San Francisco, international convention. My first big one gutsy gal

Today’s dilemma

Bags were packed a few days ago.  I thought I had everything I needed..  I was happy and ready to do a happy dance.  Well my version of a happy dance anyways.

Then today the unknown happened.  I got a package in the mail.  A package I had been waiting for five months to come in.  Well a week before I am to leave and it shows up.  I already had in a replacement for it in my suitcase and now I have what I really wanted to wear.  So now what do I do.  Just go with what I have in the suitcase or do I open that suitcase and watch it explode all over the bedroom while I try to find the other outfit, take it out and put in this one.  Or just go with my backup, leave the suitcases alone and not worry about it.

You know that would be easier but I do want to take this outfit along.  Well you know no one is really going to notice.  They have never seen you before and maybe never see you again.  Except on Facebook that is.  Never mind.  This is for me so I will go to that suitcase and since I want to look the best that I want to be.  I will tackle that suitcase tomorrow and hope that all will not pop out on me while trying to put these skirts and shirt in.

Well my dilema is kinda figured out.

I got my table seating here yesterday.  Well table 39 will be a good table.  Hopefully with a few ladies that will make me laugh and have a good time.  Since I am the quiet one around. I know I will have a good time but for now am over thinking this whole thing and wondering what I am doing.  Heading off on my own to meet with over a thousand ladies I do not know.  I know I feel this way every time I head off on any type of vacation.  Why am I doing this.  I could just stay at home and enjoy myself.  Indeed to get out and see things while I can.  That is why.  I need friendship and conversation.  That is why.

Yes I will do this.  May take me awhile to come out of my shell.  I will keep pushing myself.  I only have a few days to do this and then I am back home.  I was so excited when I signed up last year.  Now I need to keep up this excitement.

I guess that is it.  Probably next time you will hear from me is the day I fly.  Unless something else comes up.  Just found out today that I do not need to pay for wifi while I am there.  That would have been another fourteen dollars a day for that.  So you will be hearing from me every night about what went on for the day.  This is more of a journal for me but it is fun to share with everyone.

Talk to you later

adventures and stories that includ some of the great fires and the earthquakes that have happened.  So was happy I got to see this town

I started off my adventure a year ago.  The red hat society anounced that they would be having their big convention in San Francisco.  I hummed nd hawed.  Well yes I want to go.  But the cost.  That is going to be a little much for me. Newell finally I took the plung nd registered my self.  There was a few times I had thought well why am I doing this.  It is going to be so big and I am such a quiet person who never says much and just sits oin the background and listens, comments once in while.  I want to get involved but how do I do that if I don’t get out much.  Well instead of worrying about it I thought well take me as I am or lump it.  I am who I am and I have been for many years.  Sometimes I get into the spirit but other times well it depends on my mood.

I vowed if I was going to do this it was going to be an expense.  I don’t think I could have a room mate to travel with unless I was comfortable with them.  I mean really comfortable.  I am too set in my ways.   To be with someone else makes me feel like I am not going to do my own thing.  It is like I am with my hubby and well what are we doing tomorrow.  Plan everything out.  Got to get to this place or it doesn’t work out.  Or you are looking for something can not find it and then the other person is upset that they did not get to see it.  I have found out I do not like to travel with him.  There is sometimes that I have to though.  I like this freedom of just going off and out the door of the hotel.  Have a direction and just follow it.  If it take you to were you wnt to go that is great.  If you get off someplace you were not suppose to be that is just as good as you will find something else to occupy you outing and still see something.

My red hatting let’s me do this.  No set schedules except for were to be for lunch or supper when they are doing the convention part.  The things in between for tours you have the choice you can go on the tour or you can go on your own tour.

I usually get to the convention a couple of days early.  So I can get to know a little bit about the place were the convention is taking place.  I go on a walking tour around the hotel to get a feeling of the neighbourhood. If I start to feel uncomfortable the hotel is always close by.  I have a city map with me so I can check often if I get off track somewhere.  With San Fran I found two of the places we were to be meeting for a couple of smaller dinners I was signed up for as extras things to do.  So I knew  were I was going for that.

