I wrote this 8 years ago. Have been having fun ever since

I’m a red hatter and proud of it

I saw this add in the paper that said “Ladies interested in getting out and enjoying yourself”. The red hat society is forming in your area. Come on out and meet new friends.

Well that is exactly what I did. I went to the first thing they were having for the year. They don’t have meetings, just activities. A movie. well I like going to movies and going to movies by my self is just boring. So after I was done work I headed to the Cineplex and put on my red hat and purple shirt. Waited for some other ladies who looked like they were in the same attire. Well as a matter of fact there was a few ladies came in dressed the same way. They had just gone out to dinner together and then headed for the movie afterwards. Me I had to work so missed out on the dinner.

Still I started to make some new friends. Sitting in the theatre and enjoying a movie.

A couple of weeks later there was an event going on for all red hatters. It was called “talk like a pirate day”. So I decided to give it a try. I called up my queen bee and said I would like to go to this dinner. She called up the queen bee running the dinner and said that there would be two going from the Darling Dahlias. Or the Double D’s as she called our group.

So now I have to come up with a pirate outfit. Dressing up for Halloween early. That’s what it felt like. As you can see I wasn’t too creative in my outfit. This was my first try at decorating a hat, which had to be red with purple decorations on it. There is always allot of bling to add with it as well.

Back on track here. There was about 30 ladies there. All dressed in some way or other as a pirate. The meal was just delicious. We all picked from the menu. Had a few activities along with the meal. It was a fun thing to do and I got to meet a few nice ladies.

A couple of weeks later I got a whole list of activities on the computer that was coming up. I could pick and chose to what I would like to attend. There are things that go on all over the country. Conventions of all kinds. All ladies dress to the hilt in red and purple and bling as they call it.

For right now I am just staying local. I went along with my group to a dahlia gardens. Oh there was so many different kinds of dahlias and in so many colours. This place is known world wide for their many different kinds of dahlias. Some of these flowers are produced here. And some of these flowers are over a hundred dollars to purchase the root. The only thing is for me flowers are not my thing. I would kill them in a week of them being in my garden. After the walk around the garden we headed to a pub and had lunch. Another beautiful meal and lots of talk.

In the next couple of weeks I am going to a few other places. There is a gala for the hospital coming up next week. There will be a table set aside for red hat ladies. I am not going with my group, but will be meeting up with a few other ladies from other groups in the area. This event should be allot of fun. Get to be dressed up with the bling and my red hat as well. There will be events as well going on to make money for the hospital.

A few days after that I am meeting up with my group again to go to a play right here in Mission. A dinner before and the play. Sounds like another great night. Along with the ladies I will get to know better.

After that there is another play that I am going to in Langley. Christmas play will be fun to watch. A bit of a drive but more ladies I will get to know.

So for now I have a social life which I have never had before. I need to be doing something. Retirement is going to be coming up to me sooner or later and this is the best thing for me. Get out and socialize. Just what the doctor ordered. I do not want to spend my later years sitting in my house with three cats, two dogs, and a husband that is staring at me. I will be bored out of my gore in no time.

So for now I have a life. Get to be out and about. Seeing other people and talking with them. I am going to have such a good time with this. I’m a red hatter and proud of it. Just have to find a few purple cloths and red hats.

Pictures from the first pirate event. Which was the first one that Elizabeth had done as well.

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