Hexenbrut what?

As if , you know, I didn’t have enough to do in my life. My couch is my company. I craft there, I watch TV there. I snuggle with my pooches there all warm under my blankie with the dogs snuggled on top.

Two years ago a group formed in Abbotsford. I went to watch them as they performed in Mission and Abbotsford. Dressed in the witches garb, holding a broom and dancing a little two step and bumping their tushes a bit. It looked like fun, but from where I was standing I was going through a bit of a hard time with my arthritis and fibro. Not a good time for me. Change of weather was in the air, which meant change of feelings pain and stiffness for me. Bummer I would have liked to have tried.

There is the link to their dance. Didn’t they do just marvellous.

Let me give you a bit of a rundown on this group. Well it is to my understanding, but I bet there is allot more to it then my little explanation.

In a country far far away. A dance troop got together to do a flash mob dance. Well I think it was a flash mob dance or could have been a performance. They dressed up as witches for the Halloween season. From there they seemed to have gotten a following. All across the world hexenbrut dance troops where forming to do their dance for people to watch around Halloween. It seems that there were alott of films sent back to the original group and a website was born out of that of all the troops of dancers around the world.. the Abbotsford chapter is one of these such groups.

This is the link to the utube video of this dance.

The next year she decided to perform her group again. Well for me another year of just a bystander. Dang I hate this time of year

I did go out to watch them. So much fun and they added another dance to their performance.

This year I say. To heck with my aches and pains I am a going to do this. Well I started off on the wrong foot already. No pun intended. I missed the first rehearsal. Just popped out of my head until I saw it on Facebook. Not gonna miss the next one though. Wrote it on my calendar. Put it in my iPad and also on my calendar in my iPad. an alarm it was that night. Guess what? I didn’t miss the night. I was there shaking my booty with the rest of the ladies. Mind you I have two left feet and surely do not know my right from my left. They go to the right, well I went to the left. They went left, well guess what I go right. Suppose to be facing this way and I end up the other way.

As the hour wore on I was starting to think was that only an hour we rehearsed? I thought I was in good shape. Or at least in some shape. Seems I am not in any shape. I was sweating soooo much. I know just one of those hot flashes. Nah I never had that problem. But by golly I was pretty warm. I kept on a bouncing around and figuring out the steps. By the end of the night I did pretty good.

Well we have a couple more dances to learn. Are you kidding me! I have to learn more. No I am just kidding. The steps are easy. The ladies are fun to be around. No I am not complaining. I was just a little hot then. Mind you though I went out to the car and on the way home turned on the air conditioner for a bit. Oh that felt good.

The next day was a little different then the day before. A little hooped I might say. The couch became my friend again. With a little bit of a cooling pad for my poor poor knee. You feel sorry for me yet. Well don’t be. I am going to do it again next week and start all over the process again. It is fun mind you. I have the process down, it is just if my feet would agree and go in the right place.

Now that I talk about my little sweat problem. I have to get into a costume of a witch. I was dancing around in my shorts. Thought summer was here and now they want me to get into a witches outfit. Long black dress of some sort. A wig ( well maybe) and a hat. You get a beautiful pointy nose of green as well. I may be running water everywhere.

Okay I am making fun of this, but yes it is fun. I like to get out and do fun things. Some of them are a little weirder then others, but I like to do them. You know the best thing that came out of the other night dancing. I went down two pounds the next morning. Whoooo! Hooo!

This is a video I took from the Edmonton convention. Some of the Canadian ladies doing the hexenbrut dance. They look great in their pirate garb.

I know I may never be that great, but I can sweat it with the best of them and put my two left feet to bad use. Just as long as I don’t trip up anyone else I am doing good. The best thing is having some fun and yes I can laugh at myself. Now to go make my witches brew and go cuddle on the couch with my pooches. Some getting fit that is. I do have a blanket to finish for a giftie though. A crocheting I will go. See the rest of the group next week for another fun adventure of which is my left and which is my right. Also which witch is the witch that will do which willow. Ha! Try saying that fast many times. I couldn’t do it either.

Happy talk like a pirate day coming up next week.

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