From when the red hat society changed their website. I was a playing to figure it out.

From the website of the red hat society

These are the four blogs I had put up on the website for the red hat society this past week.  You see we have a new website.  Thought it was going to be tough to learn a new site after all the years of using the old web site.  After a week it seems pretty straight forward to me.  As I say I am not a techie but this site works good for me.  I got the basics so I am happy.

Each blog I did on different days.  It isn’t going to distinguish when one day blog ends and another starts.  The blog format right now does not know paragraphs.  So each blog I did is a paragraph.  Then the next day I did another and it was one big paragraph as well.  I did my paragraphs bu pt when it was saved and shared the program does not like different paragraphs.

Anyways just for those red hatters who are not on the site yet and want to get a jist of what it is like.  Read along and enjoy.

Day one on the site:

This website I thought was going to be a little tough to get working on. You know once you get started on it and play a little. You know it is relatively easy. Then again I have been on Facebook for quite awhile and this is something like Facebook. How do I discribe it. Well how about a bunch of pages that share on Facebook. First thing to figure out is ,if you do not want allot of emails coming into your email account, you will have to go to your privacy settings. There say no to allot of questions that tell you about do you want a email if this or do you want an email if you do that. So to save getting allot and yes I mean allot of emails is start saying no to those questions. A tedious thing to do but at least it will save you from deleting over 1000 emails in your personal email. Now your cooking. That was the big thing for me. Now mind you this may not be what you all do to set up your new site to personalize it for yourself. These are just things I have found in my wandering around the site. I am a play and learn type of person. So I looked at a couple of the videos. That got me the gist of what the site was like and then went to playing. There are still things I need to learn on it, but I keep playing little by little and eventually I will figure out what I need to know. So now so far. I have made albums, wrote some post, ask to connect with other ladies, liked and commented on other posts. I started out with putting on some pictures. Then I figured that these pictures are on my news feed and if you are looking for a certain picture that you have to go through all pictures to find this one. So if you make albums for each event or idea you want pictures for. I did an album for an event I had just gone to this past week and added those pictures. then I also made an album that shows ladies in my group. Now this was done on the group page of my chapterettes. Today I took it kinda easy. Too much overload will make it just start running it around in my head over and over and start confusing things. so in the next few days will probably be back at it again. Hopefully Whalen I am feeling a bit better. I could explain allot that I understand so far, but I think if I try to write them down I may just confuses you a little more. I start trying to explain it to myself what I am doing and dang I could confuse myself in no time flats. For now, I understand it so I am not going to confuse myself by trying to say something that is not exactly right. For now just figuring out the blog I have. Seeing whether it is seen by anyone or whether it is something that someone has to look for on my page. Orif it will show up on the news feed of red hat society. Well will see.

