best and will ask them again tomorrow morning if I can keep the room a little longer..

So it may be early but time for beddyby so I can get up early enough to get a freeby breakfast and get myself all prettied up for the get together.  Well as pretty as I can get.  Not much luck there but I can try..  If you are coming out to this dinner see ya tomorrow.  If not oh well you don’t know what you are missing.

Today enjoyed a day at the silver reef with over 200 ladies. Such fun

This morning woke up to light shining in the window.  But wind was blowing and the rain was coming down again.  Such a lovely day to stay inside and enjoy a day playing with other ladies.

The night before we played a few games at the casino and I learned a little about black jack.  Bidding only three dollars at the time.  Winn a few hands and loose a few hands.  Allot of giggling in between.  We had a good night.

So this morning up and moving.  Getting dressed in a fancy dress.  One layer then another and then another.  The dress looked good but why did ladies wear so much clothing.  One layer after another.  Gosh it was just a little bit warm.  No did not get a picture of the outfit though.  Was having too much fun looking around and talking to other ladies.  Well you know me not much talking but allot of watching.  Which is what I do most of the time.  Not antisocial just more of an observer then a participater.

Well got down to ballroom early.  Gave the quilt I made to Lynette and the stood in line and to sign in.  Then it was wait a little while before the door opens.  Vendors are not ready yet but every time the door opens for someone coming in and out we all get excited that it is time.  No not yet a few more minutes to wait.

Yippee doors open and in we go.vendors to the right and tables over to left. Okay we’re is my table.  Oh boy I am up near the front.  Buy ticket early get a pretty good seat.  Like that.  Two ladies are sitting there already.  From a langley group.  Well close to home with these ladies.

Look at that room.  Just set up so pretty.  Gonna have a great time today.  I head over to vendor area.  Oooo bling yes love bling, oooo hats I could always use another hat.  Oh my they are just Georgious..  Can I buy any.  I really would love to have one or two or maybe three..  Oooops look at the price.  I’m no only brought so much money in with me.  Well I could run up to the room and get some more.  No be good.  Hubby might be up there and wonder what I am doing.  He will say you oreads have enough.  But they are so pretty I would love to have one.  No be good.

Ladies it is time to start all please take you seats.  Okay I can stop debating about what I would love to buy. Food is being set out.  Oh it looks so delish.  Ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, string beans and salad.  Oh yeah and pumpkin pie for desert.  Just yummy.  Table by table we line up for the buffet. Boy soo good.

The table looked so great all decorated up.

The buffet line.  Caught Bev heading through.

After the buffet was finished prizes were given out.  Aw!! Didn’t win anything.  Too bad.

So now it is time to wear off some of those calories.  Dancing the day away.  Great band that play Neil diamond songs.  Very upbeat and dancing music.  I sashayed over to the vendor again.  I would really love that or this or maybe that.  Umm no not enough money along with me.  Oh well go home empty handed. Do I really need it.  Well not not need. But would love to have.

Music is now over and time to sit down and relax again.  More prizes given out.  My number is still not called.  Oh well.  I was heading for home so we’re not able to use any of the gifts they were giving out last.  Vouchers for the spa or for the casino.

Well the fun is over and time to head for home.  I had to pay a little more for my room because I checked out late.  All I wanted to do was change my clothes before I left and they charged me extra do a late checkout.  I guess I tried explaining but they said no. Well we were going to stay for a little while longer and play a couple more games and have something to eat.  But guess that was not in the cards now.  Well they lost a little business today.  I know will not hurt their bottom line but it made a customer not too happy.

Packed up the car and headed for home..  Border crossing took us and hour to get through but finally made it through.  Cars zigzagging back and forth hoping to get ahead of other cars.  We got home around 7 and then ordered pizza as I didn’t feel like cooking after that drive.

Oh here is one more great picture I took today

Three lovely ladies.  Norma, jean and Pricilla

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