My first red hat convention. Sacramento

This was my first convention. I didn’t know what to expect. I had these ladies along to give me the experience of a lifetime. It was so I had fun. Looking forward to my next adventure. Another blog from way back when. About seven years ago. My how time flies when you are having fun.

First day in Sacramento

Well it wasn’t as bad as I thought traveling without my hubby.  Pretty well a piece of cake.  What was I worried about.  Oh yeah. I am still a chicken, but now a chicken with wings.

Today getting up at the crack of dawn.  Walking the dogs and having some breakie.  Then checking on last minute things before I headed to Norma’s place.  Her hubby is driving us down.  Very nice of him.  And will be picking us up when we come back.

Here is a few of the ladies waiting for the airplane to come in.  We got there a little early, which is good just in case something might happen on the way to airport.  We flew out of Bellingham.  This is a new experience for me.  I have always taken the easy way and headed for abbotsford.  But that trip would have taken me backwards and then forwards.  So out of Bellingham we went.    It is a very small airport and easy to maneuver around.  Straight through security and then waiting on the other side for the plane.  There are at least five gates to go from but they are all in a row.

So to board the plane just walk out on the Tarmac and climb the stairs to the seating.  The plane was a two proper.  A little smaller then what I am use to  but was okay.  We all had seats together.  Two in front of me and two over on other side of isle.  Considering I got my ticket at a different time the the rest of them did.  Well. Y hat box would not fit in the overhead compartment.  Hmmmm!  Will it fit under the seat in front on me.  Boy I got lucky there it did fit.  Then I just scrunched my purse behind my legs and hope the attendants did not see that it was not secured someplace.

So the flight takes about 35 minutes to get to Seattle were we were to board a bigger plane to head to Sacramento.  We have a nice easy flight.  Up we go and then level for awhile and then down again.  The landing was a little bumpy but was okay. Next flight we had to find right away.  It was going to board about the time we got off the other plane.  So hope that it is close by.not too bad a walk that was.  Just a few gates down.

Now they are loading people on already when we get down to that gate.  Good did not miss it.  Now look at we’re everyone is sitting.  All the rest are at the back part of the plane and little old me is up at front.  Just behind the first class passengers.  Well I was sitting in the middle seat but I sure had leg room.  BONUS!!!    This flight took two and half hours.  From Seattle to Sacramento.  The view out the window was great.  Could see mountains glamour

Here is a picture of mount rainier   As we got further south the countryside got to be more sandy looking then what we were looking at first.  You could see all the fields of the farms below.  They are all square looking where if you look when you are crossing Canada you see circles.  I stared out the window and the decided to reed for awhile as I was just getting no where on seeing outside all the time..  Think I had a little cat nap in there as well.

So now finally land in Sacramento.  Big enough airport.  I am one of the first ones off so wait awhile for the rest of the ladies to get off.  Then we make our way to baggage claim.  You have to get on a train to get to the baggage claim and ground transportation.  Waiting and waiting and then finally the carousel turns on and out comes the luggage.  Oh there is mine one of the first ones.  Good I won’t be naked for the week.  Bev agreed that that would be a good thing.

Ground transportation next.  We are on a shuttle to the hotel where we are staying.  Long drive for something that looks so short on e map.  Dropped off two other people at other hotels and then back into just so much traffic,  at least there is air conditioning in the shuttle.  It is pretty dang warm out there.

So after an hour riding in the shuttle we make it to the hotel.  Huge hotel I mean.  It is big.  With at least six wings for guest.  Time to check in.  First they give me a room in a different wing then the rest of the ladies.  Well that got changed pretty quick.  Now I am just down the hall from them.

I have a very nice room and you came see I have Internet as well.  A room all to myself as I don’t think I would feel comfortable sharing a room.  For now it is good this way for me.  So I can mess up one bed one night and then mess up the other bed the next.

So now here we all are.  The only Canadians going to this convention.  According to the ladies running the convention we are the first Canadians to go to one of these conventions.  And as for me it is my first convention ever.  I am being called a daring darling as I am on my own with out any other ladies going from my group.  Well this chicken is spreading her wings.  If chickens can fly I am one of them

So now first night in hotel.  Lovely dinner in the hotel. Plans are made for tomorrow.  A few are getting up early and heading to Denny’s and then heading for old Sacramento to look around.  A few others including me are staying in bed a little longer and then heading to brunch a little later.  That’s me not an early riser.  If I don’t get the sleep I need I will be toast.