I then came back to the hotel up to the room and put on some good walking shoes and a bottle of water.  I checked the map. And said okay I wnt this street and then this street and that should take me down by the wharf.  Looks simple enough.  And if I am having any difficulty walking anymore I am on this trolley route so I can hop on at any stop.

Now I started making this walk and all of a sudden it started on an up hill angle.  Oh gosh what was I thinking.  I just started going up and up and up.  Now I know why there is a trolley here.  You know though I just kept on truckin.  I kept going up and up.  Finally when I thought my legs were not going to take much more it levelled out and then started going down the other side.  I was starting to think what the heck did I get myself into.

Down down down I went.  The waterfront wa in front of me.  I kept going and you know I made it.  To bad I did not have a pedometer I could have had lot of steps on that sucker.  I found pier 39.  Shops shop and more shop.  Well allot more resteraunts then shops.  Smelled so good.  I just kept drinking my water and didn’t even think about food while I was down there.  I say I walked allot down on the pier.  Took lots of picture to say yeah I was there.  You can see most of them over on Facebook.

Well it was time to head back over to the hotel. I had picked another road to head back on.  So headed over that way and found another resteraunt that we were having the pirate meal at.  So now I know were that is as well.  I am getting my berings good here.

I come to the street I wanted to walk back over to the hotel with.  When I saw it I started talking to myself.  What. Silly arse you are.  That street goes straight up.  Well it is either walk it or find another way up.  You know I started the climb.  Stopped a few times to give my legs a break but you know I made it to the top.  Then I noticed I was t the top of Lombard street.  You know the street that has so many turns on it as it goe down hill.  Wel I saw. Landmark of San Fran.  I watched the cars going down. Very slowly.  It was interesting to watch for a little while I was up there.  I checked my map to see how fr from the hotel.  Just. Little more and would be about half way back.  Well time to start my trek again.  At least it was down hill.  Until I got to a street I wanted to turn at.  Up I was going again.  Just because I wanted to see and cathedral on that street.  So up I went.  I think I had found nob hill.  Yeap sure enough I was walking through nob hill.  My gosh are those mansions just the view to see.  All the archetachture that goes into them.  Huge but on smal lots.  They say they are five or six million dollar homes.  Just breathtaking to see.  I was interested in all the archetachture from one street to another.  You could see Chinese, Italian, Russian and the English influence on the building.  So much to see just walking.

So on that wlk I saw china town, little Italy, pier 39 and the waterfront,  Russian hill and nob hill.  Plus a couple of different cathdrals.  It was an enjoyable day of walking but my legs were sure telling me about it.

When I was back at the hotel I had myself a bite to eat and then found some other ladies to talk to for a couple of hours.  Thee ladies I did not know who they were except for seeing them on Facebook.  They gathered me in and we had a gret talk.  Well for as much as I talk.

I headed off to bed a little while later up first had to get my pictures up for the day on my page.  Can not forget to do that.n tell everyone at home what they are missing.  Well I don’t think they would have missed that walk I just did, but they could have done something else in San Fran. I then headed for bed at 1 in the morning and slept till the sun came up.

The next morning I was up around 6:39.  Must be this air I never get up this early.  Or just worried I might miss something so get the heck out of bed and get going.  Headed down to Starbucks were they were having the star sip.  Just a get to gether  to get to know your fellow ladies you talk to on Facebook.  Well I staggered in a little late and the lineup was long.  Found out they were moving the getogether over to the resteraunt.  Well I got there just as they were ending it.  They had given out a cup exchange and such and talked a little.  Getting there late just kinda sat for awhile eating my cresaunt and drinking my smoothie.  Just about the same as I do at home.  Waited a little while and then headed over to Mel’s drive in to have a bite to eat with the dinner belles.  I am a member of that group too on Facebook.  Talked and had a breakfast meal.  More food.  Glad I took that walk yesterday so I could put back on the weight I might have lost in calories yesterday.  Sat and talked for awhile.  Got a couple of gifties.  Yes another couple of pins for my hat.  It is starting to load down.  I may have to add some ribbon to it to put some of the button pins on that and leave the blingy ones on the hat.  Will make a little more room.  I like my blingy pins.  This is my souvenir hat.  But yes it is getting heavy.  Oh yeah I also got a pin from Aussie Annie as well.  So now a place I want to go Australia I now have a pin for.

