New Orleans here I come. From 2015

On the road again heading to New Orleans

Good morning all.  I am now sitting at the airport in Vancouver waiting for a flight.  Yesterday I did a little napping and ran a few more errands and fretted about this trip.  Do I have everything?  Should I have packed that.  Should I take that out cause I don’t really need it?  The list just goes on.  The big one.  Why the heck am I doing this?  I am not really a traveler.  Yes I do want to have some fun in my life but going places and meeting new experiences is a problem with me.  I know a problem I should get over. Hey I only live once so yes I am going to live it fretting and all.

I do a big talk about being well traveled. Well yes I am but I am a nervousness reck on the inside.  My biggest fear is getting out and doing things.  Meeting new people and having new experiences.  I talk big but when it comes time to do this do I really want to do it?  I have said I want to do this and I want to do that.  I have a list of things I do want to do but will I get the nerve up to do them.  Well I am trying.  Roller coasters are still off my list though.  I was on them when I was younger and they are defiantly not my cup of tea.  But yet I talk about going on a zip line. Or going into an air tank and flying with a big fan blowing me in the air..  I have gotten close to going up in an ultralight and you know I chickened out at the last minute.  You reading this yes I said a zip line.  I know weird but I won’t go on a roller coaster again.

Anyways that is enough about that.  I will do these some day but probably not in the near future.

So today I am sitting in the airport as I am heading to another convention.  This one just outside of New Orleans. In a little town of Houma.  Well this town may not be little but.  I really don’t know until I get there.  That is if I get there.may get lost in the bayou many times looking for a turnoff to this place in a rental car I am not too familiar with.  Do not want to meet up with any gators.

This convention is called diva n bling.  There are afew tours in the morning of Friday, then in the afternoon will meet up at the mall to see everyone.  The last stop will be at a donut shop were we will see how many can get into one picture.  They have made special red and purple donuts for us to enjoy.

This or the mall is probably were I will be meeting up with the other ladies.  My flight does not get into New Orleans until later tonight.  Have a stop over of a couple of hours in Dallas as well.  So decided to go to our hotel in New Orleans.  Get a restful night, grab a cab in the morning to the rental car place and get our car.  Then for the drive out to Houma.  Yeah I did ask to see if someone could pick us up at our hotel and got told that there is only one person in the office so can not leave to come and get us.  Bummer!!!  So a taxi ride we get.  Just to get a car so we can tour out to Houma.

So now the adventure begins again.  I am traveling with my son.  I sure do not know what he is going to do while I am sitting quietly watching all the se ladies giggle and laugh and visit.  It will take me a little while and some mugging before I get in the groove.  Yes I am getting better but still very quiet.  I am a watcher more then a doer.just have to go with the flow and see what happens.

This group of ladies sound like so much fun as I talk to them over the Internet.  Yeah that is were I do most of my talking. I am a typer not a talker. As you can see my blog is now starting again.

Well flight is soon going to be called.  See if I can get a little shut eye on the plane.  Talk to you to finish this later.  Was up most of the night.  Had a little bit of shut eye at home.  Went to lay down and slept for a couple of hours.  Then it was up at 2:30 and off to pick up Rob.he stuffed in his suitcase into my little bug and off we go.  Drove along Mary hill by pass down yo new west and along marine drive.  Dang nice drive that early in the morning.  Not much in the way of traffic. A few cars but they are not bumper to bumper.  I probably could have taken an easier route but I was heading this way so kept going.

So have been sitting on this plane for two hours.  I did get a little more sleep.woke up here a little while ago and figured it was time to play.  There was a glass of ice cubes sitting on my serving tray.  I set it over on Rob’s tray and Oooops down it went.  All over his tray and down to the floor.  Well at least I didn’t get anything on his books he had in his bag.  His pants are a little wet though now.  Floor around him may be a little wet too.  Serves him right for putting his ice cubes near me.  He is back watching his movie and holding onto the glass of cubes so I don’t get it again.

I was trying the Internet on the plane but couldn’t get on without paying.  That’s a bummer. Gues I will have to wait till I get to Dallas to see what is happening in the world of diva n bling.  There was suppose to be some special announcement today.  Guess I am going to have to wait a little longer. Hopefully will get on sooner or later.  I am going into withdrawal without my Facebook.  Yeah I know I am a sorry sort of person.

Well I will put this machine away again and see whether I can get a little more shuteye.  Still a lot tired.  Need my beauty sleep to look almost normal for the convention. Next stop, Dallas were we spend a couple of hours before heading onto New Orleans.hope weather is a little better.  Sounds like one plane with some ladies on it had to go to another airport cause of a big storm cloud over New Orleans.hope we get in without a hitch.

Talk again later. I believe mother nature needs a red hat.  Then maybe she would not be so nasty to all her sisters.

I am now sitting in Dallas.  Waiting so impatiently for the next plane to come.  A three hour wait plus a couple of time changes and lack of sleep.  Getting a little testy, but I did finally get onto the Internet.  So now I can post this little dribble I am typing away at.