So that is it for today.  Can use the Internet for a couple hours at night to keep ya up to date on my fun, fun, fun.  If you are really interested.  I know I don’t go into too much detail but I give you an idea..

So two more days until the real fun begins.  These ladies have been filing me in on how much there will be to do.  I think I will  be over whelmed here.  But I also am happy I am doing this.  Well at least so far.

Again that is it for today.  Talk to you again tomorrow night.  Time to snore my night away.

Day two in Sacramento

Well today was a quiet day.

After yesterday up early,  traveling form  home to Norma’s place , then getting into her car and heading for border to Bellingham.  Waiting for plane.  Getting on plane getting off plane and getting on another plane right away.  Landing in Sacramento were it is darn hot.  Waiting for luggage, glad it came through,  getting to a shuttle and then onto the hotel.  Was one long day.

So today being a bit of a rest day for me.  Well if you all walking a rest.  Last night was a bit of an early robed day.  After supper in the hotel restaurant me I had to order off menu while everyone else decided to buffet.  So I waited and waited for my supper while everyone else ate.  Well besides that the room is great and as you can see I get Internet so I can yak with everyone back home.  Well at least those who are interested.  I know not many.

So now back to this being a rest day.  I didn’t get out of bed until 8:30.     I thought I might be later but yeah still get up kinda early.  Four of the ladies were heading for old town today.  So they were up early to get on a shuttle to go down town and look at old buildings and such.  For me I decided that sleep was a little more in my line.  So did not go along with them.  I took a bit of a walk around the hotel to get a lay of the surroundings.  Just so I know where things are and how long it takes to get to these places.  Better then calling for a shuttle all the time to take us from one place to another.  Which only takes about five minutes to get somewhere on the property then waiting and waiting just to get to some place.  Will take longer.  So I wandered around until about 9:30.

From there I came back to room area and knocked on door of two other ladies who decided that sleeping was a better idea.  Bev and Lorna   They were up and we walked to the hotel lobby where we caught a shuttle to eat at Denny’s.   great breakfast but so much food.  I am going to not be able to fit into dress I brought with me if I keep eating this way.  So much food.

After we had a brunch breakfast called for a shuttle from hotel and where given a ride to the mall.  From there I split off from Lorna and Bev and headed off to check out stores in the mall.  Huge mall.  You can walk and walk and walk in there.  Only thing though is it isn’t much in the way of good stores. You get lots of shoe stores that have heals that you would fall off of.  At least I would.  Then there are the younger generation stores.  All the hip clothes that you wear.  I saw allot of nice things but nothing that would be in my price range.  I wandered through jc penny and Macy’s and then found Nordstrom well that is an expensive store.  In any of the stores there was not much of a bargain.  There is shoes all with the highest heals you would ever see.  Not for me.

So out of the mall I go. The temperature is rising.  My weather thing on the computer said it was going to get up to 39 degrees.  That is Celsius.  Yeah I would believe it.  Hot hot hot.  I sure did not want to be out in that very long.  So ducked into another door that I thought was a mall.  Well no such luck it was food court for the movie theatre.  At least it was cooler in there. Found a washroom and made use of it while I was there and back out into the heat.

Gaul it feels like it has gotten warmer.   I would like to get across a busy road but I keep walking the wrong way to get to a cross walk.  Up past toys r us and then a little further.  Is there ever going to be a cross walk.  I want to go to a store on other side of busy road.  Keep walking. Finally I say piss on it and cross part of the road and make my way up to a cross walk that is not connected to where I was. Across the grass and voila I am at a cross walk.  At least cars stop for you here.  Not like when I was in Florida and you take your life into your own hands to get across a cross walk.  Yeah made it to other side now where was that store I wanted.

It is called hobby lobby.  Something like a micheals in Canada but bigger.  Yes way bigger!!!  So through the mall parking lot I go.  And I come to kohls.  In I go to get out of the heat.  Walking across the parking lot is dang warm.  But yeah I decided to walk didn’t I?   Well in the store and I find some really good bargains.    I picked up a couple a pretty purple tops and a purple skirt to wear.  Didn’t cost too much at all.  As I was walking out of store I see a couple of ladies from my group sitting there and stop to say hi.  Then head off to the store I was intended to go to.  So they were back from the old part of town.

