Ontario for Oshawa convention April 2016

Another adventure is soon underway.

My golly I have not been awhile since I was on here.  Last I was on here was to think about doing some herstory.  That went over real well when I posted it on Facebook.  So now just do it for myself.  I am curious I ask questions .  It is my inquiring mind liking to know info why some thing clicks.  So I collect info from newspaper articles and such and keep the info to where sometime I may write something on it.  If I do write on herstory it will just be on my blog.  As I said before I am not in it to make any money just to talk about what I find interesting.  Okay letting it go for now.

Since I last wrote.  I have now become queen of our group.  I am known as Queen Iwanna for now.  But queen is just a figurehead for me.  All the ladies in our group have input into what we do and where we go.  They are a fun group of ladies to pal around with a get a few giggles and fun. I was voted in as Queen from my vice queen position after the past queen moved to another part of the province.

We have done so many wonderful things this past year.  Things I would have never done if I had not found these ladies to play with.  We have done pole dancing, belly dancing, done many different types of crafts,  went out to many dinners, traveled to Washington state were we have enjoyed visiting with Red hatters there,  and yes food is always involved.    We all love to eat.

So I had my sights set on going to the international convention in San Antonio.  I had my regidpstration in and hotel room booked.  Then the dollar went way down on Canadian dollar and I had to rethink some plans.  Cancelling my convention in San Antonio.  Bummer!!!    I guess it is all for the best though.  It opened up another opportunity to go to another convention a little closer to home.  Well I guess not much closer but it is in Canada.  Will be heading to Winnipeg in September.  It is the first convention this group is going to have so will see what plans they come up with.  Looks like a great time though and I will get to see some of the ladies I have met at other conventions.  That is one of the best parts.  To get together with friends I have made over the past few years.  I am still the quiet one but these ladies can pull off the shell once in while and bring on the giggles.

Tomorrow will be the start of another adventure for me.  I am heading for Ontario.  Fly out in the morning and spend a week there.  That dang snow better be gone.  I am not a fan of driving around in it.  Some pictures show it gone others show it is still there.  I really don’t want to be red hatting in my long johns.  But if push comes to shove I guess I gotta do what I gotta do.

First I will enjoy visiting with some family.  Need my family time once in while.  It feels so good.  Then there will a little me time.  I have decided again to be a bit of a tourist.  Gonna check out some of Ontario, which will bring in the falls and touring some back roads and seeing some country on my way to a convention.  I sure as heck am not going to drive through Toronto to get there.  That highway is just a little much for me so it will be a round about way to get there.  I was to a convention put on by these ladies a couple of years ago.  Had such a great time I decided to go again.  This time I will know a few more ladies which will make it even a better time.  Yep food will be involved as well.  Along with dressing in my finest and hoping that dress still fits.  Oh yes and the bling too.

While I am away the red hat society will celebrate a birthday.  They will be 18 this year.  Legal to do whatever they want.  Well they have always did what they wanted but now are legal to do it.  So there will be some big parties going on this year.  So if you see red hatters out and about having a great time wish them a happy birthday. I may be on a plane back home that day.  So was thinking get my kazoo out dawn my red hat and blast happy birthday on the plane home.  Then again it is just a thought

Hi all. Well in Ontario and no mishaps

Very long day today.  Up way too dang early for me.  5:45 in the morning.  I guess I got ta do what I got ta do.    I want to red hat I has to get myself out of bed and get me butt in gear.  Then plane will leave without me if I don’t.  No plane waits for no one they says.

So I crawl myself out from under the nice warm covers and my two cuddly dogs and get myself ready to face the world.  Well at least the world of airports.heading for a family visit and then a convention of the most beautiful ladies around (red hatters) and more family visiting and then depression sinks in and I have to head home from playing.  Will be so short and then I have to grow up again and face the world like an adult, but first I have to get myself out of bed.

Well after a little breakie and the dogs have their stroll I start once again checking and rechecking that I think I got everything.  Well I guess if I don’t will probably have to buy it.  Plus a bit of bling and maybe that hat I see and well you know.

I get my ride to the airport still wondering if I am missing anything.  The line up has already started.  I got myself into a fast line though.  Had already checked in and just had to get my boarding pass.  So yeah get to bypass most of the line and check my bag in and I am off to the races.  No line up at security so a breeze going through there as well.  No buzzers for me.  Great I didn’t wear that underwire bra or the rhinestone shirt or they would have been checking.  I am learning.