Dallas airport.  Huge I mean huge.  You walk and then take a train to next terminal and walk some more..  Got to our gate but sign is not up for our plane yet.  Hope they do not move it to some other terminal or we will be on the move again.  I am just a country girl at heart. One small terminal with only two or three gates.  Not use to this.  Hope New Orleans is not as big. I will be lost for sure.  Glad I got a shuttle to the hotel though.  I am going to hate driving tomorrow on maybe busy roads and from the sounds of it raining as well.

Well I have blabbered enough for one day.  Gonna get to the hotel and get a good night sleep tonight to be ready to go tomorrow and meet all my sisters in crime.  Oh did I say that.  No crime being committed here. I am sweet and innocent   So I keep saying on Facebook and the quiet one.  They say the quiet ones are the dangerous ones.  Hey I don’t believe that.  Do you?  So no more hearing from me today unless it is on Facebook.  I have filled my blog for today.  Need sleep.  Lots of sleep

Talk to you again tomorrow.  After I am rested and in the town of Houma.  Or lost in the bayou.  Whichever comes first.   Send out a search party.  The gators can have Rob first.  He has a little more meat on him then I do.  I am just and appetizor

Day two or two and half if you count I was up all night to catch a plane.

Hello all.  Wow the humidity here is pretty warm.  Stepped outside to catch a taxi and it just hit you like a ton of bricks.  The hotel room we are staying at in New Orleans has no window.  So you can not really tell what it is doing outside.  I got up this morning and decided to take a look outside.  Found out it is not a window we have but a mirror that looks like a window with curtains on it.  Well guess have to wait till we get downstairs to see what is going on in the world.

So got up this morning and you know we missed the continental breakfast downstairs.  I think I needed the sleep more then I needed the food.  After the plane ride from heck yesterday I was so happy that we still had a room and I could just put my head down and my feet up and just relax.

You see last night plane ride which was suppose to be an hour and half ride turned out to be five hours.  We got loaded in the plane.  Then had to wait to see what the weather was doing.  As storm fronts were traveling over New Orleans.  The plane finally taxied out to the Tarmac but then all of a sudden after a bit of a wait at the runway he turned back towards the hanger.  Said had to get gas in order to make this flight happen.  So another wait while we filled with gas and they figured out a flight plan.  Then back out to the runway and waited again while plane after plane took off.  We finally got in the air and started heading north.  Did not turn south until we were up north of Arkansas. Then came back down to New Orleans via Mississippi.  We got into New Orleans at midnight or there abouts.  Then getting the shuttle and onto the hotel.  We still had a room when we got there.  Thank goodness for that.  Was out like a light in. I time after Rob got us a couple of snacks from the vending machine to tie us over till morning.  There was no walking for me.  My feet had a little problem and started to swell on me. Not easy walking with that.  So I slept with my feet up and my head down.  And out like a light in. O time.  Yeah I already said that.

Next morning woken up by house keeping.  Oh gosh we have to get on the road.  Picking up a rental car and then the drive out to Houma.  Grabbed a taxi over to car rental place.  Well at least I did something right.  I got a rental place close to easy access to the road going to Houma.  So only had to get on expressway and head out of town.  Not through town but out of town.  Easiest drive I had to make and tank goodness for gps.  Got us there without a hitch.  Love when things go together like that.

So now have a room in Houma.  There are so many red hatters walking and driving around town.  I missed some of the fun things they were doing this afternoon but made it to the pirate get together tonight.

I took Rob on a bit of a walk.  He being a big guy the humidity did not do too much for him.  First thing he did when we got back to room was go take a shower..  He may spend allot of time there if this keeps up.  Walking around New Orleans may be tough on him.  I was hoping that maybe we could walk down to were a few were meeting but didn’t make it that far.  Decided to turn around as was a little further then what the map looked like.  Dang maps never tell the truth of how close you are to something.  So I hoped into my pirate outfit and headed down stairs to meet up with the other ladies going there.  Got a ride over to were the buses were picking us up and road the bus over to were the event was taking place.

Two tents set up.  One nice and cool inside.  With chairs set up for socializing.  The other tent was filled with buffet type meal and the vendors were there as well.  Two vendors with some gorgeous hats and the bling lady herself that I by lots of bling from.  Diane.  She had a couple more items for me that I had paid for already..

So wandered the room for a little while.  Found a seat were a few ladies were sitting and ended spending a few hours with them chatting a way.  Well as you know they were chatting I did my usual and not too many words coming out but did keep up my end of the conversation.  Imagine that.  From the quiet one.

Met Anna tonight and she was surprised.  She thought when I said I was the quiet one that I was just kidding.  Well she found out the opposite of what she was thinking.  I can say so much on Facebook but when it comes to face to face I am as quiet as they come. I got a certificate and a pin tonight by joining ROOTH.  That is the royal order of the hat.  You make a hat that has a ship on it and then you show it off to all the Pirates there.  Mine includes and bear on the back and mermaid Barbie waving to everyone as I walked by.  Plus my ship in the front.  A little heavy but was fun to wear.

Anyways the night rolled on.  Laughing and fun and a few prizes given out.  Great night together with these ladies.  They may still be partying over there. The dance floor was opening up when I left.  I found a ride back to the hotel and called it a night..  Now I sit here jabbering away on my blog.  Happy to say my feet are holding up better then they did last night.

A picture I stole from Angela. A pinkie I was sitting with for the night.