Craft store.  YES!!, I just love craft stores.  Feathers I do want some feathers and then there is some yarn that I could use. Oh over there is a material area.  Something you would not see in Canada.  Oh what I could buy in here.  The problem was I always had someone asking if I needed any help.  Every row I walked down.  Hi how are you can I help you with something.  No I would just like to look around.  Well if you need anything we are here to help.  Over and over again.  Shopping in there is not fun, but I did see allot of things you would not get in Canada.  I left empty handed.  For shame!!!    I still love craft stores just do not like being asked all the time if I need help.  I think I can find what I am looking for and not be bothered so much.

After leaving that store started to head back to the hotel.  Dang is it getting hot out here.  My legs are starting to tell me that I have walked too much as well.  Ouchie!!!  They are starting to stiffen and cramp.  Really telling me.  I go into the shell station just before the hotel and buy a couple bottles of water.  Boy I needed that.

Back at the room finally!  You know that pool looks so inviting.  I was going lay down for awhile but maybe I will just go down to pool and soak away some of the ouchies.  Swim suit on and down I go.  It is around 4 o clock so spend a little time down by pool and just enjoy.  I spend an hour and half there. After a day of walking the water feels so good.  I set up in the shade.  Lay out the towel and make my way slowing into the pool.  Water is soo cold after long day walking in heat.  I am in and gosh does it feel so good.  After a little while in pool head over to spa.  Turn on bubbles and just sit back and enjoy. Then outand over to chair to relax.  Legs are cramping.  Try the water again.  Going from hot tub to pool.  Back and forth. Well at least the water is making my legs feel a little better.

5:30 and I head up to room.  Have two messages from rest of ladies.  One saying we are not going to dinner with another group and the other saying we are all meeting down at bar for happy hour.  I change my clothes quickly out of wet suit.  Head down to bar to meet rest of ladies only to find two of them there.  The others have not shown yet.  A little while later the rest show up.  Appies for a few and drinks all around.  Well not me.  I just have usual of diet drink.  After drinks are over a few of us head over for supper while others head of to room for and early night.

I have a burger that is so huge I sure as heck can not finish it.  And I was right so much food I can not eat it all.

So today. Allot of walking.  Warm weather to boot.  Dang hot!!!  A little shopping.  A bit of being accousted by sales persons. Allot more walking. And then to the pool to cool off.  Time spent on my own and just enjoying what I like doing.  Walking and enjoying the feeling of shopping dgetting a couple of bargains And then a little swimming to top off the day and cool off.  Get together with rest of ladies at end of day and recap our days over a drink or two.

I think I be stiff tomorrow but today was a very relaxing day for me.  One more day and then the real fun starts.  I think tomorrow I will head to the walking trail that is along the river.  Should be a nice quiet walk and maybe get to see some wildlife or maybe boats on the river.  Who knows or maybe just head back to shopping in the craft store again.  I did see a few things there I would like to have to craft with.

Well all will depend on whether my legs are up to it or not.  Okay legs don’t let me down.  I need a few more days or I will be sitting on my butt recouparating.  I need to keep moving.

So that’s it for today.  Talk to ya all again tomorrow.  It should get more exciting then this.  The convention starts in two more days and then there will be so much I will be over whelmed.

Hi all day three from Sacramento

Tomorrow is going to be the big day.  When all the red hatters converge on Sacramento.

I was down by the lobby and there seems to be allot of them already. Getting off the shuttles coming into the hotel.  Red hats and purple cloths.  Some already getting into the spirit.  Dressed all up and taking pictures and enjoying each others company.  The bar had a couple of tables full of red haters.

Tomorrow will be a mad house of red and purple. Bling bling bling everywhere.  This is going to be interesting to say the least.

So now for my first experience of going to a convention.  Today I decided to get a little into the spirit.

I is gussied up in red and purple.  Well not all the way but my shirt is purple and I bought a new skirt here which just flows so nicely longer in the back then in the front.  Shows off my not so great legs in sorta heals.  Never ever would I be in four inch heals but my little heals look okay.

I also bought my self a little bling to day.  Not anything blingy blingy but it is what I love.  Dolphins.  Yeah I know not another one.  This one is a necklace of three dolphins.  Two gold ones and one made of diamonds.

Pretty pretty huh?  Well who cares I like it.