So ten minutes till the plane loads.  Yeah yeah had to check my Facebook.  I think I am addicted.  I could just sit quietly and wait for them to call to board.  No got to check Facebook.  Get myself on line through the airport wifi.  Easy Peasy.   What else can I look at.  Oops they are boarding.  Stuff everything back in my bag and go stand in line to walk on plane.

Aw!!  Window seat.  Never get those when I am with someone else.  I can watch the world go by.  I don’t know about you but it just facinates me to just look out the window and look down at the countryside so far below.  Where the water is, looking high on the mountaintops.  The fields and the crop circles.  I think I might have taken a little nap in there too.  It was an awful short flight.

Of in Calgary and an hour wait for my next flight.  Time for a snack and a bathroom break.  The downside at sitting at the window.  You either have to crawl over two other people to get to the washroom or ya gotta hold.

Next flight.  Dumb me.  I got to my seat.  All settled in and then I get told that I am in the wrong seat.  I pull out my ticket and say see this is my seat. You want to know what was dumb.  I was looking at the gate number.  The gate number was 16a and guess where I was sitting.  Oops in 16a.  Should have been sitting in 22a.  Grab my stuff and make a beeline for the back of the plane.  Dumb dumb. Seat 22a.  All settled in again and feeling like an well you know.

Well Westject does one thing right.  If you have the westjet app you can have wifi on the plane.  You still have to pay for Internet service but you can watch a movie or tv show while on your flight.  Wow something I didn’t need to pay for.  I paid for my luggage to go on.  That’s a new one on me.  It use to be for extra baggage not your first bag.  Guezz!  You pay for food oh but I did get some dry pretzels and a drink of pop for free.  My are those not the perks to flying.

Well since I get to watch a movie for free I sure as heck am going to watch one. Between looking out the window.  Not sure if I got most of the movie but I did watch it.  Had some giggles out of it too.

After three and half hours on plane I finally make it to my destination.  Pee break time again.  Then wait for the luggage to come out.  Yeah mine didn’t take to long to appear.  At least a plus there.  Next stop is the car rental.  I got that on airmiles so all paid for and they still want to put a hold on my credit card for $500.  So now when I go to the hotel there will be another hold on my card poof card is done.  Not gonna be much spending at this convention.  No bling for me.  Aw!

Okay next adventure.  Finding my sunglasses in my bag.  I am reaching through the bag to find them.  Nope that isn’t them, nope neither is that.  I know I put them in there.  Pull this out pull that out..  Got allot out of the bag and yes there they are. Right where I put them.  Go figure.  Hmm they said there was still cool weather and some snow around here.  It don’t seem that cold. In fact the airconditioner is on in the car.  Now how do I turn that off.  And this radio channel sucks as well.  I think I spent and good 20 minutes in the parking lot looking for things and then figuring out what the gadgets do on the car.

Finally on the road and heading in the direction I am suppose to be.    Heading out of this city to get to my sisters place.  Hmm I know there is a turn up here I have to make.  Oh I think it was right back there.  No I am not turning around I can get there from this way as well.  Music blaring and I am a driving.  This does not look right.  I think I might have done something wrong.  No I still do not need to turn around I will just go this way and I know I will get to the highway I am suppose to be on.  A couple of round a outs and yes up ahead.  There is the highway I need.  Shit luck I thinks.

Heading down the highway.  Enjoying the tunes blaring away and yes I am going in the right direction.  Well a tour that was suppose to take three quarters of an hour took an hour and half.  But hey I did some touring and saw a little of the city I really didn’t want to see.  You know just checking out my old haunts.  I use to live there many many years ago.  Did I say many!

Well I did make it.  Thank the Angels for that.  I wasn’t lost at all.  No not me just touring.  I did get to where I wanted to be, just a little in a round about way.

So that’s my adventure for today.  I am going to catch up on some sleep now.  Talk to you tomorrow

Hi all. Missed the last couple of nights but did put pictures on Facebook you want to take a boo

I am a bit on the tired side tonight a may not write too much,  then again I may just blab on for all it is worth.

I am having a great time.

