Mad hatter tea we did for Red hat society 20th birthday

Well this one everyone say was the best in British Columbia, Canada.  Held in Yarrow a small community between Chilliwack and Abbotsford, but has a beautiful hall to have fun in.

The Darling Dahlias AKA the Double Dee’s hosted this fabulous party to celebrate the 20th birthday of the Red Hat Society.

A year and half ago at a queens council get together Norma Gosling was looking for ideas for the new year.  We had decided that we could do four big events for the year. One for each season.  Then there was the looking for volunteers to host these events.

Well this person who never speaks up for anything.  Never does much except sit in the background and help in that way.  Never says boo to anyone.  She piped up and said that she would volunteer to do the birthday celebration.  Alright what got into her.  Someone must have goosed her good or something.  So then she was asked if she would like other queens to help her out.  To that she said she will get back on that.  She might just ask her chapterettes if they would like to help her out.

This queen was me.  Queen Iwanna, but for some reason did Iwanna do this.  Now your saying really?  Yes it was me.  The quiet person  who everyone will see in the back round who does not say two words in a row.

Next I went to one of our get togethers and sorta kinda made mention that I had volunteered to do the birthday celebration.  After they said really?  I said yes and then I dropped a bigger bomb and asked if they wanted to help me out with this.  Make it a whole chapter event.  It was up to them.  If not I would go back to council and say that I would love some help.  Well there was a few hums and haws but everyone agreed to give it a try.  Okay this is a group effort.

We had meetings and everyone was given something to check out.  Had a year to figure out. list kept coming to me about what had been found out.  How much was cost.  Tickets were made and where starting to sell. As we got closer to the day a few hiccups erupted, but we battled on.  As the date got closer everyone was working so hard on making this right. I was wondering what the heck I had done.  Is this gonna be right.  Are we gonna screw up.  Well everyone kept telling me that if anything goes wrong that it would only be us that would know about it.  So I kept that in the back of my mind.  My team mates also said that if I ever volunteer again I may be beheaded.  You know the saying the queen said off with her head.  Okay not wanting that I keep my mouth closed again.  Tickets sold out.

We set up the day before and the morning of the event.  We where bushed but we carried on.  Oh, the room looked fantastic.  Decorations everywhere.  The room was just so festive.  We where going to have a great mad hatter tea.  Our costumes where so Alice in wonderland.

The ladies started to arrive. So many mad hatters in the group.  The toonie table was sold out in no time.  The photo booth we had was lined up from the time ladies arrived until they left. Ladies came up to me and complimented on what a fantastic job we did.

For our meal we had a caterer come in.  To our request we had desert first as in the red hat way.  Then tea and crumpets were served.  We had Alice as our MC for the day.  The white rabbit ran through saying she was late.  We had a lady from the area who was a historian on clothing.  She told us the history of many of the hats she had.

After all was over and things where cleared from the hall. I gave a sigh of relief and and gave all of my girls the best hug I could.  Thanking each and everyone of them.

There was so many to thank for the special day we had.  I give recognition to Darlyne Wagner my vice queen who played Alice for the day. To Angela Sergeant our white rabbit for finding a great caterer. For Lyn Bickley  for all the table gifties she made and the table settings. To Gwynnyth Pecenka and Pam Brooks for all the flowers they made to decorating the hall. For Sandy Goosen and Cheryl Moore for joining us later on in our planning to make this event complete with little tidbits of extras.  Like the photo booth and for making the guest list and table seating. To Loa Duncan though she was going through a bit of a hard time that year helped wherever she could.  To Kelly Fraga for stepping and selling tickets to our giftie table, when others could not make it.  These ladies are my darling Dahlias AKA the Double Dee’s and I love them so much for coming together to make this a wonderful success. Through the bumps we had over the year planning this out and we are still going strong as a group. This was a group effort of all these ladies.  I would not me if not for them.

Yes I do promise not to volunteer again, but I am getting some in clings that some of you are thinking it might be a good idea to do again.  So you volunteer and I will help, but no volunteering for me again.  I rather like my head where it is. By Brenda Lowe.

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