So today was kinda a bust.  I was thinking of walking a trail in behind to hotel.  Well at least the person at the hotel desk said it was not far away.  So up around 8 o clock and down to meet Lorna and Bev for breakie.  Something very light for a change.  Then I headed off to take my walk.  Well I was told not far away. Just take this map and it will get you to a walking trail.  Just go to the right and you will have a nice walk.

Okay so I start heading in the direction to take this trail.  I am walking and walking and came to exebition stadium.  Turn there and head along the road past the race track and then on down to gets 12. The problem is. I keep walking and come to gate nine then further and gate ten.  It is getting hotter and hotter and I still have not made it to the trail.  So go a little further and do not come to gate eleven yet.  So now hot and tired and not wanting to see how much further I have to go.  I do not see the next gate for quite a while.  Finally say piss on it.  And turn around.  The mall is back the other way and they are a cooler place to be.  The heat is just too much.

So scoot back towards the mall area.  Head for kohls as it is the closest.  Aw cool air much better.  So wander around there for a little while just to cool down some.  The temperature is getting up to 40 degrees.  Way too hot to be out walking around in it.  In kohls is where I found this necklace.  So great I went back in.  I also saw a skirt yesterday and was hoping that it would still be there.  I am not much on skirts and dresses that do not cover my legs.  But this one looks okay.  My puggie legs are going to have to show.

My next stop is e hobby lobby.  Crafts crafts craft.  I seen some feathers that would look great for a hat I am making for gold hat fever.  Just have to find a whole bunch more in order to make it.  It will take allot of feathers for it.  Be patent I will find them.  Also found a few other things that I can use.  Gosh I could have bought allot of things out of there to make stuff but I know I have not much room in a suitcase.

So had a little time left before coming back to room so headed over to mall again.  I know wasn’t much over there but thought might just take another look and see if I did miss something.  Well I did.  Not to buy but to look at.  I found a store in a corner that sells blingy stuff.  I didn’t see anything in there that popped out to me but it was nice to look at.

Well later in the day now and headed back to room to maybe take a dip in pool.  Message on machine saying that part of my group is heading to Applebee’s tonight at 4:30.  Well not that does not give me much time to soak in the pool.  So off I go to the pool to get in a little.  To cool off.  Stake out my chair in the shade.  Grab a towel and then hop in the pool.  Well not exactly hop.  Slowly I mean slowly down the steps.  The pool is cool and I have had a hot day.  Finally in.  Soak away. Aw!!!  That just feels so good.  Do a few slow laps back and forth.  Just to loosen up my joints from walking.  Then a little stetching.  After I have limbered up I head over to hot tub.  Bubbles, bubbles.  Feels so good.  Then one more dunk in pool.  Just to cool off after hot tub.  This is suppose to be good for the joints.  I wonder though.

So sit on the chair for a little while to dry off a little before I walk back down hall to room.  It is getting late and I was suppose to be down in foyer to meet some of the ladies to go to supper.  Well I am down there were is everyone else.  Walking around a little then there they are.  Shuttle was suppose to be here.  Waiting and waiting and waiting for a shuttle. Finally it comes back from airport and we are ready to go.

Applebee’s for happy hour and appies.  Yeah cheese sticks here I come.  Oh they are good.  Well not as good as Arby’s but they are good.

After a couple hours of eating and some drinking the shuttle is back to take us back to hotel.  Party tonight in one room.  No I think I have had it for the day.  Too many long walking days in the heat.  Time to go back to room and put my feet up and watch a little boob tube.  I know BORING!  My choice tomorrow is going to be a big day and my legs they are a telling me now.  Sit down relax and just take it easy.  So here I is talking with all of you.  Well maybe one or two.

Tomorrow is registration and then it begins.  So talk again tomorrow.  I just a chilled tonight

Day four in sacramento

This morning up and down to a little breakie.  Not much a muffin did seem to do the trick.  Too much food here.

Am meeting a few other ladies from different groups.  Still am a little on the quiet side so just sit back and listen to what is being said.  They say get in there and have a good time.  Well that may be for some people but for me it is hard.

After breakie hopped on a shuttle with a few other ladies and headed down to old Sacramento.