After the breakfast headed back to the hotel.  You know you walk around the streets and ladies stop you and say are you Brenda.  I sure is. Well I am such and such.  From Facebook.  Oh so great to meet you.  I have met Marcy Laselle, dixie aiazzi,  Brenda Marshall and a few others.  Sorry the names will roll off me later but for now it is allot of ladies coming up to me and I just wondered were I had met them before.  This is my first experience of the overwhelming ness.  How many ladies know you and you have a clue but not a big one.

I waited around in the foyer waiting to get tickets for Motown that night.  Thought it might be early registration but they were just giving out the tickets for the show that night.  By this time now it was getting close to time to get changed to look pretty for Motown.  So headed up stairs changed me clothes and then went down stairs grabbed a bite to eat and then wondered were everyone was.  They had been picking up taxis all along and I had no one to ride with.  I guess I was late again.  I better stop making a habit of this or I will end up not getting were I want to be sometime.  I went over to the desk and asked were the Orpheus was.  She said just a few blocks down but it isn’t too great for walking.  It might get a little seedy.  Well it could not be that bad and headed off to the theatre.  Well it was a little bit strange.  Lots of homeless people on the street but none were bothering me.  That was good.  They were more interested in finding a place to bed down for the night.

I made it down to the Orpheus with. O trouble except that she told me it was on this side of the road and not the other side.  I am glad I saw allot of red hats outside or I would not have know were it was.

The show was great.  Went along with the history of the fellow who brought Motown to us.  From his beginnings to his later years.  The music was great and some of the actors sounded so much like the original singers.

When the show was over I decided that I would follow some other ladies.  If they were getting in a cab I was going to see if I could tag along with them.  Then I saw some others who were going to walk back so I scooted in with them and we made our way back to the hotel.  I was glad for the company.  Made it back there in no time flat.  No scary moments as we were in a group.

I didn’t get much to eat that day.  Just my breakfast and a snack in the afternoon.  I better learn to start eating something I think.  But just busy busy busy.

Off to my room I went.  Filled in my day on the computer and then went to bed.    Another good night of sleep and up early again.  Why is it I am up early but always seemed to be late for things.    I was down and had another Starbucks smoothies and then waited to register.. Got all my goodies headed to my room with them.  Yeah yeah was in my room allot.  But did not want to carry around these things.  Sorted out what I needed, got my badge together with all my tickets inside and then went to hat district,  might find some more goodies down there.  I looked around and thought oh that would be nice or this would be nice.  Hmm way too much.  Shucks!!!  I looked at the hats and found out yes those are way too much too.  I need a hat box maybe that.  Yes she has some I will be back later.  When I came back later she was all sold out.  Go figure.  She was at the Sacramento convention the week before and they did not last long.  Hmm have to find one some place else.

The rest of my day was out on a tour.  We went to solcilito and walked around that little town for awhile.  Beautiful place and some really. Ice shops.  Just a little bit warmer then San Fran..  From there we hoped back on the bus and drove over to Muir park.  There we saw the huge cider trees. That was all with the tour.  So qipuiet walking top hose trails.  You were one with heaven there.  After an hour of walking those trails.  We got back on the bus and fraught traffic back to San Fran.  Rush hour.   to the greatest thing in the world..  I rushed into hotel and stayed in clothes I was in all day.  Did not have time to dress for beach blanket Babylon.  Down stairs again and right onto a bust to this play.  It was about Snow White trying to find true love.  The costumes through the story got more elaborate as it went on. I liked the show.  That was my day

I got down to the continental breakfast for the red hats a little late but not as late as what I was starting to get.  I am getting better.  I found the table I was to be at and sat down to eat.  Meeting my table mates for the weekend.  A great bunch of ladies. And Carla Rae who I had met before as our table hostess.  There was a get together for international ladies after the brunch breakfast.  So headed over there.  There were ladies from Australia, England, New Zealand and Canada   Had a little talk about promoting internationally and a picture was taken of all of us.