Day 2 on the site

Well I tried this afternoon to write this blog. I then tried again tonight. Poof they disappeared. My fault though. Not the web site. I was busy playing around. Exploring the web site. Then hubby said. I need you for a minute. Ha we all know what hubbies mean by a minute. So I set my iPad down and went to help him. I thought for once may only be a minute. Um! No it turned into half an hour. When I came back to my iPad the screen was on screen saver. Iopened back up and poof no more of what I was writing before. Dang I had been writing pretty good today. You know the words that come out when something is missing. Mine is oh s#%t. Yep that is the word. So now am back and trying again. Things I had found out or at least figured out. You write on your own news feed, or put up pictures, the post will show up on the society news feed as well. O you do not need to post it twice so everyone will see it. That simple. You read your news feed you will see the ladies you are connected with who are writing or showing pictures. You read the society news feed you see what everyone is writing who is a member of the society. All comments and all pictures. One thing I am trying to figure is if this blog goes to the society news feed or if it is something that only connected ladies will see. I didn’t see my last blog post come up on the society news feed, but wasn’t looking that much at the time. Someone had seen it as they commented on it. So a little figuring there. Now if you are writing on a group page. Like the queens page or your chapterettes group page these are private to whom ever is connected to the group page. So if you are writing on a private group page and expect an answer from everyone, you are not going to get an answer except from whomever is connected to group. For instance I put up my smiley car on the sunshine girls group page. It showed up on my newsfeed as I am a member of that group, but it did not show up on the society group page feed because it was a private page. This will be the same with the queens group page, or the ambassadors group page. Now speaking of privacy. You can go to your page and set your privacy to whatever you want. You don’t need to get every single email coming in. You do not need to show your birthdate or your address or put up a picture if you do not want. I haven’t looked that close yet, but I think you can block someone if you are not comfortable with them. I haven’t found anything like that yet, but I will keep looking and see what I can see. Then again. You can not play at all. The problem with that is you are not getting some of the benefits of the red hat society. The other site is now gone and if you want to know what is going on with the society you do have to tune in a little. Forums are threads. There is hatters chatters, how to do something, what is going on someplace. And so on and so on. You can find info here. If you can’t find the info there. Start a new forum and ask the question yourself. Everyone will see it and you should be able to get your answer through someone on the thread. These forums will show up of the news feed for the society. So everyone sees who is a member of the society. The group page for the red hat society also has calendars that show all activities that are going on around the world. Now there is calendars on every group page. These are private to your group. They will show on your newsfeed only if you are a member of that can set reminders of when something is coming up in your group. You can put your events into the calendar so that all in your group can see something going on and when and where it is. I haveput the agenda of the next few events that are going on in the next few months for my group. All they have to do is check the calendar of their group and find when and where they are going next. I think it is so organized On my own page I can put on the calendar items I am going to personally. When I leave to go to a convention. My flights and hotel info can be added in. All in one place on my personal calendar. Yes it is private no one else will see what you are doing personally. I think I have put you on overload allot here today. Maybe have helped a few ladies who are asking questions. Maybe confused some others. I am having fun with this site. Everything is all in one place where you can add and talk to everyone. Connect with someone you have not seen in awhile. Or just keep a little bit closer to home and do the basics. The reason I am doing this blog is so I can keep my mind remembering. I write about the society. I write about what I am doing. You have probably seen some of my writing over on Facebook. I can share this blog over there as well. I discovered that today. Now how I did it I am not sure, but I will find it again. My life gets full of fibro brain fog once in while. Makes it hard to remember some simple things. So if I can read back on what I write it will bring back something that is lost in the fog right then. So this is more personable to me, but I love to share. It may help someone or it may confuses them a little more. Depending on what they are looking for. I learn the basics by playing. The videos to me are like being in school and after a bit I start to tune out the teacher. I am a hands on type person. I play, make my mistakes learn from them and start over and try again. So whichever way you learn. Try the web site a few times and get to know the basics at least. That way you will at least know what is happening at hatquarters.