We went to the costume store that is down in the this area.  The sidewalks are all made up of timber. Looks like when the cowboys where still around.  Interesting to see.  So in the costume store I found some feathers.  Very long feathers that I want for a hat I am going to make for gold fever.   Then I also found something to go with my which costume tomorrow.  A good day of walking around the old part of town.  They said there is a bling shop down here as well but did not have time to look as the shuttle would be coming back at a certain time to pick us all back up.

Well we sat for awhile waiting for the shuttle.  It was suppose to be back at 12 but did not get there until 12:30.  Warm sitting there waiting for it.

Back at the hotel.  And time to register.  Standing in line and they open up registration half hour early because so many are standing there.

So now registered and heading to the shopping area.  Bling bling bling.  Everywhere.!!!  What to choose.  Wandering and I see on top shelf a hat.  The most beautiful hat I have seen so far.  Bring it down and try it on.  You know it is mine.  It fits perfectly.  It is mine.  I will wear it tonight.  I find a bit of bling.  You know it has to be dolphins.  Did I mention I like dolphins.  Found a bracelet of a dolphin and a ring to match.  Oh am in my glory. I better stop or I will keep buying.  Wondering around.  There is so much to look at.  Clothing bling and more bling.

Back at the room.  Had to tear myself away.  But had to get dressed.  On goes the makeup.  Yes I am wearing makeup.  Not too often you see me with that.  No more pony tail.  Hair is pulled up.  On goes a very pretty dress.  Sequinned all over.  Gloves and then bling and then the hat.  I did not get a picture of this but maybe from one of the other ladies later on.  I think they may have taken some.

Well check this out.  The seven of us are the only Canadians there.  They say that we are the first Canadians to come to this affair.  Imagine that.  My first convention and it is the first time for Canadians.

Shop shop shop.

S now the dinner we all sat together.  Not spread out around the room.  Well that made me feel a little more comfortable.  I am not sure about sitting with people I don’t know.  I know I better get use to it as you have allot more of these to go to.

Red hats everywhere.  Big beautiful red hats..  Some of them tried themes for the over the rainbow theme.  Is interesting to see what some ladies do.  Others were dressed to the hilt beautiful dresses and bling bling bling.

We go to choose what we wanted when we signed up for this a few months ago.  It started off with a salad and then I had the salmon and desert afterwards.  Yummy.

Then there was prizes given out afterwards.  One of the ladies at our table won a prize for best hat.  A very nice tea pot.

That partying will go on late into the night.dancing and socializing.  I being party pooper I am headed back to the room so I can get some sleepy by and be ready tomorrow for the pyjama party they are running tomorrow morning with breakie.  Well all our meals are included.  I am going to be so stuffed after this is all over.  Lots of food.

So that is it for the night. Another fun filled day tomorrow.  Shop till you drop.  Workshops and  costume party at night.

Welcome to the land of Oz.

dress in our Jammie’s.  well mine were not exactly Jammie’s but close enough

Canada t shirt and a night cap that looks like a Santa hat and canda jammie bottoms.I made it awhile ago.  I am standing next to scare crow.  Yeah right which one is the scare crow.

But look at all the Jammies still on while the workshops are going on

Then it was off to more shopping shopping shopping.  For all the things you did not pick up yesterday.

There were also workshops going on.  You could make a hat pin, or maybe a button ring or a flower earrings..  Then there was the picture frame or the cell phone case.  There was also a facinator workshop.  Here is my piece of art

I had to finish it in my room as there was not enough time to do all they wanted done on it.  So I bought a few flowers to cover up the glue spots I had made.  Look pretty good.  Will need a little touching up when I get home.

I had to buy a hat box to get home my big hat.  I seen this hat and you know it looked so great on me I had to buy it.  Wore it the first night to the dress up dinner.  Now I just have to get it home

Beautiful isn’t it?  I know I have to get it home don’t I?

The facinator class took up most of the afternoon after lunch.  So didn’t do any other workshops. I got in the hat pin workshop in the morning and the flower earring workshop in the morning.  Other then that just wandered around and looked at all the stuff for sale.  Oh how much I would love to have allot of it but. That is it.  Just looking.

Now tonight was the night of nights.  It is a twister costume party.  My my allot of emagination out there.  I saw ladies dressed as the yellow brick road.  Or the was allot of witches.  A few Dorothy’s and scarecrows and tin man.  I didn’t see much of the cowardly lion.  There was one dressed up as over the rainbow. Some ladies from the emerald city.  Was interesting to see what everyone thought up to do.  Me I was a witch.  Not a great one but I did try

What cha think?