After the get together I was on another bus to go to Golden Gate Bridge.  First we stopped a pier 39 and walked around there a little.  Hey I was already there.  Saw the aquarium and such.  But this time just walked and saw what I was too tired to see before..  After and hour we were back on the bus and heading to golden gate.  They dropped us off on the other side and we walked the golden gate.  It was noisy with the traffic but a great walk.  Two miles worth..  They said we had to be back on bus by certain time for would be finding another way back to hotel.  The bling bash romp was on tonight.

We made it back with an hour to spare.  So up stairs I headed to try and get on that costume I had brought along.  No trouble with the skirts but to put on that corset.  That was a chore.  My gosh I have not had those puppies so high in ages.  I said this at the table and got a laugh out of it. There was allot of different costumes that night.  Anything to do with gold.  It was a sit down dinner with food on the table.  Just pick what you want.  Had entertainment that night of Dana Carvey.  Boy just about laughed myself silly listening to him.  A lass the night was soon over.  Clear out of room by nine so they could clean up.  There was other parties going on but I was not sure were they were.  Too tired from a day of walking to keep my eyes opened anyway.  Off to bed I went

Next day was the victorian breakfast.  Sit down meal in our victorian dresses. Well the ones that did dress up.  Other were more casual.  Depending on how you wanted to dress.  Greg E was our entertainment.  He did the happy dance for us plus a few other favourites… Okay free time for the afternoon.  I wondered a little checked out hat district again.  Bought a nice ring but that was about it. Not too much blingy struck my fancy.  Then went up to room and you know I conked out for two hours.  Woke up just in time to get myself into that fancy dress and go down for the chocolate bash.  A great plated meal.  Allot of ladies dressed to the hilt and Gladys knight preformed for us. Well at least with a nap I felt allot better.

Room cleared out at nine again.  A few parties going on but me just had to crash.  Yeah party pooper I am.

Was woken at three thirty in morning.  The bed is shaking.  Oh oh what the heck is going on.  Well it stopped after a couple of minutes.  I looked outside but no one seemed to be running all over the place so could not be something too bad.  Went to washroom and then crashed again.  Woke up in morning put on the tv for noise and you know that shaking was an earthquake.well it wasn’t that bad.  Yes a ‘6.0. Really?  Well not here it was in napa valley which is not too far from here.  Okay I thought maybe the red hatters were just partying so much last night they shook the hotel.

The party goes on.  We had our social butterfly in the morning at Jillian’s.  I realized I did not check my tickets for raffles.  Then I did a little shopping around the mall that was near by.  Nothing there ipeither.  Bummer.!  I went back to hotel.  Put on my pirate garb and caught a trolley down to the wharf.  Walked there for a little while then went over to resteraunt for the pirate wenches gone wild meal.  You know you walk around San Fran in an outfit and no one bats an eye.  Hmmmm!!!  The meal was great and I was getting to know some of the ladies.  I scooted out of there a little early to catch the trolley back before it got too dark.  Well it was dark by the time I got back.  Wanted to go up to the view and see the view. On 39 floor.  Well too dark.  Only saw the lights of the city.  Back to room finish packing and off to bed

So here I is sitting in the airport.  Writing up my adventure.  The shuttle was there waiting for me to go to airport.  Was a great trip.  Met lots of ladies.  Still my quiet self.  But am trying.

