A little about today

A little while back I thought I wanted to try something new. When I was younger and still living on the parents farm I decided that I would like to learn to play guitar. Saved my money and one day my sister was going into town for something she picked me up one. Oh I was in heaven. I wanted to learn to play. No lessons I could get though. You see my older siblings took lessons while growing up. You know they never did anything with them so my parents where not going to waist money on me having lessons. So next time I was in town. I got myself some music books and lesson books and went to teaching myself. No you tub or internet back then.

Mind you I did not get too proficient at it but I could hold a tune and play a few songs. This use to keep me entertained for hours out on the porch during the summer. Alas after years of playing I set down my guitar and finally got rid of it.

Now I sit here on the couch an think of things I can do and accomplish that might take my mind off of the pain my legs give. The pain my back gives. Winter weather is coming on again and this house with the iPod playing in the background is going to be my friend again. Rain will be setting in for the winter and house bound I may be. Well all except any red hat outings I have planned. Or the few times we go out to eat.

Crafting I have so many ideas to work on. Gifties that will be given away when they are finished. I am slowly working on cross stitch blocks that will be turned into a quilt.

I have 9 of these blocks done right now. Whew! Only three more to do and then time for sewing this piece together. Then I have so many more projects I have ideas for that are going to special places. Well I will show when I get to them.

Anyways I thought I might pick up an instrument again. So a few weeks ago I was on eBay just looking around. Yes ! I told you this already I love to shop on line and spend money. It had to slow down allot being as I am retired now, but once in awhile I go on and do a few searches and come up with something I might like. Then ooppps! There goes my credit card again. You know I really don’t need it but would be so nice to have. Well anyways my last purchase I made. I found a student violin. Adult size. And you know to boot it is purple. I have no idea how to play a violin, but my in-cling is to learn how to fiddle. I love fiddle music. Be it blue grass, Celtic or old time turkey in the straw. It was delivered here two weeks ago. Today I gingerly took it out of its case. I have no books or anything to show me what to do, but I hope I can figure it out.

I put in the bridge under the strings. I tightened the strings and made a sound with my fingernail. To be at the right tune. G,d,e and a are the keys they are suppose to be in. Well at least that is what the instructions say on the paper that came with it. The tuner has the right keys when I pluk away at it. So I must be doing something right. Next I take the bow out of the case and run it across the strings. What the heck no sound. Why can’t I get any sound. Okay what am I doing wrong.

Next stop YouTube I am opening up and looking up first steps to playing a fiddle. She shows me how to set up the instrument. Yeah, yeah I did all that already. Why can’t I make any sound. Next she shows me the bow. Now to tighten the horse hair on the bow turn this little nob at the end. Oh I see the strings are not tight and won’t let a noise come of the two rubbing together. I tighten up the bow strings and try again. You know I should watch the whole video. Still no noise. You have to put Rosen on the horse hairs to be able to grip against the violin strings. So I rub Rosen on the horse hair strings. Still a bit of sound but not enough to make it sound like a violin. I watch her play on you tube and it sound just so smooth and easy. Then she says if not catching the sound yet your bow strings may not have enough of the Rosen on them. So I rub more of the Rosen on. One last time and if this does not work I am going to have to wait until the fiddle club opens up for the season in Abbotsford. Hold the violin in one had and under the chin. Hold the bow like so in the other had. Easily draw the bow down over one string at a time. SQUAKE. SQUEEK oh my gosh it sounds like a dead something. Well I did make a sound. Not the one I was hoping for but the dogs headed for the hills of the bedroom.Boots is hiding under the covers in the back room. Too funny! I decided I will put it away now. Save the dogs from hiding. Go back and talk to them. Maybe try another day or wait until the fiddle group starts.

The fiddle group is a group of people who love to fiddle together. They are from all walks of life and different levels of knowing how to play. They are part of the BC fiddle association. I figured I could go there and listen for a bit. Finally take my fiddle when I can almost get rid of the squeak squawk sound I make and they can help me learn how to play. Maybe be able to make the right kind of noise. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Well that is my excitement for the day. I had the dogs scrambling for the other room! Gave me a giggle for the day and took my mind off of other things. Got another half hour so guess I will go back to cross stitching and then venture into the kitchen before hubby gets home and asked what’s for supper.

Figure out what kind of mishaps I can get into tomorrow. Oh joy oh bliss my happy retirement.

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