My outfit for the night.  Just a tad warm for Louisiana weather.  Was going to wear a vest with it too but decided just a little hot.

And I thought I was the only one that gropes all out for a costume

Pirates, Pirates every were but not the swill to be seen.

So tonight was a fun night.  Met a few ladies I had seem on Facebook and more or less did my usual and watched and learned and laughed my night away.

Tomorrow will be the big dinner.  To now find another ride to this or maybe driving myself.  Who knows.  Just follow the caravan that is going and have another fun day with these ladies.  I seem to be at a great table and up in the balcony.  No do not worry I am not bringing any water balloons or paper airplanes to drop.  I will behave myself.

Talk again tomorrow.

It was so great to meet all of my new sisters.

Diva n Bling has come to an end for me.  I say goodbye to Houma tomorrow and hello to New Orleans.

So long, farewell,  enjoyed myself emenscely.  Yeah I know bad spelling.  But hey you may have gotten the drift.  I had a marvolous  time in Houma.

Yes still the quite one but I am trying.  It is just my trying will not come out of the shell for me.  So I sit and watch and listen and talk when there is talk to be needed.

Today was the big hoopla in Houma.  The big diva n bling sisterhood get together.

I had to get up early so I could get myself all gussied up.  Well that took a bit of work.  First time wearing this particular dress.  Getting into it was a cophore and a half.  I sure am not use to putting on a corset too often.  Believe me the end result is great but the starting result and trying to get into it and to tucking everything in were it belongs is always another thing. Having my puppies rise up out of oblivium is another thing.  They hang so low and trying to tuck those babies in to a corset is a pretty trying thing in itself,  but hey I did it.

The next thing was getting it tied up right so that it pulled you in.  Something else my body has not done in years.  Being tucked in so that I have a sort of hour glass figure and not an apple of a figure.  The apple figure I am use too but looking in the mirror with this dress on is a wow facto for me.  Not bad with all the nip and tucks nipped and tucked in.  Now can I breathe. Or even another thing. Sit down.  Oh oh.  I have to drive over to this place. You think I can get into the drivers seat and drive with this monstocity on.  Ha that will be the next question.  Well I will know that in about a half hour or so.  Hmmm maybe I can hitch a ride with someone else.  The I am not getting behind the wheel with all this material.

Well I dropped of a parcel to one of the ladies whole was having a Canadian coffee fix.  Tim Hortons coffee she wanted so I brought it along for her.  She has her fix for a little while now.

Then I headed down stairs were I met up with other ladies waiting to head over to the ball room for some fun.i stood around and talked with them for a little while.  Then decided well not gonna hitch a ride as all cars are full at the moment.  So I will hope in my own car and head over there my self.

With that decided in my head I made the trek through the rain with my dress hiked up so as not to get it too wet.  Well pouring rain and not getting my dress wet.  Two different concepts there.  So now I look at the room I have behind the wheel and the amount of material I have to get behind the wheel.  Ha ha this is gonna be fun.  Hike up the dress stuff it into as little a ball as I can.  Slide into the seat and let the material go.  Material everywhere and also in my line of vision.  Gonna have to stuff it down around my feet more.  Is it all in so I can at least close the door.  Yep all in and I slam the door before I come pouring out again.

With my self all stuffed in and ready to go.  Now where the heck am I going.  I looked on the map up stairs in my room but you know I did not groping it down with me.  I think I am lmaking a mistake on taking off with pout that map.  Okay out on the road I know I hav e to make a turn up here that will get me over to highway 24 and then on my way to Gray.  Image the right but 24 is not showing up.  Okay what the heck did I do wrong.  Get myself turned so I am at least driving in the right direction.  Well this is not working either.  Make another turn and hope for the best.  I am going through smal little roads that all seem to dead en or go in the wrong direction.  Gosh were the heck am I.  I am going to be late if I keeps this up.  So I pull over and look at my phone for directions.  First thing it says.  Low battery.  Oh boy that’s not good.  Got to get this checked out before it dies.  Please do not die on me.  I need my technology now..

You know the duffuss that I am I looked up once and you know what I saw.  Highway 24 was right in front of me. DUH!!!  All the turning and going in circles and I found the road I was looking for by mistake right in front of me.  Yey!  Not gonna be late after all.

Driving up hoping I am going in the right direction.  Yes I passed the south land mall.  Am going the right way.  Now just to find the right turnoff to get to were I am suppose to be.  I lucked out. No more problems, but yes I am still a duffus.  I can get lost and still be in the right place.

I make my way into the building.  First I am at the wrong door.  Silly, silly me. So walk around to the front and the doors are wide open.  Now why didn’t I think of that.  Doors that are opened is were you should go in.  Pick up my name envelope.  Then think well let’s go up stairs and see where my table is.  Then I think I would have to come back down and check out all the door prizes.  Okay better yet.  Look at the door prizes, pick which one you will not win and put your name in it.  Then check out the bling.  Oh such lovely bling.  Did I tell you I love looking at the bling.  Sometimes I even buy the bling.  But low and behold I help myself back and did not buy any.  You know there is always something that will stand out for me but this time aw gee it didn’t.  So I am going to go home empty handed.  Oh well no room in my suitcase anyways.  But you know I did bring down some things to give as door prizes. I may have room.  That might have to be a space for something from New Orleans now.  If I find something special there.  Who knows.