So until next time. See ya around

Well just one more day of work then it is time to have fun fun fun

Now I lay me down to sleep
Dream of Ruby I will meet
With hat of red
Perched on my head
With boas and feather

Purple colour a heather

The golden gate we will walk

Enjoying the view while we talk

Down by the wharf we sit for tea

I can not believe this is me

The night has come

But not so glum

It will be time

To tap on rhyme

Dance and laugh the night away

Until the sun will rise the very next day

I open my eyes from my nook

And see my red hat is on its hook

Through the shade comes the moon

The glitters just makes me swoon

I can not wait

To go to the golden gate

To laugh and play

Throughout the day

In my hat of red Let it be said

In a sea of purple and red

So now back to sleep I will go

And dream some more before the bell toll

#RHSSanFran2014 I can not wait

To be a member at your gate

To laugh and giggle and to just play

All for the sisterhood sunshining ray

I thank you all for your sisterhood and friendship. And to many more years

Lady Dolphinius AKA: Brenda Lowe

I wrote this yesterday and put it up on Facebook.  Well ladies I guess you will see it again.

Today is punishment day.  My boss gave me an eight hour shift to send me off on my holidays with.   At least after that I have two days to relax and get ready for my plane trip.  I get in a little later then anyone else coming in that day.  So guess I will be on my own getting to the hotel.  Shouldn’t be too hard.  I have come in on my own before.  My thing is manoeuvring around the airport to find what I need.

You think this hat will be noticed by any other red hatters in the area.  You know I think it will be noticed by just about anyone in the area.

I am sitting here now feeling a little overwhelmed.  I packed a few days ago.  Layed it all out in the living room.  A day hubby was not home so he would not ask what the heck was going on.  Pulled out allot of things.  Yes I need this and this and this.  Really do I need this?  Yes I do.  Well maybe not.  Oh yeah got to get out my blingies as well.  Then on top of that regular clothes, toiletries and undies.  Oh great where am I going to put all this stuff.  I worked half a day to get it all in.  Two suitcases full.  Well almost full.  I think I can bring some goodies back with me.  Well hopefully will find some goodies to bring back.  I like shopping for goodies.

Oh heck I forgot this hats.  Yes I need one for this outfit and one for this outfit.  Did I put that in oh yeah I did.  There is another hat that belongs in.  Hatbox is only so big.  You know I got them in.  Can I bring them back home with extra goodies. Hope so.

Yeap that is right .  Two suitcases.  You think I need it all.  Heck yeah I do.  It is just going to be lugging it to airport and lugging it after I get done my flight.  Getting it all to the hotel.  The I am home free.  Well until I have to come home again. With more then I left with.

I made these plans.  Lots and lots of notes

Yeah you notice the wine glass.  It helped as well.    Well it did until I had everything together and then started thinking.  Well maybe this or that should have.  Ummm!!! Not I am not touching them again.

Well a week later a parcel I had been waiting for in two months had finally come in.  Great.  It was something I wanted to take along with me.  I had already packed something to replace it.  So now do I unpack a little  or just leave it as it is.  Well I did touch it.  Not so far but yes I am going to touch them.  Have to repack.  This is not what I had in mind but I do want these things along.  Well tomorrow night I know what I will be doing

I also took a trip to the shoes store.  I had saw some shoes there the other day.  Loved them.  But would they love me.  The heal on them was just so high but they were blingy and I just loved them.  I may only wear them for one night.  Or maybe just for a few I jets who knows.  Yeah I went and bought them.  After the humming a hawing I did the last time I was in the store.  Maybe they will not be there anymore and I will not be able to buy them.  Well no such luck.  I have a new pair of shoes now as well.

So now I have a pair of shoes to stick in my suitcase as well.  What was I thinking.  Can I even wear these.  Well I got them now so I am going to try.

Well I have a couple more days.  Today. I have an eight hour shift.  Gonna have to work one more day,  but I don’t want to.  Want to start my holiday party time now.

Okay so tomorrow I will be playing with these suitcases.  First I have a date with my son.  He wants to go out somewhere.  So suitcases will have to wait a little.  I better get a move on though as it is only a few more days away.  Well tomorrow play time then tomorrow night work on these suitcases that I thought were done.