Two days ago I kinda took a chillaxing day.  My sister had a few errands to get finished around her place and since I figured I would be on the road the next couple of days better to just relax and enjoy the day.  Took a morning walk to get out the kinks from sitting on the plane the whole day before.  Ankles sure did not like the sitting all day.  I was out for about an hour walking around tavistock.  Enjoying the sun and getting a little pinkish.  Well at least I didn’t burn.  That is usually what happens.  Some of the happy pills I am on make my skin just a little sensitive.  After the walk sat out on back porch for while until sun started to get a little too warm.  I am not really an outdoor person.  Enjoy for a little while then just like to sit on the couch and do something.  You know knit, crochet or read.  I may have even dozed off for a bit.  Too much of that nice warm sun all at once.  It got pretty hot that day and if you are not use to the heat it will drain me pretty fast.  So between a nap or two I was enjoying a mushy book.  Always can get into those.  My sister is real good to me.  I do love the farmer sausage from Krugs in tavistock.  I always try to have some when I am home.  It is not made like that in BC.  No really good type of farmer sausage you can get there.  It is like I go to Alberta to get green shoelace licorice. Not sold in BC either and it is something I like. Well enough about my likes.  I could go on with a few that are sold around here you can not get in another province.

I thank my sis for thinking about me and frying some up for me.

That night we headed over to visit a couple of cousins I have not seeming in years.  Had a very nice visit with them and caught up on a bit of gossip on the family.  She made a very yummies chocolate chip cookie in a cast iron skillet.  Boy warm and a little bit of icecream with it and just finished off the day on a high note.

Made it to bed a little later then wanted to and slept not too bad that night.  Still thought about the drive I was going to make the next day.  How to get there without driving too busy a road.  How to miss most of the cities so I didn’t get lost and such.  Mind was racing part of the night.

Up in the morning and still wanted to sleep, but can’t lay in bed all day.  Places to be and things to do or I don’t get were I am suppose to get or be.

I had lunch with my sisters red hat group.  What a lovely group of ladies.  They go out once a month to enjoy a meal together and catch up on what is going on with them.  It was such a lovely time with them.  We then headed back to tavistock. We’re she gave me a few directions to get places and then I was on my way.  Down the road and seeing some of southern Ontario.

I drove cross country.  Headed out of tavistock and went to Punkydoodle corner.  Oops already went wrong.  Was suppose to turn before I got there.  Well I did see punkydoodles.  I guess maybe I just wanted to see the place.  Yep that’s my excuses and I am sticking to it.  Followed the road down past Woodstock and found another road I was suppose to take to go east towards Brandford and Hamilton. With trying to stay at the outskirts of those towns and not make wrong turns.  In Brandford I must have made a wrong round about someplace cause I ended up on the other side of where I wanted to be a on the other side of the 403. Abig highway I didn’t want to be on.  So instead of turning around I just decided to keep going with the sun to my back and see where it would lead me.  You know eventually I did get back across 403 and on the south side of it and heading east again on the road I had originally wanted.  I was more interested in the old houses around here.  Beautiful brick houses with the woodwork along the eaves.  Just marvolous to see.  Couldn’t stop to take pictures because every time I slowed down to look some dang driver would come barreling up behind me to want me to go faster.

Anyways I did make it to Niagara Falls in an almost good time.  A trip that should have taken maybe a couple of hours took me an hour or so longer.  But hey I was enjoying myself so who cares.  Now next problem.  Finding my hotel.  No GPS just my iPad to tell me where I am.  Well it wasn’t that bad.  Found the road I was looking for and made the right turn and hotel was right there.  Well at least something went as easy as pie.  Not like two days ago when I was trying to get out of kitchener from the airport.  I missed one turn so decided to go through kitchener and kept going. Ended up going a bit of a long way around kitchener because I missed another turn.  But you know eventually it all worked out with a couple of left turns I made it back to the road I needed.

So after checking into the hotel went for a walk down to the falls.  Oh oh down hill.  You know I have to walk back up afterwards.very quiet down there.  Thought about going up the tower and looking from there.  Not selling any tickets.  Well that’s. A bummer.   So walked rest of way down to the water.  So much water going over.  Just a wonder to see.  I stirolled along the walkway.  Took a few pictures and enjoyed the walk.  Headed back up the hil along the tourist trap road.  So many places of haunted houses.  Mirror houses ripleys believe it or not, but no food really opened.  No souvenir shops opened. I guess. It really isn’t tourist season yet.  Well the casinos where opened but if I set foot in there I would probably loose $20 in no time.  Found a conviniance store and bought a sandwich.  I guess it had to do..  Back to the room and was out like a light in not time. Problem was I was awake at 2:30 thinking it was later and the clock was wrong.  Nope I was wrong   Went back to sleep after a while and woke at 7:30.  Gaul can I not get a good night sleep but I wouldn’t go back to sleep for the life of me. So got myself out of bed grudgingly and got myself ready to go