Anyways I am getting off track with bling.  The day progressed.  We had a delish buffet dinner a little dancing and a few prizes given away.  Lots of pictures being taken by everyone and all those new friendships made.  I even made a few if you believe that.  Quiet little me made a few friendships with ladies I have been friends with on Facebook.  Putting faces to ladies I type to all the time. And yes them seeing me and how much I say on Facebook to what I say in person.  Totally different from to what they thought.

I said my goodbyes and left about 2:30 and headed back to the hotel.  You know I didn’t get lost one the way back.  Wonders will always happen sometimes.

I got Rob to undo my dress and aw!!!  I can breathe again.  Boy oh boy that felt so good but now the apple figure is back and the loose track pants are back on.  My red hatting is done for now and it is time to pack up.

We still have one more night here.  Leaving in the morning to get a car back before he closes.

So Rob and I had a little time to see what was in Houma.  He wanted to go out to the mall and look at the real Cajun store.  I was just up for a walk to stretch out a little.  And since it was pouring rain I was not gonna walk around the streets to get soaked.  I found the mall on the first try.  Had a little walk around and checked out some of the stores.  We found the Cajun store and did a little looking in there.  The alligator heads at the front were real.  I thought from pictures they would be plastic but no.  Sharp teeth  and all.  This is when it reminded Rob that he was going to make me try alligator.  Shoot I thought he had forgot about that.  Well no.  Now I keep mentioning other resteraunts to go to.  But he keeps saying we are going here.  So all the way back to hotel. I pointed out so many resteraunts.  To no avail..  Shucks.  I guess I am going to the seafood place just beside the hotel.  The first thing he orders is alligator bites.  Really?  And yes I have to try them.  I am not much on trying something new.  No adventure to me at all.  Well after much coaxing I did try a piece.  Well not bad but a little chewy for my taste.after the taste I did get to eat my mozzarella sticks. Which made me happy.

So now I can say I have eaten alligator.  Mind you only a bite but I did try it. He said next time frog legs.  Another face coming my way.

So now this adventure is over with my red hat sisters.  Next convention is in Edmonton in and month and half.  Three fun filled days plus a few extra activities added on by me.  Will be driving there and taking along a quilt I made for a giftie.

So the next week will be spent checking out ghost and voodoo in New Orleans. I will be writing on my other blog about our adventure in New Orleans. Then home and back to the grind.  To pay for all of this.

Houma and Louisiana thank you so much for your hospitality.  Linda and her team made this such an enjoyable time here.  I had a great time and made some very nice friendships.  Will be writing here in a month or so again.  Catch cha all on the flip side. And back on Canadian soil were life goes on

Well finished red hatting and am now on a Minnie vacation in New Orleans.

Came Down to Louisiana to enjoy a few days with my red hat sisters .  Red hat adventure is now finished and another adventure begins thus the different blog..  I had a couple of weeks off work so decided to see if my son would like to come along and we would stay for some extra time and enjoy the city of New Orleans.

We brought back our car we rented today to drive out to Houma.  Took a taxi back over to the hotel we are staying at in New Orleans.  Still in same condition we left it in two days ago.  Messy as we said do not bother to make up the room.  So we are now back in the room and stuff sitting all over the place .  The room that has a mirror for a window.  It is a little dark in here.  I don’t think if it storms or anything we will not know what it is like outside until we head out.

So now that we have gotten back to our room.  We took our first walk.  I put on my shorts first.  The sun is just a beating out there.  Very warm but not as humid as the day we had the thunderstorm here.

So we picked a direction and headed for it.  Not sure whether we are going in the right direction or not.  Want to get down to the river walk..  See the muddy Mississippi.  Well they call it the mighty Mississippi though.  One of the longer rivers in the USA.  So we walked a little of it.  Ended up going into the aquarium for a cooler walk.  29 dollars each to walk through there.  And you know.  There was no Dolphins.  Aw!!!  Oh well.  Saw allot of other things.  Otters, eels,  lots of different fish, sharks and turtle.  Walked through the bird sanctuary and had parakeets landing on you to get a ride out of the sanctuary.  They were digging in my purse to see if I had anything.  The littlest pick pockets I have seen.  Sorry guys no food for you and had to shoo them away before we walked back through the outer door.

After the aquarium we headed over to the outlet mall along the water.  I know shopping.  Not a touristy thing but it was out of the heat..  I found two places in there that had blingy stuff.  I was good I didn’t buy anything bi put I was tempted by a baseball hat with bling on the visor part and and set of big blingy lips on it.  Red to boot.  No didn’t buy it.  I have another funvation coming up and can not spend all my money on New Orleans.  I am behaving myself.

After the mall we sat down for something to eat.  When our plates were set down I noticed my sandwich had jalapeños on it and started picking them out.  Rob then said you know I think you have my sandwich and he had mine.  So traded plates.  Aw much better for me.  And Rob is stuffing the jalapeños back into his..  Too hot for my pallet.  After finished our meal we waited and waited am

No waited to get our bill.  I finally went up to the bar and said I would like my bill please.  It still took a while to get it.

Our next stop was a little more of the river walk.  Found the place were we will get on the river boat in three days.  We have reservations for a dinner cruise and listening to jaz music.  Aw one relaxing night.