I then have one day to relax and stew about what and were and when.  Travel you love it and you hate it all at the same time.

I know I will have a good time.  Well once this shell of shyness breaks.  Until then I sit back and watch.  Laugh along with whatever happens   I know I will be overwhelmed and a little on the scared side.  But I am trying and push myself to get out and do these things. I do not want to be without people in my life and these ladies are such fun.

My adventure begins.

No actually it started a year ago when I made the big decission to go to the international convention in San Francisco.  I thought well why can’t I go.  You know there will be lots of ladies there.  Some you may have met before and some you are still to meet.  I hummed and hawed for a few days and then said.  Oh what the heck.  I am going to do this.  Now were do I get the money to go to it.  Well it is a year away, but they want some of the money up front.  Well if you are going to do this just do it and don’t think about it later.  So I signed the registration and went for it.  No backing out now.  You are going and that is final.

So now I have made my decision and now what do I wear, what do I do,  how do I get there.  Oh hell what am I doing.  You are going to have a good time so get over the fretting that you do.  Yeah I talk to my self allot about what I should do and not do.

So now the year has past.  I packed my clothes.  Over and over again.  Not deciding what I should take and what should stay home.  I ordered a beautiful dress that I will probably only wear once.  Well it did not cost as much as I thought.  I made two baby blankets and she made me a dress.  Well that kinda worked. Yeah you have all seem the dress over and over again.  I have put it in this blog and on Facebook so many times that you are probably all sick of looking at it.  Well you will see it once more before it is retired to the closet until I decide might have a use for it again.  I also found a few other items that I would think would be good for this convention.  So packing and unpacking again and again.  I blame it on the gremlins.  They keep opening up my suitcases in the middle of the night and throw stuff all over the living room so I have to remake again.  With something different.

I finally said that is finished put the suitcases in the car.  My poor bug was weighed down in the back.  Two big suitcases you know.  Both full but you know not full enough.  I can bring some things home.  You know it is about seven pounds I can bring home in each suitcase.  You think I can do a little shopping.  Not allot but a little.  Just enough to make up around fourteen pounds.  Oh I am in my glory now.  Shopping San Francisco here I come.  My hubby will be saying no but for me I am saying yes, yes, yes and a whole hearted YES!!!

So I started my trek this morning.  Up early enough to get the dogs walked played with and cuddled a bit.  Make sure my wifely duties are done.  You know you can not leave the house without there being the garbage out, the dished done, the laundry up and done.  Oops. didn’t get that done.  I am in do do now.  Anyways what can I say my mind was on other things.  Heading on a plane to San Francisco yippee!!,

So out the door at 11 o’clock.  Hopefully I have everything or I am without it now.  Oh I left my snacks behind.  Well it was only chocolate.  I can probably do without it anyways.  Chocolate never!!!!  Well I bet it will be gone by the time I get home.

Driving along now heading for the boarder.  That line up looks pretty long.  It took me at least an hour to get through to customs and on my way again.  Boy glad there is air conditioning in the little bogged down bug.  The luggage is peeping at my through the rear view mirror.  I hope it is not trying to escape on me. The back hatch may open at anytime and my luggage will go boom and everything will be everywhere..  It has been threatening to me to explode for a long time.  Well and so has my hat box.  It is full as can be.  Just couldn’t leave any of my stuff at home.  It may be lonely.

Finally after two hours on the road including a wait at customs I made it to Bellingham airport.  Got a great parking spot close to were I can just walk across instead of catching a shuttle.  I walk into the airport and not one single person in line.  Wow right up to the front.  Get my boarding pass and luggage tags and then bye bye luggage for a little while and through security.  Easy as pie.  Well some of it is anyways.