Checked out and then hoped in the car.  Took one more drive down along the falls.  Sun shining and a beautiful day.  What a day to just tour and see some countryside.  I headed north to Niagara on the lake.  Oh my have you ever seen so many mansions in one place.  Just such beauties.  And mixed in with them are old heritage homes.  You know those beautiful brick or stone house made at the turn of the century.  Just beautiful.  I know I am say just beautiful allot, but I am really enjoying this drive.  Oops missed my turn again.  I think it may be a good thing.  I saw Fort George and down town Niagara on the lake.  Loved seeing the town but the fort was closed.  Oh well.  Once turned around and heading west I ignored getting on the huge highway for as long as I could.  Saw so many wineries.  You could stop at each have a sip and be so out of it by the time you hit the last one.  All the oak trees along the side of the road.  They would be so wonderful to see in full leaf in the summer.

All things had to come to an end.  Coming close to Hamilton and had to get onto a road I dreaded.  Expressway.  But it was the only way I was going to get to where I needed to be..  100 Kim’s and hour.  Far cry from the 60 I was puttering along at enjoying myself.  Truck, trucks and more trucks. Speeding by and I just kept myself tucked in behind a truck and followed him until he had the Gaul to turn off on me.  What was he thinking.  I had him as my buffer of not seeing all the traffic on the road.  Well all things come to an end.  I took he 403 to the 401 and just kept on agoin until I got to were I was suppose to be.  Ten lanes of highway.  Oh brother.  Then finally down to six lanes and then four.  That has to close to where I get off.

Bloor street ahead.  Yeas that is where I get off.it doesn’t look right.  Hope I am right.  I will go a little further and if not then I wonder what I do.  Oh thank goodness there is the hotel.  I did it right.  Okay so proud of myself.  First time driving through Toronto.  I am growing up I think. Or maybe it is I gots to do what I gots to do.  Well almost.  A two hour drive took me about four hours with my piddling along.  But hey it was worth it.

Unpacked my bag to get wrinkles out of my dress.  Layed down for a bit but didn’t sleep.  Thought I would but still eluding me.went down to the lobby and waited to see if anyone else was around.  In walks Bev and there is Jan. An eleanor.  Hugs all around.  So good to see them again.then a few more ladies show up.  Ladies from Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Alberta,, BC, Maine and Connecticut.   We all sat around the lobby and talked.  Got to know each other all over again.  Got our registration in when the table was ready.  Took our goodies back to our rooms.  Grabbed a jacket and we hopped into a couple of cars and went to the keg to enjoy a meal.  More laughs and giggles. Just love these ladies. Two Michigan ladies joined in the fun.

Back to the hotel where I begged off on a little more talking in the lobby.  I had a long day and figured before I conk out on them I go to my room and then if I conk out at least I will be in my bed. You know as you can see I have not conked out yet as I am still here watching a movie and writing about my last couple of days.  Well one thing to say.  This is gonna be one heck of a weekend.  I am still the quiet one but they except me as I am and I am gonna have a great time.  I think I better see if I can shut my eyes now and get a little snooze time.  Or I am gonna ware myself out.  That will not be good.  So talk to you again tomorrow.  That is if I am not playing too much

I was reading through this and I seemed to stop writing. There is nothing on the convention or my trip home. Well that is a bummer. Must have gotten lost in my memory cells someplace and never written down.

I had three days of convention in Oshawa. My table mats were the greatest. Bev, Donna, jean,Melony, and a couple other Ontario ladies I can not recall at the moment. These ladies were a blast to be around. I spent allot of time that weekend with Bev. I know one thing for sure. Cathy was one of the last ones to leave the dance floor every night. A real energizer bunny she was. A great part was visiting with Jan again. The two of us have such a great time when we get together.

After the convention was over I headed to Barrie for the night. Visit with my other sister for a day.

My flight home was very eventful. The plane was two hours late on getting in. Was gonna make it iffy to catch my connecting flight. I got into calgary really late. I rushed over to the other flight I was suppose to catch. You know there was no plane there. Thought I made it in a nick of time. No way. I ended up courtesy of west jet staying at the airport hotel for the night and a flight out first thing in the morning. Boy! Do I mean first thing in the morning. Did I mention I was not a morning person. Well, I did finally make it home. First place for me was thinking about bed. Hubby had other thoughts though. Groceries. We need them and the laundry has to get done . I would really like to know how he would survive if I didn’t come home once in awhile and do these things for him. I do know he knows where McDonalds and Dairy Queen and Burger King are. As for cooking and cleaning helpless I do believe.

Well next blog coming up shortly. Sorry I missed writing a bit on this one. I must have been way to bushed or just having way too much fun

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