From there we cut across the park and headed for the cathedral.  Went inside.  I love looking at stained glass windows and the architecture of older building.  Then realized it is Sunday and a service was going on.  We’ll have to come back another day and take a look.  What I saw was amazing though.

After leaving the church we walked around behind and found ourselves in the French quarter.  Small one way streets.  Little cubbies of stores.  Voodoo places and three level building with rot iron railings around the balconies.  I like looking at the difference in building from one area to another.  This is architecture I have not seen before except on TV.  And in such closed quarters.  We walked up to bourbon street and then headed along bourbon street back to canal street.  Oh boy you can see allot of the raunchier side in these streets.  There was a man and a women walking towards us.  She ipdid not have a stick of anything on and was painted silver with a little dark paint over the places that need covering.  He was painted silver as well and had a little ball carrier.  Well my prudish eyes have seen a little more then they wanted too.  Yes I am prudish.

Out of the French quarter and back on canal street.  If we want to see more of the French quarter might take a carriage ride through it.  Then a guide can give us a little history on it while we ride.  Or we have a few days may walk around a little again.  I know I have been told beware in there as pick pockets are aplenty.  Well that could happen just about anywhere as well as in the French quarter.

Found the Hard Rock Cafe and looked around it a bit.  Elizabeth I picked up a pin for you that is a little mardi grah theme.  Hope that is what you were looking for.  We then stopped in a convenience store and picked up a few supplies for tonight in the room.  Walked a little further along canal street and magazine street.  Later heading back to hotel to cool off and rest a bit.

Well that was our first full day in New Orleans.  My skin is a turning a little red so got to remember the sunblock or I will turn into a lobster of red.  Well I will match my red hats then won’t I.

Tomorrow are going to head out and see about riding the trolley.  Heading over to the wwii museum and then maybe onto a couple of othe museums out that way.  Hope back on the trolley and go to the cemetery a little further out.  I know I know.  I always traipse through cemeteries.  This one I don’t think has any relatives in it though.  Just curious as to what the tombs look like.  I do wander around cemeteries though.  Or at least I use to allot.  To find family info.  That has slowed down allot in the past few years though.  I still look once in while but I an not the researcher I use to be.

After those are done may make our way back a little and see if we can find the mardi grah museum.  Might be interesting to take a look at..  Other then that eating and checking out sweet stores and I am always on the lookout for bling.  Rob says there is a sweet store that he wants to look at.  Sugar is always good you know.  Well for some of us anyways.  For others it just adds on the poundage.

That should give us a day of being tired by tomorrow night.  And hot and sticky and ready for a shower.  The next day we have a tour planned.  This will take us to a couple of plantations and then a swamp tour on an airboat.  Rob says I fall in he is not going to go save me.  Well if I fall in there will not be much left of me to save.  The gators might get me.  But there is more meet on my son.  Sorry couldn’t resist.

So that’s about it for today. Heading out here in a little while to grab something to eat..  Talk to you tomorrow

Day two, New Orleans. Having a great time, but alas my feet are not

Today was a bit of a walking day.  Well not all walking but quite a bit.  My feet and knees are telling me about it right now.  So they are up while I sit here a blab away

Started our day a little latter today.  Yeah kinda slept in a little longer.  It was my own fault.  I started on a book last night and just did not want to put it down..  Finally did though and went to bed.  Dumb, dumb of me.  I know I want to get up in the morning and get on the touring but I just kept reading.

So up and out and around at about 9:30 or 10 o’clock.  Not too late but still. Could have been down stairs and had a continental breakfast.  Instead went with out anything and ate a little later.  Whatever turns our crank I guess.  Walked over to Walgreens and I picked up a couple of jerky sticks and ticket for the trolley. Read the packaging after I was out of the store and it said beef and alligator meat.  Oh oh I am eating alligator again.  Hey it was something to snack on while we waited for the trolley.

The trolley came about 15 minutes later.  We got down about two roads and then came to a dead stop.  The trolley waited and waited for about half to three quarters of and hour while they cleared a police incident on the road in front of us.  Cars could get onto another street but the trolley could only wait until the track was clear.  Not sure what was happening but the place was blocked off with lots of police everywhere.

Finally heading down St Charles street.  We get off a little while later and head over to the ww2 museum.  We’re first going to go to the civil war museum but it was closed on Monday.  Well maybe another day.  So in we go to the second museum.  Not much on my cup of tea butRob wanted to see it so we went in.  Told about the invasions by hitler and Stalin and the Japanese.  And how they had planed on taking over the world.  Then we walked on and learned about the war at sea and on land.  How the frontal attacks came about to finally win the war.  The women who worked at home to fill in for the men who were off at war.  Last building we came to was the flight museum.  We could go up four levels on cat walks and see the planes that were hanging from the ceiling from all angles.   Also watched two movies while we were there.  One a four d movie.  Took five years in the making and was narrated by Tom hanks.  The floors shook and some of the noise and lights were great effect.  The second movie we saw took us into a sub and we had to torpedo the heck out of enemy ships.

