No whining they say. Ha fat chance

Well I decided that it is time to stop the whining and get on with my life.

Well easier said then done.  I took the arthritis self help program here this past few weeks.  Gave me a little insight and now I have to be able to put it into practice.

Well the first one is relaxation.  Not an easy thing to do.  Sit for a while and meditate.  Okay.  I  find a confortable position and close my eyes.  Usually laying on the floor on a mat.  Listen to some relaxing music and go into a daze.  Stiffen every muscle on my body and then let it loosen to feel the tention go out of my body.  and remember to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Letting all the bad out.  It does feel pretty good but when I open my eyes again I see two sets of brown eyes staring at me wondering if I am okay.Then the slobbering starts. Then they want to play.  You know how many toys are scattered around me. So you got to throw all of them at least once.

These are my dogs.  Rocky and Boots.  Both playful little things that just love to be near you all the time.  You sit in a chair at the computer.  They are under your feet.  You go to the kitchen and they are right there to make sure you don’t drop anything on the floor.  I hope they just follow because they love me.  Then you head to the livingroom to sit and watch some tv.  There they are again right on your lap enjoying having a belly scratch or just to stare at you intently.  I love these two.  They are the best I can have for love without any boundries.

Bed at night.  This is a workout in itself.  Especially if you have two dogs that just love to sleep close.  First I have to get into a position were I am comfortable.  You know the pretzel i have to trun into so that there is minor aches and pains. One leg straight down while I am laying on my side.  The other leg bent out to the side and bent at the knee.  This make an h shape for me.  Then I have to be half turned at the waist so that my back isn’t bothering me so I am almost on my back and shoulder doesn’t hurt too much.  Then my arms stretched out in front of me.  Sometimes they are under my head.  Either way they both fall asleep before I get to sleep.  Now the dogs get involved.  They sleep with me as well.  I know, I know,  Shouldn’t sleep with your dogs.  They should have their own place to sleep.  But i like the warmth of them.  So anyways.  One sleep between my leg and the other takes up residence in front of my belly.  Part way through the night it is time to make a bathroom trip.  So now I have toget out of the pretzel position and around the dogs.  You know you can’t distube the dogs at night  So you slowly pull one leg away from between the dogs and put them bothe together.  Then you slide onto your backl and pull youself up to the top of the bed, lift your legs over the dogs and slide out of bed.  Stmble to the bathroom because you forgot to bring your cane into the bedroom to use at night when your legs are stiff.  Then stumble back to the bed and sit on your pillow.  Roll you legs back over the first dog.  Slide down into the bed and then move back into prtzel position.  Sliding one leg into front of one dog and sliding other leg behind the dog.  You know they don’t even move a little bit,  Jut kinda look at you like what are you doing then go back to sleep.  And my thinking still being do not disturb the dogs or your hubby for that fact just to go to the bathroom.

Well heres another thing I am suppose to do.  Exercise.  Keeps the body moving.   Okay. first I would really just love not to move, but that is not an option, or I would stiffen up even more.  So trying to do some stretching.  Yeah on the floor.  A little yoga into the action.  Put the mat on the floor and guess what a dog moves into it.  Layes right down in the center of my mat.  I shoo him away than the other one thinks it is time to get into the action.  I am part way through a stretch of a dog position.  You know were you are on you feet and leaning forward to have your hands on the floor.  you look back at your feet and there is a dog sitting in the middle of the mat looking at you like are you okay or what.  Then he decides it is time to lik my face.  What a way to throw you off balance.  Another time I am laying on my back and you know that is time to play.  Arm stretching out and a dog grabs for it.  Figures I should have a toy to throw.  So you get rid of the toy and back it comes again.  So much for stretching. Its play time instead.  So you move off the mat to paly with the toy with them and they prompbly move onto the mat and lay down.  Curl up together and Look at me like WHAT were you thinking.

I guess I am only human.  But if I could be more like a dog I could get away with allot more then what I get away with now

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