So now just one more day and then it is homeward bound.  Yeah with all my excess luggage..  Will still have to figure it out.  Next time bigger suitcase then if I buy something silly I know I can get it home.

So lots of fun so far.  Great food and lots to do

Last day on Sacramento

Hey all just finishing off from my days at a convention

Today up and down to breakie for last day.  So ball room is not opened yet.  Great is there any venders down stairs yet.  Might as well take a boo and see if there is anything to buy that they may be getting rid of now so they do not have to pack it back up.  Well well well there is still some venders still down in the other ball room.  So take a little gander.

They are spread out now that the workshops are not in the other part of the room…  Time to get a little better look.  My tiger broach is still there.  Just take a look at this.  A very pretty piece.

Just beautiful!!!

I picked up some more feathers and a couple other things of pins.  Something I can put onto my self when I am out at events.  Just to bling up a little.  I don’t want to be too blingy but have to shine a little.

Anyways I said no more shopping.  Have to fit it all in my suitcase.  I already had to buy another hat box.  A soft sided one to put my new hat into.  You know that big gorgeous hat I got two days ago.  It looks so good on me..  Sorry do not have a picture of it now, but when I get home and get some pictures from other people I will put it up.  But for now.  No

So after the ball room opened up we all filed in for our last meal together.  Then there was prizes to give out.  Tickets were sold and other draws were made.    I got a basket full,of goodies from one of the prizes.  There was a fan,  picture frame, mirror, a note pad and a purse.  Oh great more stuff to take home.  I am going to be packing up forever trying to figure out how to get these things home.  Plus the new hat and bit of jewelry that I had gotten.  A bit of junk jewelry and some nice stuff.  A few clothes that were on sale in kohls and the trip to hobby lobby i made.Well I am happy to say.  I have it all in.

Will I do it again. Yeah probably.  I should have bought a pin that said shopping is my life.  Well I did stop and not buy anything today.  But what I bought were not that much.  Yeah on sale.!!!  So next time bigger suitcase.  Ha ha!!!

So after breakfast. They did some draws and then they played a couple of games.  Horse racing.  Bring your own hobby horse and race it down some blocks.  A caller says who is going when. Whether it is one block or three blocks or more until you get to the end.  Me I was asked to race and ended up last.  Oh well.  Did not need anymore stuff to take home.

So after the races did closing and and said all our goodbyes.

Me I went for a walk.  The ball room was dang cool today so out into warm air to warm up a bit.  Meanwhile back at the hotel it seems that the other ladies were trying to call me.  Well I did not get the call, but did meet up with them at the front of hotel later.

Over to hobby lobby we did go.  But gee the hobby was closed.  Who would think a store would be closed on a Sunday.  Not us anyways.  But the sign outside said closed on Sunday so staff can spend a day with family.  Have not heard anything like that in ages.  All stores are opened all the time.  But this.  Well unthinkable.  Well kohls is opened.  Down there for a few minutes to check out the sales.  Yes again I did not buy anything.  Just wondered while the other two ladies did a bit of looking..  So then had a little time to spare before we were going for something to eat.

So headed over to the mall.  Across the busy highway we head.  Walk along the parking lot.  It is dang hot out there.  Great!  It was suppose to be getting a little cooler.  Not!!!  Into Macy’s which is the closest door.  Wander around for an hour or so.  I show them the bling store I found the  last time I was in the mall.  Pretty pretty pretty.

Then we headed back across the hot parking lot to the Olive Garden to have a very yummy last meal.  Talked about the convention and about other things coming up.  I had heard of a few but not all,of them they were talking about.  Sounds like there is allot more going on them I hear about.  Even in my area.  I would not have to go far and wide to enjoy red hatting if I knew about some of these things.  For now am doing a little traveling to see a little country and getting to know a few new friends.  Sounds good to me, but can’t keep it up or I will run out of money.

So now that is my little adventure in Sacramento.  I had allot of fun.  Meant a few new friends.  Still did not come much out of my shell to meet more ladies but got to know a few from a round the area I live. Well lets see what happens at the next one.  Maybe or maybe not.  I might get to know some more friends or I will sit around and just watch what is going on.  Well time will tell.

So closing on this adventure and onto the next in a few weeks.  Fun, fun, fun, well at least I hope

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