After the museum we went back to the trolley station and waited and waited and waited.  Were planning on going to the Lafayette cemetery but the trolley had not come in the hour we sat there.  So made a change of plans and walked down to the convention centre and over to mardi grah world.  Got ther half hour before they close.  So took a quick look through.  Wow the colours of some of those floats and the lifelike of some of the people they produce.  And all made out of plater and wire. And styraphom.  Interesting to me anyways.

So today Rob got to see something he wanted to see and I got to see something I wanted to look at.  Fair trade..

After leaving mardi grah world we walked along the front of the convention centre to the river walk outlet.  There we thought we might be able to walk along the Mississippi.  Nope that didn’t work so had to stroll through the mall to get back close to canal street.  Rob stopped at one of the stores and bought his souvenirs.  Me I just like looking at all the things for sale.  Once in while might buy something but not very often.  I would have to figure out what would be the purpose of it afterwards.  I just like taking pictures and adding them to scrapbook.  But yeas I do buy souvenirs just not very often..

So heade up canal street and back to our hotel.  It is around 7 and now my feet are up and hoping my knees do not give me too much trouble tomorrow.  Plantation and swamp tour tomorrow.  This is gonna be fun.  We get to ride on an airboat see alligators hopefully not too close.

So no reading tonight.  Have to be up in morning to catch our ride on the tour bus.  Well maybe just a little reading

Well I have day three and four in New Orleans.

Way too tired last night to get this one the road and write down what I had done yesterday.  Just sat and let the feet relax and cool down.  Then falling asleep last night not getting up until 10 this morning.  Well that made for missing part of the day.  We had a few plans for today but I guess they are going to be out on the back burner till tomorrow.

Yesterday was a great day.  All except having to get up early to catch a tour bus outside our hotel.  Bus was to be there at 7:45,  hmmm!  When we walked down at 7:00 to get something to eat from the continetal breakfast he was already outside.  Well I guess he is going to have to wait a little.  I need food on my stomach or my drugs will upset my stomach.  That would make the day a little rotten then wouldn’t it.

Walked out to get on the bus at 7:30.  First thing he said was I think you should put on some pants. These jet boats go fourty miles an hour and it can get a might chilly.  Well I did have a sweater but went back up stairs and slipped on a pair of pants just in case.  Came back down boarded the bus and we were off to pick up a few more that we’re going on the tour.  There was twelve in all from fpdifferent hotels in the neighbourhood.  Two from Australia,  two from Oklahoma,  and the rest by golly were from Canada.  Two of the ladies just came to from the next town from were I live.  We are practically neighbours. So to speak.

After all were picked up we were on our way.  First stop the swamp tour. A ride on the airboat.  Six got on each  boat.  Puttered along in the water down one canal to another.  Telling us stories about the canals and how they were constructed and that they were the waterways or roads for the area.  Can get you just about anywere if you follow the right route.

Then he opened it up.  Down one canal and up another. Through dense cypress trees some of them over 100 years old.  We slowed down and he turned off the motor.  Over on the shore was and alligator sunning him self.  A little ways down another one.  This one ready for food.  Came into the water and over close to the boat.  The guide threw out some marshmallow and the alligator came closer.  Okay that is close enough.

The guide stopped in another place turned off his motor and started talking about a murder mystery he was writing.  It was about a tour guide who gives tours in the swamp.  It seems that none of his group never seem to come back from their tours.  He is never really caught but people are disappearing.  He then picks up a stick and says he has decided on his next chapter.  Starts to point it at the Aussie but then uses the stick to push us away from the trees we are slowly guiding into.

He then started up the motor again and off we go again. Every so often you can see a gator in the water ahead of us.  They plop under the water as the boat goes over top of them.  He then takes the boat down a water way that does not seem to have any water.  We go over humps of dirt and then he stops for only a minute then gets us over the hump.  Said there was a razor back snake there.  Glad I didn’t see it.  Not much on snakes.  We then zoom on full speed back to the dock.  Were we get off and are back in the bus.

Our next stop is a little ways along the Mississippi River.  We pull into oak alley plantation.  We get out of the bus and take a walk up to the resteraunts were we have a yummy buffet meal.  Wow lots of food. And some of it is not spicy.  I can’t eat it.  My pallet does not go for spicy food.  I would not survive down here if I had to eat spicy food all the time.  I did find enough to not burn my mouth.  After lunch is over we have free time to take in the plantation.  Have a tour of the house.  Just such a beautiful house.  I love the woodworking and all the items that are in the house. Not get a jest of how they use to live.  The most impressive thing about oak alley is the oak trees.  They make two lines down the front of the house and they are about 300 years old and the ones in the back are about 150 years old.   These trees give shade and collect the breeze off the river and cool down the temperature.  When the breeze blows through the house  it cools it down.  The trees in their two rows set off the house beautifully..  I loved this plantation

The second plantation was laurel plantation.  It was a creole plantation.  European not American.   Very. Ugh a slave plantation.  We’re the slaves were not treated very well at all.  The house was not as impressive as oak alley, but I thought the building of the house was impressive.  Made out of cypress trees from the swamp.  Beams run across and the uprights were doves into the cross beam.  No nails used at all to build this house.  It was also build off the ground so that if the River flooded it would not be damaged.  This has been restored a couple of times as fire has spread through it.

It was a big come trash from one plantation to the other.  Very interesting history story.  I liked seeing these plantations.