Flight takes off a little while later and I am on my way.  Now I sit in Seattle and wait for my second leg of my journey.  I have been biting on my bottom lip quite a bit.  Yeah the worrying is starting.  Well at least I am not chewing finger nails.  That would not look good with purple nail polish on them.  So for once in my life I am leaving my nails alone.  But chewing on my lip instead.

So they are now starting to get ready for flight to San Francisco so will close for now.  I will write a little more tonight.

Here I sit in the airport

Well tonight can’t sleep so am writing my blog for #RHSSanFran2014

I don’t know I was so dang tired before and now I am wide awake.

Well I guess I got two days to write about since I missed last night.

So yesterday.  My free day.  So decided I would take a walk and see some of the the city.  I planned out a route and knew I had to be back here by around 3 so I could pick up a ticket for Motown the musical.  Never really thought about terrain.  Would anyone think about terrain.  Just how to get from point a to point b and back again.  I figured pretty simple and started out walking around 10 in the morning.  After I had a smoothie from Starbucks.  Something to hit the spot.

I started out my little trek.  Yeah thought it would be a little trek.  First come out of the hotel.  Okay which way to go.  Yeah I need to get to Powell street.  So I am walking in the right direction.  Come across the cable cars.  Watch them for a little while.  See the line up for a ride onto it.  Then I start to head down the street I was walking on.  Powell has to be around here someplace.  So I walk a little in circles.  It should be here someplace.  You know it was were I was standing.  The road that I thought was a cable car road was also Powell.  Great looking for something and it is right in front of me.  Silly silly silly.

So then start heading down Powell.  Or should I say up Powell.  And up and up and up.  What the heck was I thinking.  This does have to stop and flatten out sooner or later.  You know it didn’t.  I kept on going up and up and up.

Finally I start going the other way.  Go through china town and little Italy.  Only see little bits and pieces of it.  But yes I did see these places.  I stopped for a little while in Washington square.  Admired a church there.  They sure do build them big here.  Or should I say cathedral.

As I walked along I loved the architecture of the different areas.  Just so interesting how they build all these buildings so close together. And every window juts out into the street.  Some are made of brick which came after a huge fire here.  Others are attached and some have a one inch gap between them.  The tour driver I had today.  Says this is how you can tell when these buildings were built.

I finally made it diown to the pier area.  With much up and then much down.  I wandered around the pier area for a little while.  Looked in a few stores and went to the aquarium.    You walk through a tunnel under water and see all the fish swimming above you.

Well time was starting to get the better of me and I had to head back in the other direction.  You know I could have just hoped on a cable car and went back over that hill with no problem, but no not me.  I decided I had started this and I was going to finish it and see the other two places I wanted to see.

So picked the road I was going to walk to get to Lombard street, Russian hill and nob hill.  Bad mistake.  This road was steeper then the other one.  I kept going though.  Up after up Fter up.  Stopping once in while to get some feeling back to my legs.  Then up some more.  Now I say again.. What was I thinking.well I did see Lombard street

Then I thought I would start going down.  But no I wanted to see another cathedral.  Which was up another hill.  This one had stain glass windows.  I love looking at those.  Even got to walk inside and take a look.  If the sun had been shining more. They would have been gorgious to see.  They were still pretty impressive.

Finished off my walk and headed to my room.  Wanted to cat nap for a little while.  But could not do that.  Had to go down to registration to get my Motown tickets..  So all the way down two flight of escalators to pick up a ticket.  Then back up stairs to change my clothes out of sweaty walking clothes.  Back downstairs to wait to see who was going and what rides were being taken and who was walking.  I got down there and there was not many ladies there.  They seemed to be dwindling out as I stood there wondering were to go and who was going were.  I finally went over to the desk and asked were abouts it was.  She said four blocks down on mmarket street.  So I headed out walking.  Got down there were I found everyone else waiting outside to go in.  So I missed something along the line but did make it were I was suppose to be.

We all went in to a vip room were every talked and had pictures taken and had a little drink or two.  It started getting a little warm in there so I went out to go get my seat.  Up four flights of stairs to the balcony.  My legs took allot of beating yesterday.