Day 3 on the site

I changed from my I pad to my Mac book today. I guess eyesight is getting that bad. No, I just keep thinking there should be something else there and i am not seeing it. I tried many times yesterday to figure out how to get a picture onto my group page. yYes I could say. I might have used a word that other refined ladies are using now. That F word. Oh now don’t go thinking it is a bad word and Brenda ow could you say that. the word actually is frustration. LOL!!! Got cha there. For the life of me I just couldn’t seem to ee the things that Emily and Joann where talking about. Just add this to here and drag it across to here and voila you have it. Hump! that is easier said then done. I must need new glasses cause i just can’t see it. So the next best thing. I got a bigger screen. If that didn’t work I was moving to the office and using the big computer. Well i tried my Macbook an see what happens. MY IPAd is going to be so lonely without me. It seems to be a regular part of my hand. you know though on a cool winter day having this Mac sitting on y lap is nice and warm. There is one good thing about it.My fingers can warm up anytime just by putting them under my laptop for a few minutes. I know you don’t want to hear about my cold fingers So after starting out the day on my IPad i moved over to a bigger computer. The layout is a little different. Not much, but yes if you have been working on only one thing it will look a little different. It looks more like the videos instead. that is where iI was having the problem. there is not a button for that. Or if I push or tap on this thing it just goes someplace else instead of where it was suppose to go. I had been going round and round and never got to the middle where I wanted to be. There is where my f word starting coming into play. Oh no not the F word you are thinking of. My, my would I say something like that. Well, sometimes I think yes, the word of the day is frustration. yep! frustration. You go round and round see the same things over and over again.Then you think it is time to leave for awhile. Now mind you all iI was trying to do was get a picture up on my group page. For some reason Joann could do it, but this duffuss sitting right here could not put the right swing on it and get it done. Yeah I said duffuss. I am not a techie. I do not claim to be a Techie. I just play until somehow I get it right or ruin the whole dang thing. So far have not ruined the whole dang thing though. I can say i am pretty proud of myself. I actually know what I am doing. The duffuss is getting the hang of it. I now have a picture on both of my group pages. The Darling Dahlias AKA the Double Dee’s and the Adventurous and Crafty Diamonds.OH the second group you will not find under that name. I had changed it before the other web site was taken down. The name change was excepted, but low and behold the Daring Bling-a-lings still reigns as my chapter name. Now unless I can change it on here someplace, would hat quarters be nice enough to do this little favour for me and change it. When you are not too busy. Ha that ain’t gonna be for awhile. Back on track. I could see the screen I could play at things that would not cooperate on my iPad. I prevailed and yes I now have pictures up on my group pages. I have a bit of a clue how i did it, but to explain it with out looking at what anyone is doing. I haven’t got a clue how I did it. Thats my story and I am sticking to it. oh by the way I have not been checking the notices most of the day. I look at them once in while, but it is always the same thing over and over again. someone likes and then comments. then someone else likes the comment and makes there own comment. It just keeps going back to the same posts over and over with just another sentence added onto the the. So i just look in once in while to see if anyone new is on there that I can welcome. Or if something was said about something I posted. I am not trying to be rude and ignore everyone, but it is just after awhile all the liking and comments for the same thing get tiresome. I may go down the ranks and am not worried about it, but I would really like to learn the site before my chapterettes start signing in and asking questions I really don’t know yet. I will like what interests me and it doesn’t mean I don’t like something if I don’t like. it cuts down on the notifications I get. So everyone play as you like. Me I am just slowing down little and doing a little more learning. I am having more fun just accomplishing something new on here right now then liking every little thing. Like I said a minute ago. Thats my story and I am sticking to it. Enjoy your night. I am still playing but in little bits and pieces. I accomplished what I have been trying to do. I am happy now. Time to explore something else.