The ride back to the city took  about an hour.  I might have done a little napping on that trip.  Well I know my head was bobbing allot.

Dang tired last night.  Into the room and never left again.  I sat on the bed did a little picture transferring and then I companies out and did not wake up until 9:30 this morning.  Felt good to get a little sleep but we had some things we were deciding to do so soon had to get a move on.

The first was getting some brunch.  Couldn’t be breakfast and it was too early for lunch.  So walked around the corner and went to the ruby slipper.  Had to eat someplace the continental breakfast was long done.  Waited about 20 minutes to be seated at the bar.  This place is busy.  Someone gets up and another one is seated right away.  They can do breakfast and lunch and not have to be opened for supper.   They say it is still a money maker.  I did enjoy my brunch it tasted very delish.

So after we finished eating.  Well what do we do now.  Go get a ticket for the trolley and take a ride on it.  Um!!!!!  How about we go this way.  Maybe we can go do that.  Well we finally figured out what to do.  Walking and walking and walking.  The sun was warmer today but yes we still walked.  We walked down by the river.  Then a little through the French quarter.  Then back around and went into the cathedral as we couldn’t see it the other day.  Wow!!  Is what I said.  The three story ceiling and the painting on the roof.  The stained glass windows and the large pipe organ in the balcony.  I love looking at old building that have character.  We came out of the church and decided on more walking.  Went over to the French market.  All the crafty stuff there.  And the food.  My gosh so many food places.  I saw a few Dolphins carved out of stone.  I was temped but how the heck would I get it home without breaking it..  I saw hats that I would have liked as well.  They are a straw type hat that the air would blow through.  Would keep my head from getting too much sun and not sweat my head to death.  I thought about both, but then an do I really need them.  I still have a couple of days may be back there.

When we came out of the market.  Ventured back into fren quarter for a few blocks.  Coming out were the carriages are.  Would we like a ride.  Me yes I need to sit down for a little while.  Hm. 18 dollars to go through the French quarter and 36  per person to go to the cemetary.  I want to do both bi put that is just getting a little expensive.  Well I did want to sit down for a little while and get to know a bit of stories about the French quarter.  Just walking around does not get you much.  And I am never sure whether I should be walking into any stores or not.  The chicken is still in me and I do not want to end up someplace I should not be.  But that is just me myself and I talking to each other about what is right and what is still right.  I know sounds funny but they are very little stores and should I walk into them or not. Well anyways we got on the carriage and went around the French quarter on a little tour.  After a period of time trying to get the dang mule to move.  It seemed he just wanted to go back to the stable.  Or not move at all.  They pulled and pushed the mule but he kept backing up.  And trying to go back to the shade he was in.  He knew a good thing when he had it.  They finally got him out and walking around.  Up one road and down another.  We learned what real estate prices were for some of the places.  French quarter is an expensive place to live and the square footage is not much more then a garage size.  The front of the houses were to the inside of the block and the back of the houses were to the street side of the block.  I alway thought it was the other way around.  In way back days the street were used a toilets and garbage places.  Hmmm would you really want to live there.  I guess if you had no other place to live.  These places were called shoot places.  That is because you could shoot a gun straight through from the front to the back door of the house.  No walls in between.. Learn something strange every day.

The carriage ride was over.  We ventured into a couple of stores.  Looked at the masked and tried a few on. I was looking for on with allot of feathers.  I found one for 185 dollars.  Um no and put it back were it was sitting.  It was pretty nice but not for that price.  While I was looking at some other ones Rob went and bought a smaller one for himself.  Much cheaper then the one I was looking at.  I would have wanted it but not for that price.  And you know it was on sale.

After our little shopping expedition we headed back to the hotel room.  My feet are bushed.  So putting them up for a little while made some sense to me.  Rob wanted to take his bag back to the room anyways.

Oh earlier in the day I had also changed over our ticket for the Natchez.  I had an Internet ticket and they wanted a different ticket to get on the boat.  Good I thought of that or we would have had to get out of line tonight and go to the ticket booth and get it changed over.

So after a little rest in the room we headed over to the boat dock and waited to board the Natchez. Music playing from a pipe organ on the roof of the boat.  You could hear this from a long ways off.   It wasn’t a long wait that was for sure.  They said they would board at six but were boarding at 5:45.  Up the ramp and onto the boat. Taking a seat in the dining room as we were first sitting.  Got a window seat.  Great could watch from there as we launched.  The dinner was buffet.  Lots of yummie food.  And bread pudding for dessert.  We had finished our meal before the boat even left dock.  So found a place to sit outside and enjoy the rolling water go by.  Not cold sitting out on deck.  Enjoyed the ride down the river.  Jazz music playing on the top deck.  A nice cool breeze blowing across the deck.  The landscape going by and a tour guide telling us about the landscape.  After an hour out we turned around and headed back.  Went down to the highway 90 bridge and turned around once more.  To get a right angle to dock the boat.    That was an enjoyable trip.  Up the river and back down.  The only thing is the whistle is very loud.  A steam whistle at that.  You could hear something like that for miles.

After we got off the boat we boat the picture of us that was taken before we got on.  Not a bad picture of us.  Then walked back to the hotel.  A little different at night then during the day.  But not too bad.