Today tried to get up early enough to make it down for the 7:30 getogether.  Well I think I made it down as they were moving to a bigger area.  I slipped in with my smoothie from Starbucks.  Sat and listend to all the conversations going on.  I recognized a few ladies from Facebook.  Got a few waves and hi’s

I then headed for Mel’s diner for a dinner bells breakfast.  Got a couple of hugs from some ladies who knew me more then I knew them.  All because I am a blabber mouth  on Facebook and a quiet one in person.  Something I would like to change but it just is not changing for me.

I went to register and pick up my goodies. Bag of nice things I the way of coupons, tickets, pin and a tshirt.  I then headed for hat district.  Boy is there allot of bling and hats and clothes there.  I just do not know were to start.  I walked around there. Mocked up some items I had already ordered and wandered a little more.  There is just so much.  I would love to go home with some of it.  Well maybe tomorrow I will look again..

Well it was almost time for the bus to leave for the majestic muirs.  Red wood trees that are just huge.  As I got down to the lobby I was just on time.  They were not to leave for a bit yet and they were already loading the bus.  One of these times I am going to miss something.  Well not if I can help it.

I got on one of the buses.  Now remember what bus you on as when you get off and wander around you will have to find that bus again to get back to were you belong.  Through traffic and over the golden gaete bridge to our first stop at solcilito.  I know bad spelling.  We walked around there for an hour.  Some very interesting stores there.  A second hand store that is full of evening dresses and furs. Glass stores were you are afraid to walk through without breaking something.  Some artist type shops and a few clothing stores.  Was a nice walk.  You also got a great view of San Francisco.

From there I sat on the curb and waited for the bus to come in.  Well you know the bus was already there and down at the other end of parking space.  Everyone boarding the bus and I sat for a few minutes more enjoying the breeze that was blowing.  It was getting a little warm and my legs were telling me about all my walking.

Well back on the bus.  We went along some twisty turny road.  Lots of switchbacks and up up we went.  Made it to the park were we got out and walked.  Oh this was a nice quiet place.  The trees overhead.  Huge trees at that.  Walked along the boardwalk to the path.  Down to the third bridge and then headed back on the other side of the creak.  Such a beautiful walk.

And just so quiet.  So piece full.  I just loved it.  Nature at its best I say..

I did my usual and took a look at the gift shop.  Oh oh found something I liked.  A very pretty dolphin carved in wood..  Well I bought it.

I just love dolphins. But everyone who knows me already knows that. Will probably be told about bringing home another dolphin.  Meh!!  Don’t care.  Got back on the bus and headed back into town.  Got a great view of San Francisco.  After that turny curvy road we came back down.  Then through rip use hour traffic to get back to hotel a little later then expected… I was hoping for a nap but that did not happen.

Did not even get a chance to change my clothes.  Dropped my stuff in the room.  Back down stairs to wait for another bus.  This one going to another theatre to see beach blanket babylon.  I headed up to the balcony and got a great seat.  Looking down on the stage.  Also got a good view of all the red hat regalia that was down below

The show was about Snow White finding true love around the world.  The costumes got more elaborate as the show went on.  The hats got bigger.  The songs were great to listen to and in the end she did get true love.  Aw!!!  Happy endings love it.

We lined up outside the theatre and waited to board the bus.  The wind was a little brisk but was a good night and not too cold for me.  Some were saying it was cold.

The bus did not take as long to get back to hotel were I came up stairs and am doing my thing.  I know my Facebook and blog and uploading my pictures.  Just to share with you all.  It seems I do not want to sleep now anyways.  Should I have another early morning tomorrow.  So should put my little head down on my pillow and get some shut eye.

Will talk again another day.  But I do seem to be busy, busy ,busy with this convention.  So catch you tomorrow

Well it seems like that is my first big convention blog. I must have been really zonked some days as I was writing most of this from the airport going home.. let’s see tomorrow what other blogs I can transfer to this site. It is much easier then the other one I was on.

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