Day four on the site

I haven’t been on here much today. Hubbie dragged me out cause he wanted company. Yeah! Sounds like so much fun. He had to go to the welding place and get another tank. I had to go along for that? We didn’t do anything else. Just drive over to Abbotsford. Get a new tank and then drive home. Ha, he needed company for that. Well we got a butprger on the way home. At least I didn’t need to cook lunch. Well it wasn’t all a waist of my day. He is home until after Christmas. He is on his 18 day stretch off. Driving me nuts is what he is doing. No crafting getting done. No catching up on my recorded tv shows. No can really do anything as if I leave the room for something he asked where I am going or what I am doing. Okay did I tell you he is driving me batty. Yeah yeah! I complain about him allot, so you may hear it once in while. I don’t mean to put my complaints on here they just happen to end up at the end of my fingers and boom there they are on the page I am writing. I will stop my complaining now. This is why I joined the red hat society. To be able to have a life that is my own and not all my hubby. Even if this is what he thinks. I need my time. Well I got a little of my time here tonight. He went to bed a little early. Aw quiet in the house. Just me and the dog snuggling on the couch and watching the lights twinkle on the tree. No dumb history channel reality fix em up tv shows. Now down to a little business. The web site as it stands to me. Well at least what I understand about it. Still not an expert, but I have learned a few things. There are only a few ladies that have popped onto the site and given it a try in this area. Was thinking that maybe in the new year could see if I could get a few queens together or anyone who wishes help with the site. We could set up at a internet place log in to pgether and do a little bit of firsts try this before you delve all the way in. First thing though is to watch the videos so they have half an idea of what to do without being freaked out. Really if I can do it so can you. I am a duffuss when it comes to techie and this for some reason came to me very easily. Mind you I did have a few pitfalls, but worked my way around them and have prevailed. Dang proud of myself too. I put pictures on my group wall welcoming page. Took me a allot of the day and a changing to my laptop instead of my iPad. Eyes were getting dreary and figured bigger printing was in the works for me for a bit. You know the page is set a little different on the iPad then it is on the laptop. I found that out yesterday. Made it much easier to see and it looks more like the videos. Then I have a haleyluya there is the thingamabob I was looking for at the top of that dohicky by the toggle. Yeah told you I wasn’t a techie. These are my laywomens terms. I just hope these videos stay around. For new ladies joining up afterwards or as a refresher for someone who may be having a brain fart on something. Excuses the language. I do have a few of them I use. Anyways going around the site tonight I was noticing allot of ladies asking if I write here do they see it everywhere. Or am I just writing on my wall where no one will see it. How do I do this. I can’t seem to do this to talk to someone. So just a little rundown and maybe this will get rid of some of the seriousness that is popping up right now. You sign in after you have set your profile and made all emails go away. You are comfortable with the site but not just too sure about things yet. 1. The red hat society group page everyone is a member of that. So anyone who write on a blog, forum or on the wall everyone will see. It will go to your notifications, but I do not think it is copied to your wall unless you are connected with this person. 2. You write on your wall it will go to anyone’s wall you are connected with. 3. You write on someone else’s wall it is seen on anyone’s wall you are connected with. Or if they are not connected with the person you are writing to there will be a notice on their wall that you did write on someone else’s wall. Hope that makes sense. If I write on bobbie’s wall and you are not connected with Bobbie but are connected with me you will see on your wall that I had written something on Bobbie’s wall, but do not know what it is, unless you go to Bobbie’s wall and look. In this same mode if I write on Bobbie’s wall and you are connected to me and Bobbie answers me back you will see that Bobbie’s comment. This will only put her on your wall because she commented to my comment. 4. Group pages are private to whomever is in that group. Now for the queens group page you will see any queens comment from the group when they are commenting on there. You will see it on on your wall as you are a member of that group. So only queens can see the comment, blogs and forums of the queens group. It is the same with the ambassadors group page. Only ambassadors can see comments on their own wall and the ambassadors group page as they are ambassadors. So it is private to the ambassadors. 5. If you want something private written to just one person send them a message. They can send you a message back. You think if you are writing on their wall that you are sending them a private message about something. That something is going to get around real fast cause everyone connected to you is gonna see it. 6. You want to talk to everyone go to the society group page and talk your life away. You want to talk to people you are connected to write on your own page and the connected ladies will talk back to you in their posts. If you just want to talk to your group put it on your group new feed page. 7 oh you do not need to connect with everyone who comes on the society site. Just connect with who you want to connect with. They are your group of friends from near and far. If you want to talk to everyone then just use the society group page. The connection is there so you can talk to ladies you have met at conventions or group meetings or in just being out and about. Just like on Facebook. You don’t connect with everyone there do you? If you do you are sure looking for allot of friends, but the thing is none of them are close are they? I have a few connections now of ladies who I have met before on Facebook and in person at conventions. From US across the country. I Am waiting for the new year when ladies from British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Alberta start playing on the sight. That is where I have met most of my friends. That is because this is where I have done most of my red hatting, but have been to conventions in the States were I have met some very lovely and fun loving ladies. Now just a little tidbit. If you have been on Facebook you can do this site. Each group page has a news feed like Facebook. You add pictures, you make post and you make comments. The same with your own page. There is a news feed there where you make post, add picture and albums, and you can make comments to other post that show on your news feed. It is fun playing with others. Just don’t get carried away that you have to comment on everything or like everything. It just keeps showing that you have so many notifications and you just keep getting the same post over and over again with another like or another post added on. Have fun, but please I look at my notifications and just seems like I am seeing this again and again. You like it like it or just pass it by. You want to comment go ahead, but don’t think you have to like or comment because it is there. No one is going to disappointed because one person did not make ten likes on it. Have fun with the site. Play around. Post, Like and comment, but enjoy, don’t think it has to be done because everyone else is.the site is informative. It is helping us all to connect with each other and with hatquarters. It is fun. When you are ready give it a try. It doesn’t have to be done today. It.doesn’t have to be done tomorrow. Whenever the mood strikes you. If you have a problem. Hatquarters is there for you. Well after the holidays are over mind you. There are also a few ladies out there who have become good enough to help with some answers. Don’t be afraid to ask. We are all in this together. Sisterhood at its best. Love ya. Have a good night .

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