So two day three days down and two more to go.  Tomorrow will be taking a ride through the cemetary and that night ghost stories.  Gonna be one spooky day.  Maybe another ride on the trolley and see a few things in the garden district.  That one is up in the air yet.  Still figuring what else can be done in our next two days.

Our time is soon coming to an end.  So far are having a great time.

Should I write or just lay down and sleep

Well today is Thursday.  Just a day and half and I am heading home to great rainy North.  Well I think it is probably raining.  It mostly always rains there.

We have been living down here for a week and half.  Beautiful weather a little rain and a couple of thunder storms.    The heat is great but still is not doing much for my aches and pains.  Hands still tell me they are stiff and sore.  Legs do not want to walk my punch anymore.  My back says are you done yet.  My body is talking to me about allot of things.  But I just keep trucking along.  Want to get in as much and see as much as I can and do as much as I can.  It may be cutting into my retirement fund but hey I got to do what I got to do in order to get some bucket lists done before I am not able to do them.  I don’t want to say I could have but I didn’t because I wham just too chicken to do it.  So pushing myself to get it done before I end up were I can not walk anymore or do the stuff I love to do.  Older age will be fun spoor some people for me old age is going to be a different story.

So today I got up and went out and did some more exploring to see as much of New Orleans as I can. Before I head home.   Yes my feet are telling me about it but who the heck cares.  The aches and pains can live with me but they are not going to get me down if I can help it.

We didn’t get up none too early today.  I guess rest was in the forecast.  But then again British Columbia time is two hours behind New Orleans time.  So if you look at it that way we did get up in a good time if we were in BC. But late for being in Louisiana.

So today I said food wise just want something small and understandable.  I wanted some chees sticks.   Not the spicy food that I have been seeing of late.  So I said we are going to Arby’s which is just around the corner.  I am going to have some cheese sticks and a cherry turnover.  Oh yes oooie goose cheese sticks.  I do love them once in while and that is what I was going to get.  Rob said you are in NO should be trying new foods and experiencing the culture.  Phooey on culture just some plane old cheese sticks.    I got my way.  He wasn’t too happy about it though or is was that he was tired and did not go to sleep last night.  That could have had something to do with it.

So after we finished our meal we went and got a ticket for the trolley.  Made plans to go either to the zoo or to layfette cemetary.  Road the trolley to epwere the first stop would have been.  All of a sudden the clouds opened up and windows were being closed on the trolley.  It was a huge down pour.  Water Justin pouring down.  I think we should stay on and just ride for a little bit and see if it stops any time shortly.  Well the zoo stop came and went.  We got off at the end of the ride and got on another trolley heading back towards down town.  Rain not stopping.  I guess we are not getting off.

It starts to get very humid now and the rain starts slowing down.  The thing is we are past were we were going to get off so just keep riding it down town and look around there again.  Last stop off we get.

Okay now what do we do.  I guess go over to the ticket booth and trade in our voucher for the ticket for the ghost tour.  After that is done go along decanter street and Rob buys some pralines and a bit of chocolate.  Which I promptly ate.  Sucker for chocolate.

We head over to were the carriages are and see if we can go for another ride.  We want to see the cemetary. But unfortunately the cemetary is closed because of construction going on around there.  Oh well won’t see that cemetary either.

I find a hippy shop to look in.  The clothes are loose fitting and tie dyed.  The kind of close I wear.  I find something I would like to buy.  But I don’t for some reason.  Maybe I can go back there again tomorrow.  Just for a little drop in and look at it again.  Do I really need it that is the million dollar question and yes I do not have a million dollars.

So We end up going back to the room and drop off his pralines.  Just so they do not get softer Sitting in a bag. The bag is getting a little wet and stuff is starting to tear the bag.  Got to get it back somewhere so he isn’t dropping anything.

We stop in at a seafood resteraunts to have a little supper.  I eat the gumbo.  Something I can eat without burning my mouth on the spices.  It was pretty good but for some reason the chicken tasted mor elite beef.

After a little rest in the room we go back down to the tickets centre and wait for our tour.  Not long and a few people are waiting for same tour.  There is about 18 of us to listen in about ghosts.  She tells us allot a folklore of a few of the people that had been killed or, but we do not see any ghosts.  So. Ugh for a spookie tour.

Tired and hot and my legs and back and feet are really am starting to tell me stories.  So now back in our room and I am sitting with my feet up.  That dirt tan is back again.  I will fix that in the morning.  For now just sitting here is the best medicine.  Tomorrow one more day before we fly out on Saturday.  Hope weather is better then when we flew in.  Do not need to sit on a plane for any length of time.

That will really play havoc on my body.maybe tomorrow will hit the cemetary off of St Charles.  That is if is not raining.  I have a few things I have seen that I would like to buy.  So maybe a little shopping in hand for tomorrow.  Or just lookie louing. And saying do I really need it

So one more day to write in this blog and then heading for home to my hum drum life.   Talk to you tomorrow if I am not to sleepy.

Sorry never did get around to writing on last day. Rob and I ate alligator, saw ghost, wandered cemitaries and Mardi Gras museum. Was so much fun and so warm. We had a great time together and look forward to more adventures together. Our flight home was so much better then our flight there. Talk to you again on my next adventure or just me blabbling.

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