Help the frogs are attacking

Help my brain is turning to frog

Yeah that’s what I mean.  It is turning to frog.

You know those big green frogs that live in your brain or the little ones on your shoulder and go ribit stick out their tounge like they are catching flies and grab any sense you have left. THWAK!

Some people call it brain fog. Well! I call it brain frog.  I know I have the sense, but sometimes it just elludes me.

Like the other day at work.  I sell cigerettes and do returns.  Well this customer wanted some Peter Jackson cigs and I promptly went to the cupboard that had Canadian in them grabbed one for him and sold it to him.  He looked at me like I was nuts.  Said that isn’t peter jackson and I adamently looked at him and at the package and said yeah that is peter jackson.  It is just the new packageing.  So he looked at me again kinda strange.  So I looked at the package again and low and behold it was canadian and not peter jackson.  Appoligised up and down got him the right ones  Stupid! stupid! me.  That was a big green frog that just stuck out his tounge and lapped up everything that went along with this.  RIBIT! RIBIT! THWAK!

Another incident I had with a customer was I had to get a name and number from a customer to put in our computer to fill out info on a return.  All was going along great. Got her last name into the computer and when I asked for her first initial she said WHY.  Well I had said back because I have to put this info in my computer.  Again she says Why.  This goes on for a couple of minutes and then I clue in she is saying Y not Why and what a dumbass I am for that.  RIBIT! RIBIT! THWAK!  You know the comedy act of Abbot and Costelloo were who is on first and what is on second.  Well thats what it sounded like.  I haven’t been left off the hook for that one yet.  A another person was working with me at the time and watched the whole thing.  She does keep reminding of it every now and then.

You know there are other times when I just can’t remember how to get onto the computer.  I do it everyday, but sometimes you just look at the thing and say..OKAY now what.  I have numbers to put in there and they just don’t want to come to me.  Well give me a minute. Oh good the phone is ringing I can answer this while I figure out what else the hell I should be doing.  Good morning Please tell me how I can help you.  I lost all my sense here and want to get them back before I go nutty all together.   Oh sorry thank you for calling  How can I help you..  Yes this is the store you are looking for.  I’m just lost my sense of reality for a minute here.  RIBIT! RIBIT! THWAK!

Sometimes at home I’m sure the walls move in this place. How many times has a wall reached out and grabbed me or given me a big bruise on my hand because it wasn’t in that place yesterday.  I’m sure it was two feet over from were it was yesterday.  But low and behold I run into it again today.  Dang does that hurt.  And I still haven’t learned.  Those little green frogs I think have something to do with it.  They will lean on your shoulders and make you walk a little sideways and closer to something so you walk into it.  They have such long tounges and can grab onto anything and pull it over closer to you so you hit it on the way by.  Well it certainly can’t be me.  I walk perfectly straight you know.  I don’t need a cane yet.  I’m too young to be using a cane.  Well that’s what I say but those green frogs could be right you know.

You are walking along and it takes longer and longer to get from one room to the other. Just because the walls are moving and you can’t get there in a straight line. You are so frogged up that you are heading for one room and end up someplace totally different and don’t even know why you should be there.  So turn around retrace your steps to figure out what the hell you do need and it still doesn’t come to you.  So the easiest thing to do is go sit down somewere and worry youself to death that you just might be going crazy afterall.  Well I know I am a little crazy but this much I don’t know about that.

I would just love to crawl under the covers and never come out again.  Life doesn’t give me that option though.  I know I have to keep moving and such but WHY!  I like it here under the covers were no one can see me and I am not bothered by frogs.

I know you may have a different opinion of how crazy I am.

I still function great but there is just sometimes were I am frogged down.  I think that is when that frog eats too much.  My brain just seems to go to mush.  I can sit somewere and just seem to go off into la la land.  My hubbie looks at me but I don’t really see him.. Just staring straight ahead and not doing a dang thing.  He talkes to me and I don’t hear a dang thing.  Well he calls it selective hearing. (yeah me too but I’m not going to admit it) For some reason I am just focussed on something on the other wall.  Maybe the frog is doing a strip tease over there.  I don’t know but it is sure facinaing to me.

Well I guess it is time to get ready for work again.  Fun stuff you know.  See what trouble me and my frogs can get into tonight.


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